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I came to the beach with my lovers. First, I joined the pair of Shiro-san and Lilia-san, and the three of us decided to swim together.

Unnn, this should be enough. It's not like we're competing against each other, so I don't have to worry about the overwhelming difference in our specs…… is how it should have been.

[……Shiro-san, remember what I said earlier]

[You said that the three of us should swim together.]

[Yes, that's right. So, with that in mind…… Why are we at "the bottom of the ocean"]

[If we are going to swim, I thought it would be better to swim in a place with a scenery that couldn't be seen from the beach.]

[……I see.]

As soon as we entered the sea, Shiro-san teleported us, so I don't know which bottom of the ocean this place is. However, looking up doesn't allow me to see the light from the surface of the sea, so I could imagine that we're quite deep.

The fact that the area around us is unnaturally bright, and that we can talk while within this dome-like layer of air, is probably due to Shiro-san's power.

Unnn, it seems like the situation I was worried about has already happened. This is because, as I've learned from past experience, Shiro-san tends to slack off in moderating things when she's excited.

No, she usually also isn't that prudent with her actions, but when she's excited, she becomes even less prudent.

[Even if I were to step back a thousand steps, being on the seafloor, the water pressure would crush me…… Ahh, no, I guess something like that wouldn't be that big of a deal.]

With us being this deep under the ocean, I thought we'd be flattened the moment we left this dome…… but unfortunately, the person next to me right now isn't the kind of person where such common sense can be applied.

Perhaps, she had already made it that I, a mere human, would be in such a way that it's perfectly safe for me to go out and swim if I want…… There's no way in heck I'm going to try it out though.

Thereupon, I noticed that Lilia-san hadn't reacted at all since a while ago. Looking towards her, I already somewhat predicted what happened to her……

[L- Lilia-san…… As I thought, she really fainted.]

It seems that her mind couldn't keep up with suddenly being at the bottom of the ocean, so her eyes upturned and she fainted.

Immediately after that though, Shiro-san lightly moved her hand, and Lilia-san quickly regained consciousness.

[Eh A- Arehh This place is What was I]

[We're in the ocean. I woke you up because I thought you wouldn't be able to enjoy swimming if you were unconscious.]

[……I- I see…… T- Thank you…… for your sympathy……]

……This is strange. Thinking about it, it would certainly be a pity for Lilia-san to spend her precious time at the beach unconscious, so Shiro-san was helping her with good intentions in mind. In fact, I'm pretty sure Shiro-san did it with 100% good intentions.

However, I wonder why Thoughts like "Lilia-san's escape route has been blocked" and "Before Shiro-san, even fainting isn't allowed" popped into my mind.

[……For the time being, Shiro-san, let's just swim like usual. Please take us back to the beach.]

[Fumu…… On one condition.]

[That's strange. Why are you raising conditions in a situation like this…… Well, for now, let's hear that condition of yours……]

Hmmm, the flow of the situation doesn't look good. The excited Shiro-san is unreasonably raising a condition…… This flow of situation is something I've experienced several times before.

In this situation, it's highly likely that Shiro-san……

[I think that we weren't flirting enough.]


And there she goes, she really started saying astounding things.

[Both of us are Kaito-san's lovers. And now, as we're here swimming,  both Lilia and I are wearing swimsuits.]

[……Y- Yes, that's right.]

[Even within such a situation, let alone "happy and embarrassing events", why is it that we hardly had any physical contact with each other I think that this is a serious situation. Don't you think so too, Lilia]

[Eh! M- Me! I- I don't really……]

[Don't you think so too]

[I think so too! It is as God of C——— Shiro-sama said!]

Perhaps not expecting the conversation to be directed to her, Lilia-san replied in a panic.

How should I say this…… I couldn't help but feel like she was being told what to say. Unfortunately, even if the person herself said that she should put aside their status, the other party is still Shiro-san…… the pinnacle of this world.

With Lilia-san's character and position, she doesn't have any choice but to affirm her words. Ahh, she's drinking stomach medicine again.

[H- Hmmm. Shiro-san, please be straightforward. In other words, what is it that you want to do]

[As for me, I want to flirt with Kaito-san more. However, I do understand that Kaito-san can't only stay with us forever because you also have to visit the other pairs. Therefore, I'll compromise with another plan instead.]

[……A plan you compromised]

[Yes. And thus, I demand a "hug". Plentily, stickily sticky, or something like that.]


I understand what Shiro-san is demanding here. However, the fact that she sounded like she didn't even know what she's talking about makes me think that she must have gotten her knowledge from some strange place.

Also, it's quite surreal to hear her say such a line with no expression on her face…… Unnn, no, wait.

It's just a guess, but could the reason why Shiro-san brought Lilia-san and I to the bottom of the ocean…… is because she wanted to create this situation It certainly would be easy for Shiro-san to anticipate that I would ask her to take us back to the beach.

And the fact that it's just the three of us on the ocean floor, me, Shiro-san and Lilia-san, is probably just to make me feel less embarrassed and more comfortable with her demands.

Thinking about this, that would explain why she went out of her way to create this air dome instead of swimming right after teleporting……


[What is it]

[Are you aiming for this right from the start]

[That's right]

[Ehh, you're affirming it so brazenly huh……]

[Yes. I want to flirt with Kaito-san.]


Whoa, this person is amazing, even though she's going roundabout with her methods, she isn't trying to hide anything at all. Also, when you say that you want to flirt that straightforwardly, it's making me embarrassed. No, well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy though……

How should I say this…… I feel like I'm being taken for quite a ride. Moreover, even her demands are on a cute level…… making me want to fulfill it.

It seems that…… I only have one option to choose from.

[……Eh Ummm…… That…… Am I included in that too If I do something like that while dressed like this, I- I will———— Ahh, that's right, fainting is……]

Serious-senpai : [Why is she trying to flirt heeeeeerrreeeee! Can't you just go with the comedic flow!!!]

Makina : [Fufufu, for you to be that irritated…… I guess it's that emotion "jealousy", right It seems like Serious-senpai wanted a hug from my child too.]

Serious-senpai : [Hahh There's no way in heck that I———–]

Makina : [I don't think this isn't the case,  but there's no way you're saying that you don't want a hug from my cutie patootie child, right]

Serious-senpai : [————Of course, I want to!]

Makina : [Unnn, unnn, you're right. My child is incredibly cute, isn't he Everyone wants to hug him. As I thought, Serious-senpai understands! I'm glad I don't have to "educate" you!]

Serious-senpai : [H- Hahaha…… I guess so…… ……. Seriously, come back already.]-

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