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A mock battle between Isis-san and Iris-san that would take place in the center of the Demon Realm…… a place that's apparently called the Forbidden Lands. It sounds like an extremely dangerous place, but apparently, it's a place where the Six Kings used to fight and train each other.

This is probably where Megiddo-san and Lillywood-san went when they quarrelled back then.

[……I know it's too late to ask this, but why would she be fighting Isis-san]

[It's simply because she's the right person for the job. Kuro-san could also be fitting for the role, but when she gets serious, she's the type of person who would punch people with fists stacked with buffs like "Null: Recovery", "Absolute Destruction"or "Causality Collapse", so she wouldn't be helpful to the magic-oriented Iris.]

In other words, the fist that Kuro brandishes when she gets serious is not only powerful, but it also has a tremendous number of debuffs. As expected of her.

[As for Lillywood-san, personality-wise, she would also be fitting for the role…… but her main strategy is to use her unreasonably hard defense to prevent attacks and hit back with an unbelievably amplified strike, so I can't say she's suitable. Magnawell-san's attacks are just too wide-scale, while that gorilla's priority would definitely be just his enjoyment.]

[I- I see.]

[In that case, the magic-oriented Isis-san would be an opponent that Iris, who is also a magic-oriented fighter, would learn a lot from.]

[……Fumu, even so, I'm looking forward to it. Even though it would just be a mock battle, it's been a long time since I've felt my blood boil at the thought of facing one of the best in the world.]

When I nodded, understanding Alice's decision with her explanation, Iris-san, who was also walking nearby, smiled. I thought about it when I was fighting with Agni-san, but I guess Iris-san has a belligerent side to her.

As we were moving along with these thoughts in mind, we soon arrived at the Forbidden Lands. Isis-san was already waiting for us there, and when she noticed us, she lightly waved her hand.

[……Kaito…… Shalltear…… Errr…… Iris…… was it ……Hello.]

[Hello, Isis-san.]

[I'm sorry for the sudden request.]

[Isis-dono, I'm in your care today.]

After a brief greeting, Isis-san and Iris-san moved to a location a few hundred meters away from Alice and I.

Even though they would just be having a mock battle today, their purpose would be to let Iris-san experience a high-dimensional battle, so Alice will teach her on how to battle from here.

Well, that's all well and good, but there's one thing I'm bothered about.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[Is this even a fight that I can watch With our distance from them, I don't really feel like I can see much……]

[Ahh~~ That's right, isn't it]

Of course, I don't even know if I'll be able to see the fight between them properly, as my physical specs are only within the range of common sense for humans…… Or rather, this would definitely be impossible.

When I told her that, she thought for a moment and turned towards the skies, she shouted in an exaggerated manner.

[Ahh~~ At this rate, Kaito-san won't be able to enjoy watching! If only Kaito-san could see "ten times the speed of light"~~ Kaito-san is so pitiful~~]

[……Alice, what the heck are you doing]

As I tilted my head at her sudden strange actions, something that looked like glasses appeared in my hand.

(With that, you can see up to ten times the speed of light. It also automatically switches the speed of the things you see, so you won't see normal movement too slowly.)

I see, so Alice requested that Shiro-san…… "to give me an item with specs like this so I can watch the battle"……

Ahh, errr, Shiro-san. This really helps me. Thank you very much.

(You can also add some "I love you" there, you know Adding those words makes me happy.)

I feel like I'm just a fish baited to do that, so I'll just tell you that another time. Anyway, thank you very much.

[Alright, that should do it.]

[I think I just saw some cruel cheating technique……]

[It's a little late for that, don't you think]

[……Well, yeah.]

After swallowing all these various unexplained emotions, I put on my glasses and turned to Isis-san and Iris-san. At that moment, Alice called out.

[Well then, I guess it's about time we start…… but I don't think it's a good idea to start with a serious battle, so let's split up the offense and defense first to let Iris get used to fighting. Isis-san, is that alright with you]

[……Unnn…… It's alright…… Also…… Kaito…… you look good in glasses…… You look cool.]

Hearing Isis-san's compliments, whose words don't have any hidden meaning to it unlike the girl beside me, I felt really happy. However, for me to clearly hear Isis-san's voice, which was supposed to be rather quiet, even though she was several hundred meters away, I wonder if it's because of some magic

[Then, let's start with Iris on the offense, but Isis-san shouldn't avoid it, and instead block it. Iris, attack as hard as you can, okay]



Iris-san had already manifested her Heart Tool ἀποκάλυψις and seemed to be completely ready for battle. The atmosphere around her seemed a little sharp and tense.

On the other hand, Isis-san seemed to be relaxed and not nervous as all, her posture as natural as usual.

[Well then, start!]

After Alice's shout, Isis-san floated up into the sky. This is probably to keep Iris-san from shooting magic from underground.

In response, Iris-san held up her ἀποκάλυψις and released her powerful magic power.

[The opponent is one of the best in the world…… In that case, I will go all out from the first move! The twilight bell tolls, listen to the song of destruction as the Beast of the End roars.]

This is Iris-san's strongest technique that she showed in her previous fight with Agni-san……

[Swallow, Tyrannical Beast! ————ἀποκάλυψις!!!]

Was it because of these glasses I can clearly see that an extremely large black light was emitted from Iris-san's staff towards the sky and swallowed up Isis-san, who didn't even deploy a magic barrier.


[……Don't worry.]

As I shouted, worried about Isis-san, Alice's calm voice came from next to me.

[Rather, you've been looking down at her too much…… It's true that, well, for Kaito-san, she might look like a fleeting beauty, your cute girlfriend that you wanted to protect but……]

When the extreme flash of light ended and the blinding light cleared up…… from within it……

[That person…… In this vast Demon Realm filled with many powerful people, there are only six of them————– People who are called "King".]

……There was Isis-san, still in her initial posture, without a scratch or the slightest stain on her clothes. After the light completely cleared up, she turned to me and tilted her head.

[……Kaito…… You called]

[Ah, n- no…… I didn't say anything.]

Serious-senpai : [……The real question is, how much difference is there between the current Iris and Isis]

: [Let's see. Well, if Iris' current combat power is 1, then Isis' would have around a billion or a trillion.]

Serious-senpai : [……The power balance is too one-sided.]-

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