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Chapter 1254 - Wedding Participation ④

As they, including Seigi, were discussing who this companion Kaito would bring, they heard a knock at the door and a call of a voice.

[I- I have brought Miyama Kaito-sama with me.]

[Thank you for the hard work. You may come in.]

Cattleya answered the voice of the attendant, while Lunamaria, who heard that voice, whispered to Lilia.

[……She obviously sounded nervous.]

[It seems like theyve also arrived. Behind that door, theres definitely someone shes shrinking away from guiding.]

As the premonition that someone big had been brought in almost became a certainty, all eyes, including those of High Priestess Gloria were focused on the door. In the midst of all this, the door slowly opened and Kaito entered.

[Excuse my intrusion. Im sorry Im late.]

[Please excuse my intrusion.]

And when they saw the person who entered the room after Kaito, everyones face was dyed with astonishment, especially Gloria, who was so surprised that her eyes looked like they were about to pop out.

Entering the room was a woman dressed in clothes far more solemn and mysterious than those worn by High Priestess Gloria……

[F- F- F-…… Founder-sama!]

Yes, the person Kaito brought with him was the Founder Olivia, and not expecting Olivia, someone who could be considered her boss, to show up, Gloria looked pale.

Then, with the same pale expression on their faces, Lilia and Lunamaria whispered to each other.

[……Milady, in a wedding ceremony to be held at the church…… He brought the top of their head temple, you know]

[Seriously, this guy is just…… It was foolish of me to let my guard down even slightly…… My stomach…… it hurts.]

The religion in this world is a henotheistic one called Godism, where they hold faith in Shallow Vernal and to the other Gods. The head temple of this religion is the Central Cathedral in the Friendship City Hikari, and the head of this Cathedral is the Founder Olivia.

In the first place, the fact that Olivia has come out of the Friendship City is an anomaly.

[Founder-sama, w- why are you here……]

[Shut your mouth. Miyama Kaito-sama is about to speak. Interrupting Miyama Kaito-samas words is an act so disrespectful that I would have you beheaded immediately.]

[……No, doing that isnt disrespectful at all.]

Seeing Olivia sternly scolding the flustered Gloria, Kaito astoundedly threw a tsukkomi before turning towards Seigi and Cattleya.

[Mitsunaga-kun, Cattleya-san, congratulations on your wedding today. I apologize for the sudden request, but I brought Olivia-san as my companion.]

[T- That was surprising. W- We didnt expect it would be Founder-sama…… Although I have seen her before……]

[Errr, it seems like she was interested in weddings, so she wanted to take a look at it. Isnt that right, Olivia-san]

[Yes, under Miyama Kaito-samas guidance, I am currently studying various things. The ceremony of matrimony, of which the organization I belong to conducts…… I have knowledge of this ceremony, but I wanted to see it once in person, so even though it was unreasonable of me, I asked for permission to attend. I apologize for the short notice of my visit.]

[N- No! Please dont mind it! Its an honor to have you attend our wedding!]

Not expecting someone this big to show up, Cattleya greeted Olivia in an obliging manner.

Then, after a brief greeting with Seigi as well, Olivia turned her attention to Gloria.

[……If Im not mistaken, youre the High Priestess of the Cathedral in Symphonia Kingdoms royal capital, arent you Are you the one handling this ceremony]

[Y- Yes! My name is Gloria. Ive been graciously allowed the opportunity to hold the responsibility of presiding over this ceremony!]

For Gloria, who straightened her back and answered nervously…… Olivia was so far above her position that she may or may not even see her once every few years, so she was nervous she stiffened.

After nodding once after hearing Glorias words, Olivia turned her gaze towards Kaito.

[……Miyama Kaito-sama. Are the two people who are getting married this time important to Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[Eh Yes, Mitsunaga-kun is my kouhai from the same world, and even though I havent talked to Cattleya-san that much, she was there when my birthday was being celebrated.]

[I see……]

Olivia put her hand on her chin, seemingly thinking about something for a moment, before she turned her gaze to Cattleya and spoke.

[……How about I preside over this ceremony then]

[Eh Errr……]

[If you are important to Miyama Kaito-sama, then you are to me…… and by extension, to Godism. If you are willing, I would like to perform the matrimony and blessing ceremony.]

[F- Founder-sama would!]

[Yes, I have the whole procedure remembered in my head. The actual movements and other details will need to be discussed, but Im sure it wont be a problem if the High Priestess were to teach me…… How about it]

[O- O- Of course, that would be a great honor…… but would it be alright]

To be clear, Olivias offer was so wonderful that Cattleya wanted to jump up and down. To have the blessing performed by the Founder herself, it was something unprecedented and couldnt have been a better foil.

[Yes, if you are fine with it…… The High Priestess also doesnt have a problem with it, right]

[Of course!]

[Well then, let us discuss the details of the procedure in another room. As I have only memorized it in my knowledge, I will be looking forward to your guidance.]

[It would be my honor!!!]

After hearing Glorias words of expectation, Gloria seemed to be overcome with emotion, and realizing something, she turned towards Kaito…… and kneeling in front of him, she started dedicating a prayer towards Kaito.

Of course, Kaito, who had a prayer dedicated to him, had an indescribably complicated expression on his face.

Serious-senpai : [As I thought, it really is Olivia huh……]

: [The essential Body Blow Character (Gloria) making an entrance is a big hint after all.]

Serious-senpai : [A master of the body blow that inflicts pain on the stomachs of multiple characters at the same time……]-

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