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Chapter 1191 - Black Wing's Invasion ④

While interpreting Amel-sans words, it was agreed that the details of the transactions with Lilia-san would be negotiated with the person in charge at a later date.

After that, I returned with Amel-san to my home. We could have continued chatting over tea, but I suddenly remembered something.

[Amel-san, about that shop where you can buy the shining contact lens I mentioned back in the tea party, since youre here in the Royal Capital, how about we check it out now]

[Ohh, that would be most appreciated. I was thinking of seeking for the way of the light and bringing out various shines within this darkness. If my sworn friend doesnt mind, I would love it if you could guide me.]

[I understand. Alright then, lets head out……]

I was about to say lets head outside, but then I remembered there was no need for us to do that.

After all, Alices miscellaneous goods store is directly accessible from the door in the bar in the basement of my house.

[Ahh, there was a direct way to get there without having to go outside.]


[Something like that…… Theres a bar in the basement that has a door that goes directly to the store……]

[……A bar in the basement]

[Ahh, errr……]

I was so familiar with the house that I had forgotten about it, but even after thinking about it, it was indeed strange to have a house with a bar in the basement. Amel-sans reaction should be natural…… should be natural…… Arehh

[In your basement…… you have a personal bar!]

Rather than puzzled, she looked impressed instead.

[T- Thats so cool…… That sounds great, a bar personally for you in your basement, I also want one…… Hrnnn! As expected of my sworn friend. You have a wonderful taste.]

[T- Thank you.]

It seems that having a bar in your home is something Amel-san admires. Now that she mentions it, having a personal bar does sound cool.

However, I think this is only the case when a bar suits the user. For example, Ozma-san would look very picturesque drinking at a bar.

I would like to become a man who looks good drinking at a bar, but I still have a long way to go before becoming such a person.

With this in mind, I headed for the basement with the eager Amel-san.

[……The bar is behind this door.]

[What about this door, my sworn friend]

[A- Ahh, thats…… errr…… for the weapon shop.]

[In your house, in your basement, your own weapon shop! A- A hidden secret…… A- Amazing…… How cool…… M- My sworn friend! If it were possible, I would like to bask upon the glittering blades……]

Her eyes are shining so brightly that I think shed fire a beam out of her eyes anytime soon. I feel like she understands about the romance of such things more than Aoi-chan does. I mean, her tension is so outrageously high just because she discovered a secret weapon shop.

Since there was no reason to ignore Amel-sans wish to stop by the weapon shop, we decided to head toward Alices weapon shop.

When we entered the weapon shop, what greeted us was the usual lion costume.

[……A- A shopkeeper with a mysterious atmosphere…… As I thought, this store is a legendary secret place hidden in the deep!]

……No, we just went a few stairs down, so it isnt like were deep underground…… Well, whatever.

[Hawawa, no matter which weapon it is, all of them are top-notch! This is amazing! Like this sword, it looks so cool……]


[Hahh! Hrnnn…… A- All of them have a wonderful shine, shopkeeper…… It seems like they arent someone normal.]

She looks like a music lover upon seeing a shiny trumpet in the show window. Well, now that she mentioned it, weapon shops may be something one would find likable.

While I was thinking about this, the lion costume-wearing Alice muttered with her hands folded, giving off a strangely solemn vibe.

[……It seems like youre a rather noteworthy girl. Perhaps, if its you, you would be able to use this.]

[T- This is……]

With a strangely theatrical tone, Alice pulled out a spear with a rather sinister design from behind the counter.

[Its name is “Cursed Spear Ouroboros”.]

[Cursed Spear…… Ouroboros……]

(Note: Could also be Magic Spear or Demon Spear.)

Ahh, Amel-san would definitely buy this. Shes definitely someone whod get hooked when you name something Cursed Sword or Cursed Spear…… Even now, she looks as if she was shaking with joy, so she will definitely buy it.

Convinced of this, I glanced at Alice…… A glance filled with the intention of “If you dare rip her off, Ill definitely get back at you for this”, but immediately after that, the emotion she responded with, conveyed through my Sympathy Magic…… was that “she would sell it to her at a reasonable price”.

Eh No, the heck is this What kind of emotion is this Shes at it with her strange skillfulness again…… Well, for the time being, if she wont force her to buy something overpriced, I guess its alright…… Amel-san also looked extremely happy about receiving it, and since its something from Alice, theres no doubt that the performance of that weapon is top-notch.


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