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My thoughts that had stopped in surprise suddenly started to move and the first thing I felt was softness. Before I noticed it, I was clinging to Kuro.

No, I wasn't grabbing her breasts or something like those protagonists in rom-com anime, and was instead in a position where I'm hugging Kuro behind her back.

[I- I'm sorry, Kuro!]

[N- No! Don't worry about it, did you lose your balance I've never piloted a banana boat before, so I messed up the controls~~]

I reflexively apologized to her, but Kuro sounded somewhat unashamed……. or rather, she sounded like she's speaking in monotone.

[You might lose your balance again, so I think you should keep on holding on me, you know~~]

[Eh No, doing that is a bit……]

As I thought, something's suspicious with the way she's speaking in monotone…… Well, I have to get back into my position before that. My surprise had overtaken my mind so far, but as my head slowly cooled down, I began to be conscious of other things.

Namely, Kuro's skin that is so smooth to the touch, and I can clearly tell that she is slightly wet from the sea water that splashed towards her.

Kuro currently isn't wearing her long coat, and was instead in a swimsuit…… The degree of exposure of her body is so much higher than usual, and when I'm hugging her…… or rather, clinging to her body like this, I can feel the texture of her bare skin so vividly.

As expected, staying like this would be bad in all sorts of ways, and since the boat's speed is already stable, I should be able to get back to my original position now——— Arehh This is strange "I can't pull my hands away"

What is this I can move my hands and stroke Kuro's skin, but I can't take my hands off her

Have my desire to touch Kuro became so strong that I unconsciously…… No, that's wrong. This is definitely a certain someone's doing……

[……Kuro, I can't take my hands off here.]

[E- Eeehhhh, i- is that so What a mystery, I wonder why~~ Maybe it was because of the sudden situation earlier! Well, I don't really mind, so you can just hold on to me!]

[……No, this is definitely because of some magic, right]

[……A- Ahh~~ I can't hear you over the sound of the waves~~]

How should I say this…… Kuro has a personality that can't lie, or rather, I could easily tell when she's lying. She definitely did something. No, that tremor earlier felt somewhat contrived to begin with……

H- Hmmm, what's going on here…… At any rate, Kuro seems to want me to continue holding on to her.

It was an unusually forceful move from Kuro, but even if I was embarrassed, I didn't really mind.

Fortunately, thanks to our height difference, it's not that I can't see in front of me even if I stay in this position, and it's not that it's hard to stay like this in terms of body position. In that case, I might as well go along with Kuro's unusual selfishness……


Right after I thought about this, I felt "hands crawl around my stomach from behind me".Eh W- What's this From behind That means, these hands are Sieg-san's……

Blood began to rush to my head at the sudden additional attack, and my thoughts went blank again with the sensation of being clutched tightly from behind.

[S- Sieg-san!]

[……I- I also might…… lose my balance after all.]

Objection! After considering the difference in our physical abilities, if Sieg-san isn't able to hold on, there's no way in heck that I'd be able to hold on either!

[No, no, that doesn't mean you have to get so close……]

[I- I'm just…… making sure.]

I heard Sieg-san's voice coming from behind me, as if she was breathing down my neck. I can't see her face, but somehow, her voice seems sexier than usual.

No, before that, the degree of our closeness was unusual. Her hands are in front of my stomach, and she's resting her chin on my shoulder…… and the front of her body is almost touching my back.

The heck, seriously, what the heck is with this situation! I'm hugging Kuro in front of me, and Sieg-san is hugging me from behind. My body is in between my two lovers in their swimsuits…… Is this actually that so-called being sandwiched This can be quite a dangerous situation.

Anyhow, the front and back of my body are almost in contact with their bodies. There's no need to explain what will happen if I move my body even a little bit.

Which means, all I could do here…… was to stay still. Yes, completely stay still. Empty my mind, keep my body as still as possible, and ride along in this state……

[Oops, I got the output wrong again~~]

[ ! ! ! ]

Awawa, just now, something rubbed behind my back! Stop! Once I become aware of it, I'll start becoming conscious of it!

No, it's not just the back that's a problem, but the front as well. Although my hands never left Kuro's body…… As long as my hands don't part with her skin, I can still move it.

If I hugged her tightly, the degree of our closeness would increase, and I would end up touching various parts of her body, including those dangerous parts of her. But though I say that, I just couldn't slacken my hold because I still couldn't pull my hand away……

[Hyaaahhn! G- Geez, you surprised me…… Kaito-kun…… you pervert.]

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! ]

Kuro's skin, as she sat in front of me, was wet from the sea water and was slippery. I couldn't pull my hands away from my skin, but it's still possible for me to move them…… and as for what would happen if that large tremor, which was definitely not contrived, were to happen……

This is bad, this is freaking bad. This has become even more outrageous than I imagined. There was no way to escape either forward or backward, and hugging her tighter or loosening my hold just brings me to another danger. The situation worsened whether I moved or not.

……H- How long is this situation going to continue!

Serious-senpai : [……I feel like the main heroine is unusually being the main heroine…… I'm going to puke.]

Makina (Barely B) : [I see, so this is a sandwich huh…… The fact that she has modest breasts makes it possible for her to snug even closer. Fufu, I guess girls with sad boing boings have their own means huh.]

Serious-senpai : [And here's the person who tries to assert dominance when the topic of breasts gets brought up. Such comments should be made by big-breasted characters……]

Makina (Almost A) : [Unnn You said something]

Serious-senpai : [……No, I didn't say anything.]-

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