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Chapter 1184 - Bonds Deepened at the Tea Party ⑥

Lillywood-san started to talk about what she has been doing since she left Kuros house to live independently…… is what I thought, but looking as if she was thinking about something for a moment, she then smiled.

Looking as if she had some good idea in mind……

“……We can normally talk about it, but since were about it, how about lets do it with the plan I had in mind This tables big though, so lets move it a bit.”

[U- Unnn]

As I tilted my head, not understanding what was going on, Lillywood-san stood up and sat down near me. We arent close enough that I can say shes sitting right beside me, but shes at a range where my hand could reach her.

Lillywood-san then quickly held out her hand to me.

“Kaito-san, please take my hand.”

[Your hand Errr, like this——— Wha!]

Taking her hand as Lillywood-san said, the next instant, the scenery around me changed.

I found myself in an empty meadow, and the sight of an unadorned, untouched nature.

“I think Lillie may have already demonstrated the same thing to you, but through resonance with Kaito-sans Sympathy Magic, you could not only sense emotions within ones magic power, but also see the same scenery we want to display…… In other words, you could say Im showing you my past Well, what youre seeing here isnt exactly the past, but just a recreation of it from my memory.”

[Lillywood-san…… So you can also do something like this.]

“I can do something similar to Kaito-sans Sympathy Magic. It might be difficult for me to adapt to magic power as fast as Kaito-san does, but something like this is simple for me.”

I guess thats to be expected of one of the pinnacles of the Demon Realm, Lillywood-san, shes capable of doing a lot of things. Speaking of which, she did once mention being able to do something similar to my Sympathy Magic.

In other words, this scenery Im seeing now is the past Demon Realm that was recreated from Lillywood-sans memory. To be honest, all I could see were grasslands, so I couldnt really tell…… is what I was thinking, but the one Im seeing at the end of my gaze looked rather familiar…… I mean, isnt that Lillywood-san

[……Is that Lillywood-san]

“Yes, the past me.”

At the end of my gaze was Lillywood, holding a huge wooden staff in hand, checking the small flowers and other things growing in the meadow.

When she mentioned that this was the past…… this should have been nearly 20,000 years ago when she had just become independent from Kuros family, but this Lillywood-san looks almost the same as she is now.

This Lillywood-sans leafy hair might be a little shorter, but thats really the only difference.

“The first thing I did after leaving Kuromueinas home…… was probably the same as the other members of the Six Kings, gathering subordinates.”

[I suppose you were searching for Spirits]

“I think it would be more appropriate to describe it as “trying to create new Spirits”.”

[Eh Creating Spirits]

“Yes, I searched for flowers and trees with magic power and poured my own magic power into them. Spirits dwell in plants with great magic power, but plants that could hold magic power big enough for a Spirit to dwell in are rare. Therefore, the number of Spirits themselves were very small at that time.”

While explaining this, Lillywood-san points to her past self. As if my gaze was guided by her movements, I looked at the past Lillywood-san as she poured magic power into a flower.

“Of course, pouring my magic power doesnt necessarily mean that a Spirit would dwell in it, but doing this would increase the probability of a Spirit from being born than if it occurs naturally.”

[Ahh, so thats why Lillywood-san refers to your subordinates as dependents.]

“Thats right. Of course, there are Spirits that naturally appeared without me pouring my magic power into them, and there are also times when other species that appeared other than Spirits…… So for uniformity, I refer to them as my dependents. Well, you could say its a habit of mine Ive had for a long time……”

[……However, this is quite a steady process. I suppose you would keep this pace with pouring your magic power, wait for a Spirit to be born and then go to the next place]

“Yes, in fact, it took a while for my first dependent to be born.”

It doesnt seem as if the Spirit is born the moment she poured her magic power, so it seemed like it would take time. However, even if she had to use a way that takes quite some time, I could feel her desire of wanting subordinates of the same species as her.

Especially since she had just become independent from Kuro, I guess she wanted a subordinate whom she could trust

[……Speaking of which, Im changing the subject, but the past Lillywood-san looks almost the same as you are now huh.]

“I suppose so. Spirits originally would only be able to manifest themselves after they had gained enough power to do so, so our appearance has remained virtually unchanged from the beginning. However, I dont know if its the influence of my true body growing, but “my chest has become a little larger”.”


Hoohhh, I see…… Just from simply looking at them, both the past and present Lillywood-san possesses an incredibly splendid pair, but when I compare them, they indeed look different…… No, wait, stop fooling around, Miyama Kaito.

Comparing the breasts of the past and present because theyre the same person is just the lowest for a human…… Calm down, lets calm our thoughts down.

This is something I should have already known since that time in the onsen, but Lillywood-san extremely considers herself as a tree, so she can be careless in such things…… and she can make these kinds of unguarded remarks.

Thats why, I need to resist these thoughts and act reasonably…… Dont look at her chest, control yourself……

“……You really are…… aware of me in such a way huh.”

Lillywood-sans nonchalant words made me strangely curious about a certain area, so I did my best to keep composed, that I missed the words Lillywood-san muttered at that time.

Serious-senpai : [Its quite disconcerting how you wrote that whole chapter only to end up with “my breasts are bigger than they used to be”……]-

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