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[Right, right, Kaito-san.]


Turning to Alice, who called out to me with a cheerful expression on her face, I slightly tilted my head.

[There is another reason why Ein-san isn't often misunderstood even though Zwei-san is easily misunderstood.]


[As I mentioned earlier, Zwei-san is imitating Ein-san, but again, she wasn't able to copy just about everything, and there are differences between them in some places. To give you an example…… At first glance, Ein-san seems to be a cool and uptight person, but unlike Zwei-san, she has a good sense of humor.]

[……I see.]

Now that she mentioned it, there are some things that come to mind. Other than the times when the topic of maids is brought up, Ein-san speaks politely and is always calm and collected…… but that isn't always the case.

At the barbecue party, she was throwing tsukkomis at Acht's words, at the temple, she had served a mug of milk to Chronois-san, at the Six Kings Festival, she fought in a cooking match at Alice's provocation, and like earlier, she was teasing Zwei-san…… It was surprisingly easy for her to play along with the antics of others.

Figuratively speaking, I guess one could say that Ein-san is "a person who can take a joke", while Zwei-san, judging from Alice's comment about her being too serious, is "a person who can't get a joke".

This difference in personality may be the reason why Zwei-san is easily misunderstood.

[Well, no two people have exactly the same personality, so I guess imitating could lead to this.]

[That's right~~…… Now then, let's stop "escaping reality" already and talk about the "world crisis" that has suddenly occurred right in front of our eyes……]

[……Guess…… you're right.]

Hearing Alice's words, even though I didn't want to get involved if it's possible…… I turned my attention to that world crisis.

If this were a manga, the menacing onomatopoeia would have been floating in the air as they stared at each other like that…… On one hand, Shiro-san, the God of this world, who has no expression on her face but radiates magic power that causes the earth to shake.

(T/N: ゴゴゴゴゴ. Yes, Shiro-san is going to use Za Warudo sooner or later.)

On the other hand, Eden-san, the God of another world, clearly had an angry expression on her face, radiating magic power that distorts the space.

Jokes aside, this situation feels like they would end up destroying one or two worlds.

[E- Even so, what in the world is happening……]

[I don't know. Rather, it's quite unusual, isn't it Shallow Vernal-sama and Eden-san fighting, I mean…… The two of them seem to agree on a lot of things and they don't hinder each other's movements that much……]

[Now that you mentioned it, I don't think I've ever seen them fight before……]

[Kuro-san also doesn't seem to know who to stop, and was just flusteredly looking at them…… As expected, I guess it really would be hard for Kuro-san to deal with those two at the same time.]

Near the two of them who are staring daggers at each other, Kuro was alternately looking at Shiro-san and Eden-san, looking unusually flustered. It was as Alice said, she didn't seem to know which one to stop, so she couldn't intervene.

[……I honestly don't want to intervene…… but I guess I really can't do that huh]

[You can't. The probability of this being "something related to Kaito-san" is about 100-500% after all……]

[……I guess you're right……]

If it's possible, I'd like to bury my head underground and pretend I didn't see anything, but as Alice said, there's a high probability, which was high enough that it could already be described as certainty, that the cause of their quarrel is something related to me.

Being told that I'm literally the cause of world destruction isn't a joking matter, so I'd like to do something about it…… but I don't really like to be in between their glares……

As I was thinking about this, Eden-san, who had just been silently glaring…… muttered in a quiet but intimidating voice.

[……Why not]

[I repeat again, I have no intention of involving you in this matter.]

[……Are you trying to tell me that it's out of our contract However, I've made concessions to matters not within our contract many times before. Shouldn't you be the one giving in this time, Shallow Vernal]

[I appreciate that and I'll be happy to concede with matters not in our contract in the future…… However, "this" and "that" are two different things. I can't allow you to participate in this, Eden.]

[ [ ………………….. ] ]

I feel like I'm seeing sparks fly between them. I don't know what's going on, but it seems that Eden-san is demanding something from Shiro-san, but Shiro-san refuses her.

[……Though I say that, you won't just accept my refusal huh]

[Of course.]

[In that case, I guess we'll have to settle this matter with this.]

After muttering this, Shiro-san made a white gold coin appear and held it so that Eden-san could see it. When Eden-san saw this, as if she agreed to something, she nodded.

[……Do you remember the rules]

[Time Manipulation is prohibited while the coin is falling, right]

[Yes, that's right. Well then, I'll have heads……]

[Then, I'll have tails.]

W- What's happening I have no idea what's going on, but I guess they'll be having a coin toss Shiro-san wins if the coin falls on heads, while Eden-san wins if the coin falls on tails…… If that's all there is to it, this would just be a normal coin toss…… but what's this This strange atmosphere…..

In the midst of that strange tension, Shiro-san flicks the coin into the air…… rising into the sky with tremendous force, instantly disappearing from sight.

That alone was out of the ordinary…… but it seemed like it was only the beginning.

[This is bad!]

Right after Shiro-san flicked the coin, I heard Alice shout…… and around Shiro-san and Eden-san, Kuro, Alice and Fate-san appeared.

Thereupon, a translucent cylindrical barrier was put up to enclose Shiro-san and Eden-san…… Immediately after, it began shaking, outrageously warping shape.

[Gugigi…… What a pressure…… These sh*tty Gods, aren't they going at full power!]

[Shall-tan! Underworld King! Do your best! If we let even a little bit of their power leak out, "not just the continent, they'll wipe out the whole world"!]

[I know that…… It's pretty tough to restrain it though.]

Wait right there, what's with this situation What the heck is this

What I could barely understand is that Shiro-san and Eden-san are doing something terrible, and the three of them are desperately trying to stop their powers from leaking out…… but my head just can't keep up with the situation.



[……Only the three of us can deal with this…… Critical Point of Fate!]

……Arehh What were we doing again This is my housewarming party, right

……This isn't some "final battle" or anything like that, right

Serious-senpai: [……I know that this is quite an outrageous situation, but I can predict that the cause is almost certainly related to Kaito, and this fight is probably just for some silly reason.]

: [The world is in danger because of their love for Kaito-san.]-

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