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The always very helpful Alice told us about the system in place for Adventurers in great detail.

However, it seems that the Adventurers' Guild was a more solid organization than we had imagined, and when you become an adventurer, there is a training course that teaches you the rules, basic knowledge and even things like how to camp. The first three days or so would apparently be a basic course. In other words, it's not like you just become an adventurer, get some sort of tag and they tell you "Well then, you're free to do what you want".

There also seems to be a day-long course when you move up from Low to Middle-rank, and also when moving up from Middle to Top-rank, so it seems like they're quite firm regarding that area.

In addition to this, it seems like they would also provide additional training as needed for a fee, and write letters of introductions so that you can attend lectures at magic schools.

[Now then, well, that should be about it for the basics. You should be able to learn the rest once you decide to become an adventurer and take their course. It would be alright if we end this here, but let's talk about the ranking system, which I had been putting off for a while.]

[Is it that Low-rank and Middle-rank that you've mentioned earlier]

[Yes, there are three ranks for adventurers: low, middle, and top. You will need to take an exam to get promoted, but as long as you meet the qualification, you can apply for your rank-up exam once a month, but of course, just because you meet the requirements doesn't mean you have to take the exam.]

From what I've heard, there should also be differences in the quests you can receive. Naturally, the higher the rank, the more rewards you'll receive, but the more difficult the quests will be.

However, it seems that if you aren't confident, you can choose not to be promoted, and just as Alice said, you're free to do as you want.

As I nodded my head in understanding, Aoi-chan raised her hand, looking as if something was bothering her mind.

[……Errr, what about Peak-rank Adventurers like Luna-san and Noir-san]

[Ahh, that would be when they get their nicknames. There is actually no such thing as Peak-rank adventurers, but it was considered that Peak-rank adventures are those who have "nicknames". If you become an adventurer with a nickname, you will receive personal requests designated to your name, so in that sense, you are effectively higher than Top-rank adventurers.]

If I remember correctly, Noir-san was called "Bloody Princess" and Luna-san was called "Black Lily Adventurer", right Hmmm, having nicknames sounds kinda nice…… Hearing it kinda revives my forgotten chuuni heart. Hmmm, I kind of wish I also had a nickname like that……

(I see…… In that case……)

Ahh, I'm sorry. It's a lie! It's not necessary!!! It was just a stupid thought! Seriously, please stop!!!

(……Fumu, if that's what Kaito-san says, then I'll stop.)

T- That was close…… It's just a hunch, but I think I almost got into an irreversible situation. This isn't something I could stupidly think about, unnn. I think it's best to think that such nicknames are cool if other people are the ones who have them.

While I was about to make a Black History-level blunder, Alice's explanation seemed to continue and the atmosphere around the room seemed like it was about to end.

Thereupon, her expression turning serious, Alice spoke.

[……That's about all I have to say about adventurers. All that's left would be for you to decide if you want to be an adventurer or not. Thus, that would be it for the basics of being an adventurer…… Let's talk about one thing that is important when you start working as an adventurer…… "information".]

I see, that certainly is important, and Alice is the perfect person to teach it.

[As an adventurer, you may be asked to kill monsters. In that case, of course, you would need to collect information about the monster that you need to subjugate…… Isn't that right The Adventurer's Guild has all kinds of documents, and there are plenty of ways to seek information, but you wouldn't be so stupid as to head out without doing any research, would you Well, I trust that you won't do something stupid like that.]

As she talked about this, Alice drew a picture on the blackboard. A big dragon and a small dragon

[I'm not going to go into detail about how to gather information, because there are a lot of ways to search for it, but please keep this in mind…… Listen closely, okay Information is meaningless if it's not "accurate". Too much or too little won't do. Do you think this should be obvious However, this is the most important thing…… and at the same time, this is also the most difficult thing to do.]

When I saw Alice talking with a serious expression on her face, I couldn't help but straighten my back.

[For example, what happens if you estimate the enemy's capabilities lower than they should be This is easy to understand. It can lead to carelessness and pride. On the other hand, what happens if you estimate it higher Tension, atrophy…… This is also a situation where you can't really show your true potential. In addition, overestimating your opponents also has other disadvantages such as the unnecessary consumption of stamina and magic power. Do you understand now why it's very important to know exactly what your opponent is capable of in battle]



[Well, you'll be able to accurately gauge your opponent's abilities after you gain experience…… Well then, let's introduce you to that topic. Keep in mind that accurate information is important in battle…… Well then, let's talk about what is the most accurate information that you need to know.]

After saying that the information she's about to say is important, Alice looked at Aoi-chan and Hina-chan before continuing.

[……The most important information in battle is "information about yourself". Listen here, okay No matter how excellent you think your abilities are, if you don't know even know how to use that ability of yours…… or perhaps, even if you're aware of it, but "couldn't properly show it to those around you", you are incompetent. Compare yourself to those around you, your strengths and weaknesses, your skill set…… You need to know yourself more accurately than anyone else. Those who can't do this will eventually find themselves dying somewhere.]

I think I kind of understand what Alice was trying to say. This certainly is a very important topic. If you don't know what you're capable of, it wouldn't matter how accurately you can measure the strength of your opponent.

It isn't uncommon in anime and novels for the protagonist to awaken some kind of ability that they don't even realize they have in times of crisis, but what Alice is saying here is that relying on it in actual combat will only lead to an early death.

