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Chapter 1257 - Wedding Participation ⑥

As Cattleya-san and Mitsunaga-kun said they had no problem with it, the proceedings were left to Olivia-san to handle. There was a weird situation where I was suddenly prayed to by the High Priestess I had never met before whose name I didnt even know, but other than that there were no problems.

……Lilia-san gave me this very frightening look, but she wasnt one to complain later about something she had once forgiven me for, she didnt say anything and only let out a big sigh.

As for Olivia-san and the High Priest…… Gloria-san, they went to the ceremony site to discuss the procedure, while we were moved to a special waiting room that had been prepared for us until the time of the ceremony.

[……U- Ummm.]

[……”Miyama-sama and his group”, it says. It seems like they made Senpai our representative.]

[Why is it me and not Lilia-san]

When I arrived at the waiting room, for some reason, my name was listed as the representative of our group, which made me tilt my head a bit. No, even back then, Lilia-san should have been our representative in this kind of situation, but why is it me this time

The one who answered my question was Lilia-san.

[Since theres a limited number of waiting rooms in churches, basically all but the rulers of each country, even nobles, use the same hall for their waiting rooms. Therefore, if they were to prepare a waiting room in my name, it would seem unfair as only Albert Duchy is treated at the same level as the rulers, so I think thats why they made Kaito-san our groups representative.]

[Ahh, I see…… Thats why my name was the one listed on it.]

[As far as official treatment is concerned, Kaito-sans position is that you dont belong to any of the three countries so……]

Speaking of which, that was indeed the case. The laws of the three countries in the Human Realm dont apply to me…… In Alices words, they were treating me as a walking extraterritoriality, so it was like I wasnt favoring any of the countries.

H- Hmmm, how should I say this…… Even though Ive gotten used to it to some extent recently, I couldnt help wryly smiling at this kind of special treatment.

[This room sure is big.]

[They probably prepared this spacious room in consideration of the fact that we would be together with Kaito-san.]

[Well, for our part, its good that we will be able to stay in comfort until the ceremony thanks to Miyama-sama.]

Sieg-san and Luna-san responded to Aoi-chans murmur. Indeed, the room was quite spacious, and there seemed to be plenty of room for our numbers.

There are chairs and sofas around, and even some high-class-looking teacakes. How should I say this…… It feels like were getting VIP treatment.

At any rate, I sat down in the chair that had been prepared and checked my watch. Considering the start time of the ceremony, it should be enough for us to wait another 20 minutes or so before moving there.

[Speaking of which, I wonder what weddings are like in this world Is it different from our world]

[From what I see from the setting of the ceremonial hall, I think it resembles that of a chapel wedding…… but there are some subtle differences such as the big bell behind the altar and something that looks like a wedding aisle on each side near the center of the room.]

Hearing what Hina-chan and Aoi-chan were talking about, its indeed true that it looks similar to our worlds weddings, but there are some parts that are different.

[The doors and paths on both sides mean that the bride and the groom, who have walked on separate paths, will now walk on the same path. The bell is to be rung together by the two people who have pledged their love to each other, and are meant to deliver the sound of the bells of their vows to God of Creation-sama who watches over the world.]

[Fumu fumu, is that how weddings were for the humans Is it different for other races]

[I wonder Of course, there are some differences, but I at least think the Elves have the same formality.]

Sieg-san answers their questions, and it seems that the format of a wedding is the same for the elves. Come to think of it, they said that the Elves would have a special meal at the wedding, but that would only be after the ceremony, so I suppose the ceremony itself would be no different from the humans.

[Ive heard that the Demon Realm has a slightly different format. They often do it in the humans format, but some races have their own unique marriage ceremony. Well, my mother seems to have had hers done in the humans format, so I dont know the details either……]

[Well, the culture of the Demon Realm is really diverse after all.]

Luna-san and Lilia-san joined in the conversation, and they proceeded to talk about the format of the wedding. However, I see. That big bell is meant to deliver the sound to Shiro-san huh……

(I wont hear it unless I want to listen to it though.)

Well, I suppose that is indeed the case. She could hear it if she wanted to, but as to be expected of Shiro-san……

(I wonder what it means to send their vows to me)

Shiro-san is the God of the world, so I guess it would be something like reporting your marriage to God…… but indeed, the person being reported to might think of “I dont really need you reporting that to me though” instead.

To really take it to the extreme, if theyre going to deliver their vows of love at a wedding, Id think the God of Love Heart-san would be the right person to play this role…… Well, I guess theres really no point to throw a tsukkomi into such details.

(By the way, did I not have to participate)

Seriously, please dont do that. Youll make one heck of a racket…… Even as a joke, I dont want to imagine it.

[Speaking of which, I wonder if they have a bouquet toss in this world They say that if you caught the bouquet, you would be able to get married next……]

[Yes, that exists in this world too, and the meaning it holds is almost the same.]

Aoi-chan and Lilia-sans conversation was probably just idle chatter. However, that topic being brought up in this situation was the worst.


Thats just superstition!!! Its just a superstition, okay!!! Stop reacting as if you just heard something interesting!!!

[……You two, please stop with the thoughtless remarks!!! Your words could trigger some outrageous guests to arrive!!!]

After telling them so, as if I was shouting my thoughts out, I went back to the task of desperately trying to Shiro-san, who looked quite interested in what they just said…… I dont think it was my fault this time, so I hope Lilia-san wont be angry if I fail to persuade her.

: [It did say there was only one companion, right Yes, that was indeed the case…… Theres only one companion…… but its not like it was said that there were no others who would just decide to show up at the ceremony, right]

Serious-senpai : [……What…… the……]-

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