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Although I was shocked and impressed by the giant robo, nothing special happened after that, and I continued to observe the two of them being instructed by Hapti-san.

I had imagined that we would encounter monsters as frequent as z*bat encounters…… but it seems like unless we search for them, let alone monsters, we wouldn't even encounter wild animals.

Well, thinking about it again, I guess it might be inevitable. Not all monsters are so ferocious that they will attack humans as soon as they see them, and instead, they would even try to run away.

However, Hapti-san explained that monsters are often more territorial than animals.

For example, the wyvern that was instantly killed by Alice-chan Robo earlier was apparently very territorial. Wyverns have a wide range of activities and the ability to reproduce and form herds, making them a very dangerous monster.

However, a single wyvern that has strayed from its herd, such as the one we saw earlier, will not attack us unless we make a move on it, as it basically prioritizes returning to its herd.

Doesn't that make the earlier wyvern more of a victim……

[……Now then, that's about it for monsters and combat. The next lesson would be about camping and stuff to know in relation to that. However, we aren't going to be staying here overnight, so we'll just be setting things up, but I'll properly give you some tips on resting and terrains to avoid.]

This is also a necessity for adventurers. Many of the places where monsters live are in remote areas, and this place is also no exception.

If so, it's highly likely for adventurers to stay in the wild, and thus, knowledge and experience in this area will be absolutely necessary.

There are portable houses like the one I have, but they require a lot of open space to set up, and they are also quite expensive.

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan do have magic boxes though, so I guess it would be more realistic to store a tent or something like that and set it up when needed

They can use magic tools to start a fire, and with a magic box, they can easily carry food.

Thinking about it again, wilderness survival in this world seems to be easier than the world we were in…… Well, of course, that doesn't really mean that everyone got it as easy as us.

Hmmm, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan's first battle is now complete, and considering the time frame, I think this camping practice will finish soon and we'll go back home.

After the verbal instructions from Hapti-san about the tips and tricks regarding camping, it would be actually setting things up and then cleaning up, so I guess we'd have one or two hours left.

As I was thinking about what dinner would be back home,  I was looking at the two of them, I was looking at the two of them as they eagerly received Hapti-san's instructions when……

(Kaito-san, I have a request.)

Eh That's kinda sudden. A request What should I do…… I have a really bad feeling about this, but what is it

(Yes. I wished that, me too———-)

I was puzzled when Shiro-san suddenly spoke to me, so I asked her what she wanted…… but speaking of the conclusion of this matter, it seems like my bad feeling was right.

However, hmmm…… It may not be an impossible task, but it's a very difficult one. After thinking of this for a while, I turned to Hapti-san and called out to her.

[……Ummm, Hapti-san, excuse me.]

[Unnn What's the matter Do you want to try it out too, Kaito]

[No, that's not it…… Errr, I'm sorry to interrupt your lesson, but can I fight a monster one more time]

[……Errr…… I wonder why I have a bad feeling about that.]

No, I'm really sorry…… but I've been indebted to her a lot lately, and she has made some very thoughtful adjustments for me today…… so it was hard to say no.]

Hapti-san…… being Alice's clone, seemed to have sensed something when she saw me, looking at me with a really reluctant look on her face.

[……I don't sense any monster in the vicinity though]

[……It's apparently going to appear here in about 5 minutes.]

[I see~~, Aoi, Hina, let's pause for a moment…… I'm afraid something strange is going to happen again, so let's continue after that ends.]

[Yes, roger that.]

[Kaito-senpai is at full-throttle huh.]

As the three of them stopped their lessons and gathered near me, my Sympathy Magic caught the approaching presence of what appeared to be a monster.

[……It's another stray wyvern. You don't usually see stray wyverns that often though……]

It seemed that it was a wyvern that had been chosen to be sacrificed again, as from a distance, I could see a wyvern unnaturally flying in a straight line towards us.

Well, I wonder what this feeling is The other party is supposed to be a dangerous monster that can harm humans, but I just couldn't get rid of this pity that is welling up in me.

I was rather tempted to scream to it to turn around and run away right now, if only it could understand a word of what I was saying…… but well, I guess there's nothing I can do about it.

At the very least, although it was selfish of me, from the bottom of my heart, I prayed for its soul…… before uttering the words that spelled doom for the wyvern.

[……"Help me, Shiro-san".]

Q : What's happening

A : An "excited" Shiro wants to show Kaito how cool she is.

Serious-senpai : [Why! What the heck did Wyverns do to you! This is just too unfair, that's really horrible……]

Next Chapter : "The Wyvern dies."

~ ~ Extra : The answer to the previous chapter's question ~ ~

Episode 1

The kaiju wasn't any reference to the original story, but Kaito = Miyama Kaito, and Alice-chan = Alice

Episode 2

Moonlit Kaiju, Moon = Luna, The mischievous maid "Lunamaria"

Episode 3

Red = red hair, forest = from Rigforeshia, the Dual-wielder "Sieglinde"

Episode 4

Since there are no other twin characters in the original story yet, it would obviously be "Eta" and "Theta"

Episode 5

Beast, bear kaiju = "Anima"

Episode 6

Same planet as Anima = Same beastman, cat form, speed type = "Caraway"

Episode 7

Fairy, and appearing in episode 7 = the character that corresponds to #7 in Kuro's family = "Razelia"

Episode 8

Its stomach is aching, so it's definitely "Lilia"

Episode 9

Mermaid, skipping work = "Laguna"

Episode 10

There was no kaiju that references the original story, but Housekeeper = Maid, and the mention of disease, Housekeeper Ill-chan = "Illness"

Episode 11

The silver arm = Airgetlám, the giant armor = "Funf"

※ Airgetlám is one of the techniques used by Funf in the Light Novel

Episode 12

From her own race, the Ice Oni "Epsilon"

Episode 13

Tempest Wings' Captain, the origin of his name being Tornado, and thus, the black tornado = "Tornadia Fafnir"

Episode 14

Featureless, undetected = She who can't be detected, even without using Recognition Inhibition Magic, "Camellia"

Episode 15 & 16

From her name itself, "Fate"

※With a very few exceptions, the original source characters basically appears in order of strength, and Faeton here is clearly different than the kaijus before and and after her.

Episode 17

Battle-crazed, red dragon, burning earth = Nidhogg's breath burns the land in hellfire "Freabell Nidzveld"

Episode 18

It's just a summary episode.

Episode 19 & 20

God of Time = "Chronois", Maid evenly matched with Chronois = "Ein"

Episode 21

Baby Castella, in the first place, her name is just the stretched out name of the source character…… "Kuromueina"

Episode 22

Sleeping, God of Life = "Life"

Episode 23 , 24 & Final

No matter how you look at it, "Shallow Vernal"

※ In terms of the backstory, this Shiro and Kuro are "the same one as the main story" and are simply visiting this parallel universe.

The Movie

Since the name is mentioned so clearly, "Makina"

Personally, I thought that Chapter 11, which only has the information from the Light Novel, would be the most difficult, but I got the impression that many people had a hard time with Episode 13.-

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