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Chapter 1180 - Bonds Deepened at the Tea Party ③

After briefly speaking with Lillie-san and Blossom-san, I cut the conversation short by telling them that I was heading to greet Lillywood-san, and handed the card that Camilia had given me to the World Kings subordinate at the entrance to the venue. The World Kings subordinate gave me a bow upon receiving it and telling me “This way please”, she began guiding me. A few moments later, I found myself in front of a door, and after the World Kings subordinate opened the door, she bowed once again.

[Lillywood-sama is beyond this door. I am not authorized to go any further, so I may only guide you up to this point.]

[I understand. Thank you.]

After thanking the World Kings subordinate, I proceeded to the door and after walking for a few distance, I found a wooden spiral staircase. I have been to Lillywood-sans castle many times, but I didnt know there was a place like this……

With this in mind, I climbed the stairs to a slightly wide balcony, where I could see Lillywood-sans back.

“Oya If it isnt Kaito-san, hello, no, would it perhaps be more appropriate to say welcome here instead”

[Hello, Lillywood-san. Thank you for the invitation.]

As I stepped onto the balcony, Lillywood-san turned around and curiously looked at me for a moment, but immediately greeted me with a gentle smile.

“No, even with this invitation, Im not able to offer you any hospitality…… I generally dont eat or drink, so it would always be like this, where I look at the venue every time the tea party is held.”

[This places amazing. It feels like you can see the whole venue from here…… How should I say this…… It feels like a special place.]

“The balcony itself is basically forbidden to anyone other than the Executives, so you could indeed say this place is special. Though I say that, there isnt really anything unusual about this place, its just where I am when the tea party is being held.”

The subordinate who guided me around said that she wasnt allowed to enter, and as the King and host of the tea party, Lillywood-san must be in a place like this where she sees the venue, so theres no mistake to call this place as special.

As I was thinking about this, Lillywood-san looked as if she suddenly came up with something and announced with a somewhat happy expression on her face.

“Come to think of it, Kaito-san. Thank you for the fun moment we had at the Harmonic Symphony.”

[Ah, no, I also had fun…… although it was a bit of a surprise…….]

“Fufufu, strangely enough, I myself am not quite sure why I acted impulsively like that…… but somehow, yes…… I guess it would be best described as I somehow felt like it.”

[Well, I also act without thinking quite often, so I dont think theres anything strange with that. In fact, I also enjoyed dancing with Lillywood-san, so there was nothing wrong with it.]

“……I suppose youre right.”

Hearing my words, Lillywood-sans eyes squinted a little happily, before she lightly indicated the area beside her.

“Kaito-san, you cant see the venue very well there, right Please, come this way.”

[Ah, yes. Excuse me then.]

When Lillywood-san urged me to stand next to her, I stood in line next to her…… and found myself looking at a picturesque scenery. In the first place, as Yggfresis originally was a nature city, the scenery in this place was beautiful. Lillywood-sans castle is also located in an elevated area, and even the venue of the tea party was held in an open area where one can see the scenery. Looking at it from an even higher vantage point, its wonderful to see the nature of Yggfresis along with the tea party.

[What an amazing view.]

“If you like it, Im also happy…… Speaking of which, I havent asked you yet, have I Why are you here, Kaito-san”

[Ahh, errr, I thought Id say hello to Lillywood-san, and Camellia-san told me that youre here.]

“I see, I suppose Ive had you be mindful of me huh”

[Ah, no, I did hear that further greetings arent necessary…… but I came here largely because I wanted to talk to you too, Lillywood-san.]

There is no lie in those words. I actually was told that a greeting was not necessary, and there was no problem if I went to thank her for the invitation after the tea party was over. So, my main motivation was simply that I wanted to talk to Lillywood-san as well. After hearing what I said, Lillywood-san looked at me in a daze, before she smiled happily.

“……I see, in that case, how about it then Since youve come all this way, why dont you join me for a cup of tea”

[Eh Arehh I thought Lillywood-san only drinks water……]

“Yes, that basically was the case. But it isnt like I cant drink tea at all. When I used to live with Kuromueina and the others, I drank tea several times with them. Ein once praised me for my tea-making skill, so I think Im pretty good at it.”

[I see…… Well, if its all right with Lillywood-san, by all means.]

I was surprised at the unexpected invitation to tea…… but I never had the opportunity before, so I am quite looking forward to drinking tea with Lillywood-san.

Serious-senpai : [How should I say this…… With Lillywoods Sacred Tree Festival Six Kings Festival this time, you could clearly see that Lillywoods Affection Meter is consistently increasing. That could even be seen from her behavior……]

: [Its a fact that it was increasing after all. I dont think Lillywood-sans aware of it because she herself isnt familiar with that kind of thing, but from what I see, I think her Affection Meter was already quite high. Shes even obviously glad when Kaito-san came to visit her……]-

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