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Chapter 1218 - Consignment of Processed Items

One afternoon, while I was leisurely reading, I received a large number of items from Alice. I had her put them in a room used as a storage room in my house, and the rows and rows of wooden boxes were quite oppressive.

[……Thats a lot of boxes.]

[Well, you should have seen them with their original size. Anyway, we have processed all the items as requested.]

[Yeah, thanks. Im not sure what the market rate is for processing and such, so please send the bill to Anima, and Ill talk it over with them.]

[Roger that. Well, Kaito-san prepared all the materials, and the contract was for me to get the surplus materials, so the processing cost isnt that much.]

After a short conversation, Alice disappeared and I looked at the large number of crates. I would like to check the contents of the crates, but since the final sale will be entrusted to Anima, it would be better to check with Anima.

As I was thinking about this, I left the warehouse to call Anima before going back in the warehouse with her again.

[……How is it, Anima]

[As expected of Alice-dono. All of these finished products are first-rate, and the speed at which they were all processed in such a short period of time is impressive.]

[Then, it looks like there will be no problem selling them.]

[Yes, anyhow…… with the product were going to be selling, even if there were some defects with the finished products, they will still sell like hotcakes. Thats just how much we need to be careful with how we sell them……]

[……I didnt expect wed have such a large quantity though.]

[……We did have a lot of them…… “Scales”.]

In fact, this large quantity of crates is the result of me asking Alice to process Magnawell-sans scales into accessories.

I mean, this is because Magnawell-san basically gives me scales every time I visit him, saying its my allowance. I always end up accepting it because he looked somewhat happy when I accepted it, as if hes giving allowance to his grandchildren.

However, even one of Magnawell-sans scales is huge, and if I were to receive one every time I visit him, an ordinary magic box would be filled up in no time.

Well, I have the magic box that Kuro made for me thats clearly beyond the norm, it actually isnt that much of a problem, but its quantity might not be able to fit that magic box I first used, the one made by Sechs-san.

……No, theres no “might not”, that magic box definitely wont be able to store all of it. I mean, Magnawell-san even gave me a fang the size of a skyscraper as a memorabilia for the Six Kings Festival…… Ill also have to think about what to do about that one soon.

Well, anyhow, regarding Magnawell-sans scales, at first, I asked Anima to sell them…… but its difficult to continuously sell a very expensive item, whose worth of a single piece is enough for one to buy a castle.

So, I asked Alice to process them into accessories to see if we could sell them in a smaller size and for a lower price.

Since Magnawell-san holds the faith and is popular among many who do business, we thought we could sell these as some sort of good luck charm.

Of course, I had Magnawell-sans permission to do this. He laughed, telling me to use them as I pleased since he had given them to me…… while giving me another piece of scale.

[Anima, marketing this amount…… Is it really alright]

[Yes, you can leave it to us. However, its difficult for us to do all the sales ourselves, which is the main investment, so its likely to be in the form of consignment to a specific trading company, so its important to choose the right trading company. We could start a new trading company, but it takes a lot of time and effort, and it would be difficult to establish a new sales route, so consignment is probably the way to go.]

[Fumu fumu, I dont really understand much about matters like those, so I guess Ill just leave it to you…… but if you want me to refer you to someone, I guess I might be able to be of help]

[No, theres no need for Master to trouble yourself. There are a couple of trading companies that come to my mind as possible candidates, so I will approach them.]

I thought it might be necessary for me to ask someone like Kuro to act as an intermediary in some cases, but Anima is called The Hope in the business world, she seemed to have an idea of some trading companies that she could entrust this matter to.

In that case, it would be better to just leave things to her…… since Im trying to get rid of some items Ive been holding onto, Id like to help in some way, but I guess a layman strangely trying to help her would just trouble them huh……

[Master, do you have any price expectations in mind]

[No, to be honest, I was just trying to get rid of something that Im clueless what to do with, so I dont mind if you sell them cheap…… Dont make it too cheap though as it would be rude to Magnawell-san……]

[I suppose so. I think these would need to hold a certain amount of value to it. If we push the distribution too much at once, theres a possibility that it would invite strange people to have ulterior motives, so well have to adjust as we go…… As for those things, you can just leave those to me.]

[Thanks, Im counting on you.]


Anima gave me a firm salute, but her cheeks loosened up a bit, as if she was happy that Im relying on her. Feeling myself smile upon seeing her like that, I called out to Anima.

[Just dont push yourself too hard, okay Are you properly taking your breaks]

[Yes, I do it at the right time.]

[……What about today]

[……Ahh, no, ummm, I still havent had a rest today…… I- I have a lot of projects I wanted to complete in the morning so……]


It was quite obvious from Animas expression that I hit the bulls eye…… As I thought, just as usual, she really hasnt rested much huh.

As Caraway often reported, it seems that she ends up working too much when you let her do as she pleases, so we have to be careful……

[Anima, do you have any urgent business this afternoon]

[N- No, I dont really have anything urgent in the afternoon……]

[I see. Then, lets have a cup of tea together.]

[Ahh…… Yes! Ill be there with you!!!]

When I told her this with a chuckle, Animas expression brightened up, a happy smile appearing on her face. I do understand that she was originally a bear, but when I see her this happy, I really think she feels more like a dog.

Makina: [My child, how are you Its Mother! Serious-senpai was apparently going to “have a two-chapter rest after being struck by some sort of final blow”. I wonder what happened to her Even though yesterday, I told her a lot of stories about my beloved child as a lullaby, and I dont know if she really was that tired, but “she immediately lost consciousness and slept”, so I just left…… but I guess some sort of attack from somewhere suddenly came at that time huh. It seems like Serious-senpai also has it rough.]-

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