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Chapter 1196 - Black Wing's Invasion ⑧

I dont know if I should say its to be expected or not, but Amel-san made a fair amount of purchases at Alices store. In addition to colored contacts and bandages, she also liked and bought a lot of special seals.

The seals are like tattoo stickers in Japan, with cool patterns and such, but they are a bit special and becomes invisible as soon as they are applied.

And then, when you pour your magic power into it, the seal reacts and the pattern emerges.

Incidentally, the seal seems to be made entirely of magic power, and after 16 hours of application, they automatically decompose back into magic power in the air, making them an environmentally friendly product that produces no waste.

Well, there were many items that tickled a chuunis heart, and Amel-san was in high spirits around them. I also bought a few items, such as those balls that let out illusionary magic, and the commercial version of the feyblades that I had been meaning to buy.

I think Alices miscellaneous goods store may have set a new record for sales today.

[My sworn friend! The radiances of these new treasures should not just be displayed on the shelves and adored! To bring about its true radiance, I believe they must be allowed to flourish on a stage befitting of their stature!]

[H- Hmmm. Well, I certainly feel like I wanna play with them since I bought them, but it would be a nuisance to do it in the middle of the city, so if theres some open place somewhere……]

Amel-san wants to use the items she bought right away and suggested that we play with the ones we bought, but I dont think its a good idea to do it in the city because the illusionary balls are pretty flashy.

My backyard is big enough, but I think it would be better to play with these things in an open space like a park.

As I responded to her with this in mind, as if to say she had been waiting for me to say something like that, she put her hand on her chest and spoke.

[Leave it to me, my sworn friend! Now, together with me, lets head towards the Promised Land!]

[Head Do you have some place in mind Well then, lets go outside for a while.]

Following Amel-sans words for the time being, we went out from the entrance of the miscellaneous goods store without going back to my house. As I was tilting my head, wondering what we would do, I felt hands slip under both of my armpits from behind.

Of course, as for whose hands they were, needless to say, they were Amel-sans. The hands that were held out into my body crossed in front of my body…… and how should I say this…… Yes, it kinda feels like shes hugging me from behind.

However, if you ask me if this development feels sexy, I wont say it is. I mean, I have a bad feeling about this.

[Fret not, my sworn friend! I am the Black Gale, and I will lead you to our destination in the blink of an eye!]

[……Ahh~~ So were heading there now huh.]

My premonition came true, and when I heard the sound of wings moving loudly behind me, my body started rising from the surface.

How should I say this…… It feels a bit nostalgic. Oddly enough, this feels the same as when Kuro carried me through the air when I first came to this world.

[……By the way, Amel-san, where are we heading]

[To the mountain range of the Archlesia Empire!]

[I see…… In that case, then how about we teleport to Archlesia Empire……]

[Well then, lets take to the skies together! For this moment, I will be my sworn friends wings!!!]

Unfortunately, her excitement was so high that it didnt seem like she heard me. I would have been happy if we were just leisurely flying through the air…… but Archlesia Empire is so far away from here…… so it would probably end up like that, right She would be speeding through that distance, right

Wed end up flying with the speed of that black flash, right No, there were some magic circles floating around her earlier, so Im sure she should have countermeasure techniques in place to make sure the wind pressure and other such things…… but those were probably ineffective against the mental fear, right

[Now, to the Promised Land!!!]


Then, shortly after, I think I heard a sound as if fireworks might have gone off behind me, and the view around me was blown away.

……So fast! I knew she was fast, but I never expected that she was this incredibly fast…… She was so fast that I couldnt even see the scenery, and being in this position where Im just being carried was too scary.

If I remember correctly, the roller coaster I rode at Shiro-sans amusement park should be like Mach 10, right This speed was obviously too fast compared to that, so she must have been going at a speed much faster than that.

However, although I was scared at first…… If were going this fast, on the contrary, I feel calm. I mean, with the scenery passing by so fast that it doesnt even register in my dynamic vision and me being unable to feel the wind pressure with the countermeasure techniques Amel-san had, Im not that scared. Rather, I feel like this is much better than Alices method of transport.

It isnt like we were going to enjoy the scenery or anything like that either, and considering that it will take us only a few minutes to get to our destination, it isnt really a problem.

However, theres one thing…… With me being unable to see the scenery, unable to feel the wind pressure due to the countermeasure techniques, and theres almost no sound around me…… I think its inevitable that when theres no other information coming in, I would end up being able to vividly feel the information that was available to me.

More specifically, the warmth wrapping around my body, or that soft feeling touching my back…… With me being unable to sense other things, my attention ends up turning towards these. Its even more so when Im trying to keep my mind from being aware of them.

How should I say this…… Being here really makes me feel unable to sit still…… So I would really like it if we arrive as soon as possible.


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