[This isn't just when you're by yourself. While this is almost never the case for Low-rank Adventurers, there are times when Middle-rank and Top-rank Adventurers would need to work with Knights or other adventurers to defeat an opponent. In the former case, it would usually be one of the Knights, while in the latter case, the one with the most experience takes the overall command…… and the most troublesome for those in command isn't those who are less capable, but those "whose capabilities they're unsure of". If they know from the beginning that a person's ability is low, they can give them a command according to what they could do. However, it's really difficult for them to deal with people who they don't know what they could do. If it's less than expected, they would obviously need someone to follow you up, but if it's more than they expected, the overall balance may collapse and unnecessary damage may occur.]

[I see, now that you mentioned it, it's a little scary to fight with someone you don't know if they're strong or weak.]

Hearing Alice's words, Aoi-chan murmured in understanding, and seeing this, Alice nodded her head in satisfaction before continuing.

[That's right. On the other hand, if you have information such as how you're good at this and not so good at that, or what level of monsters you can deal with on your own, the person in charge would appreciate it. Thus, I would call someone who can help you both with this…… Ohh, it seems like she's here. Please come in.]

[Excuse me.]

Right after Alice said that, there was a knock on the door of the room…… and Lilia-san entered the room.

[I'm sorry for suddenly calling you here.]

[No, it's alright with me…… errr, how can I be of help]

[I'm going to ask you a few simple questions. The three of you should recall the discussions we had just now, while listening to Lilia-san's answers.]

After smiling at Lilia-san, who curiously tilted her head, Alice held up her index finger and spoke.

[Well then, first question. Lilia-san, if you were to fight against a low Count-rank, or perhaps, a mid Count-rank, would you stand a chance]

[……It's difficult to give a general answer because I also have to think  about the match compatibility and the flow of the battle, but I think my odds are good.]

[I see…… but what if you were to face against a high Count-rank]

[My apologies, but with my current abilities, I don't think I could stand a chance.]

In other words, is this a question to see if Lilia-san has a proper grasp of her own abilities The fact that Alice has a satisfied expression on her face means that Lilia-san's answer is quite accurate.

Come to think of it, Lilia-san has a humble personality, but I don't think she is very humble when it comes to combat.

Putting aside the fact that she didn't say that she couldn't win against Peerage-holders, when she fought Neun-san back in that incident regarding Dr. Vier, I felt that they were evenly matched in terms of the amount of damage they both suffered, but I remembered her saying that "it's hard for her to win".

[Well then, next question. How do you see Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san's fighting ability, Lilia-san]

[I think they are both very good. Sieg-san's refined swordsmanship is the best in the country, and Luna's dexterity allows her to adapt to any situation. I think they both have strengths that I don't have.]

[Fumu fumu…… Well then, if Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san were to fight Lilia-san at the same time…… Do you think you'd be able to win]

[……Do you mean not as a spar, but in a real, serious battle]

[Yes, that's right.]

[Unfortunately, no matter what the situation, in a purely combat situation…… I think the result will be an overwhelming victory for me.]

Hearing Lilia-san's clear-cut words, I could see Aoi-chan and Hina-chan's surprised expressions on their faces.

[Incidentally, how many seconds do you think they will last at most]

[……Let's see…… I think it would be about 15-20 seconds……]

[Yes, I also estimated the same way. Oya, Aoi-san, Hina-san, you're quite surprised, aren't you However, this is a pretty accurate assumption…… Frankly speaking, the specs of Sieg-san, Lunamaria-san and Lilia-san are too different. The two of them wouldn't even be able to see Lilia-san's attack, and even if they defend her strike with all her might, Lilia-san's greatsword will break through their guard and cleave them in half.]

[In addition to the difference in the amount of magic power, I think it will be quite difficult for Sieg and Luna to respond to my attacks.]

[……Even if Lilia-san was in a bad condition, while the two of them are in their tip-top shape, and Lilia-san's first move is delayed, to which the two of them will work together in perfect coordination, putting all of their magic power into a singular point of defense, and on top of that, when their intuition is right…… They might be able to survive Lilia-san's first strike. Of course, her second strike would still cleave them in half though.]

Again, Alice looks satisfied with Lilia-san's response and added some more information to it.

[……As you can probably guess from my reaction so far, Lilia-san's self-evaluation and evaluation of others in terms of combat are quite accurate. Incidentally, according to my personal evaluation, Lilia-san is categorized as a "strong person".]

[E- Errr…… It's a great honor to receive your praise, but what's this all about]

[Ahh, come to think of it, I haven't told you yet. I was just teaching Aoi-san and Hina-san about the importance of understanding their own abilities in battle.]

[……I see, that is indeed a very important thing. If you misread it, not only yourself, but you may also put the people around you in danger…….]

[Lilia-san understood the importance of understanding the abilities of your subordinates from your experience as a Division Commander in the Knight Order, and since the two of them know you well, we've invited you here for a few small questions. Thank you very much. Please accept this as thanks.]

As thanks, Alice brought out a slightly large paper bag. With a curious expression on her face, Lilia-san tilted her head before receiving the paper bag.

[……Thanks N- No, you don't really…… have to……]

Lilia-san reservedly looked inside the paper bag, but soon after her expression stiffened. I wonder what that is What on earth could that be]

[…….Oya You don't want it]

[N- No! T- Thank you very much!!! Ahh, errr…… W- Well then, I still have some work to do, so if you'll excuse me……]

[Yes, yes, thank you for your time.]

……Hmmm, I wonder why She clearly looked happy with what she received, but for some reason, she turned a concerned gaze towards us for a bit, before she rushed out of the room…… Does that mean that she doesn't want me, Aoi-chan or Hina-chan to know what's inside

That means…… Whatever that is that was inside the bag was probably "dragon-related". Probably just a dragon model or a dragon scale.

The chapter was getting longer than I expected, so I'll break it here. The Legendary Thief should be introduced in the next chapter or the one after that……-

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