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Chapter 1221 - Encounter with a Compatriot ②

Akane and Frau, both sitting nervously in the carriage driving through Symphonias royal capital…… were currently on their way to Kaitos house after receiving Animas invitation.

[……Chairman, what happened to your usual strange clothes Why the sudden suit……]

[Idiot, I know I wear those for **s and giggles…… but Im scared to wear something like that in a matter like this. I brought some souvenirs and stuff just in case……]

[You have prepared great stuff. How many times my annual income is this]

[I did try to prepare the most expensive gift I could get my hands on. I mean, with the other party being that kind of person, if theres any kind of mishap, the entire Mikumo Trading Company can easily be crushed.]

From the time they received the invitation until today, if they were to be honest, their minds felt numb. Akane was perfectly groomed and dressed in a suit that was unlike what she usually wears, and the degree of her nervousness was evident in her expression.

[……Even so, theyre living here in the Symphonia Kingdom huh. I guess they really must be a noble]

[Look, its almost all nobles who have their houses in the Central Area…… From the way it looks so far, arent they a pretty big noble]

[I suppose so. Its just, that raises a few questions in mind…… A noble with at least two subordinates on the level of Count-ranks would normally be considered very famous, but I have never heard of them. No, its not that Im familiar with Symphonias nobles either……]

[Indeed, if you ask who the famous nobles living in the Royal Capital were…… What about the Albert Duchy, where Symphonias Three Flowers gathered However, I dont think its Albert Duchy since they have their own trading company…… Hmmm, this really bothers me. A big noble would have a significant number of connections with various trading companies, so there should be no reason for them to come to us, which is just barely in the middle of the pack.]

[Thats right. Even if they did come to us for some reason, why would they go to the trouble of inviting the Chairman to their home Do they want to strengthen their relationship with us Someone who has outrageous connections like Phantasmal King-sama wants to do that]

The two of them had thought a lot about the sender of the invitation…… Animas Master until today, but they couldnt get a satisfactory answer.

Although they have their own strengths over others, the Mikumo Trading Company is not a large trading company. They felt a sense of eeriness because they couldnt understand why someone with at least as much authority as a king would go to the trouble of inviting them to deepen their relationship with them.

Yes, they have never thought that the other party was also from another world, and that they had been invited simply because he wanted to talk with someone from the same world, unrelated to their business transactions.

Just like that, the carriage continued to rock for a while, and at the place where they arrived, Akane and Frau got off the carriage and looked stunned.

[……This is bad.]

[What a magnificent mansion. They really are a very high-ranking noble…… However, the same mansion standing side by side Moreover, there are two gates……]

[Hmmm, but their gardens are connected, so maybe thats just how they designed it I dont know anything about noble residences…… but the garden is different on both sides…… and the gate over there has a gatekeeper, while this one doesnt have one.]

[……If Im not mistaken, she said she wanted us to go down to the place and come to the gate without the gatekeeper.]

Not knowing that the two identical mansions are nominally separate, thinking that the design was a bit unusual, they moved to the gate without a gatekeeper.

When they arrived at the gate, the gate automatically opened, and just as something seemed to light up in front of them for a moment, a being floating in the air with a body about 1 meter tall and hair that seemed like the starry sky at night…… Nebula appeared.

[Welcome, excuse my discourtesy, but may I enquire your names]

[Im the Chairman of Mikumo Trading Company, Mikumo Akane.]

[Im her secretary and escort, Frau.]

[Yes! I have heard about your arrival. Please come this way, I will be your guide.]

When the two nervously introduced themselves, Nebula smiled brightly and invited them in. As they passed through the gate, it automatically closed, and following Nebula, who was floating slowly as she led the way, the two whispered to each other as they walked through the garden.

[……The garden is stunning. Its perfectly groomed.]

[Its amazing. I would have been convinced even if someone told me this place is a famous tourist attraction…… but the width of the path…… it isnt wide enough for horse-drawn carriages.]

[That must be why they instructed us to disembark at the gate…… W- Wait, Chairman, over there……]

[……A Behemoth and a White Dragon…… And one other thing, what is that]

[Rainbow wings…… It could be a Rainbow Dragon……]

Seeing Bellfreed, who is lying in the garden, and Lindwurm and Selas, who are relaxing on her back, the two of them were astonished to see that all of them are very famous monsters.

[S- Seriously That Rainbow Dragon whose numbers could be counted by hand…… They personally own one Moreover, they have a Behemoth and a White Dragon…… Even if you exclude the Rainbow Dragon, it would cost about 500 white gold coins…… Seriously, what is with their assets]

[It looks like this is something we need to be really prepared for.]

[Yeah, we definitely cant be careless…… This seriously isnt a situation I can just joke around in. Well be beaten up in an instant……]

The sheer amazingness conveyed just by looking at the garden made the two of them more nervous and their steps became stiffer. Nebula, who was leading in front of them, seemed to have judged their thoughts without looking back and a puzzled expression appeared on her face.

(……Strange. Tension and atrophy are strongly evident. I thought the invitation was in the name of “deepening friendship with someone from the same world”…… I get the impression that theyre having some misunderstanding about Milord…… I suppose Ill let Anima-san know when she takes over.)

Serious-senpai : [And the misunderstandings accumulate even more…… The Absolute known as the Oni of Attentiveness seemed to have noticed something though, so I think it would work out rather well when they meet face to face.]-

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