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In a particularly luxurious room in Symphonia Kingdom's royal castle, the rulers of the three Human kingdoms gathered.

What was being held here was a joint meeting of the three kingdoms that was held once a year for ten days. It is a conference where the Human Realm gathers to exchange information on a country-by-country basis and discuss the Human Realm's matter as a whole.

Each country exchanges turns being the venue, and this year, the meeting was to be held in the Symphonia Kingdom.

Only a limited number of people are in the room. Symphonia Kingdom's King Ryze and his successor Amalie, who has been officially named as the Crown Princess.

On the Archlesia Empire's side, there is Emperor Chris and her two subordinates serving as her aides. Meanwhile, the Hydra Empire is led by King Laguna…… and including her personal attendant, she had six people follow behind her.

It is only the rulers who sit down to discuss things themselves, while their companions, including Amalie, wait some distance away.

[Haahhh…… Even so, young Amalie is starting to look like the successor of a King huh. Well, considering young Ryze's age, it will probably still a long way off before she could succeed your throne, but I can already feel the change of eras…… So, why the heck am I still King! Festival of Heroes has already hit its thousand-year mark, you know! How much longer are you going to let the elderly work hard……]

[Hahaha, that's just how much you're desired by your people. Besides, calling yourself elderly…… That's hardly persuasive considering you're fighting that Duchess, the most powerful human in my country, once a month.]

Hearing Laguna's complaining words, Ryze responded with a smile. Yes, even though this was called a conference between countries, in those ten days…… there isn't that much to discuss, and they're just chatting a lot.

[By the way, I heard that the Hydra Kingdom recently held an election for the royal throne, right]

[……Young Chris' ears are as keen as ever. Umu, I had thought that since senators are decided through elections, I suggested having the people elect the King too…… but why the heck did "99% of the people" vote for me! Rather, why the heck are all the other candidates voting for me too! Didn't you run for the election because you wanted to be King!!!]

[It's just a guess, but I think that since Her Majesty Laguna, who wanted to bequeath the throne, enforced this matter, the other candidates were probably just filled in too Perhaps, even that 1% wasn't a vote for someone other than Her Majesty Laguna, but just invalid votes]

[……Seriously…… when can I…… quit being the King……]

Yes, among the three countries, the support for Laguna, Hydra Kingdom's King, was overwhelming. Although she was eager to quit, her ability as King was excellent, and even if she often slips out her castle, she has never missed a single session of congress.

She is one of the world's Heroes, tolerant of people-oriented reforms and popular for her personality. In addition, she had been the King for a thousand years and has become the symbol of the Kingdom, so Hydra's citizens couldn't imagine any other King to take the throne other than Laguna.

Thinking that there would probably never be a day in the future where Laguna could retire, Chris wryly smiled.

As the conference room was filled with such a peaceful atmosphere, the door was suddenly forcefully opened.

[Urgent matter, please excuse me for my intrusion!]


The one who came running in with a flustered look is Orchid, the First Prince of the Symphonia Kingdom…… However, that in itself was too unusual of a situation.

This is a room that only the heads of the three countries and their companions are allowed to enter, and even though Orchid is a member of the royal family, he isn't allowed to enter the room during their meeting unless there is a serious emergency.

Of course, Orchid knows about this, and thus, his entrance made everyone tense.

[I have something to bring to the ears of His Majesty, the King and Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess, immediately!]

[……Does that mean that what you're about to say is so urgent and should be heard even if the meeting of the three countries is interrupted]


[Fine, let me hear it.]

In response to Ryze's question as the King, Orchid nodded without hesitation. Is a catastrophe about to happen, or perhaps, a powerful monster appeared…… As Ryze imagined such things, looking a little agitated…… Orchid sounded quite happy as he reported.

[I've just received a letter from Kaito! That he decided to take up residence in the royal capital of Symphonia!]

Orchid's words brought silence to the room.

A few moments later, Ryze and Amalie vigorously raised a guts pose.

[……Alright!!! I see! As expected of Miyama-kun!]

[Guhh…… I- It really turned out like this huh……]

[I knew there was a good chance this would happen but…… this is much faster than I imagined……]

Ryze exclaimed with great joy, while Laguna and Chris looked vexed.

Yes, the fact that Kaito lives in the Symphonia Kingdom, and even in the royal capital…… is a really significant matter for the three rulers. Of course, they can never use Kaito for political purposes. If they dared do that, their country would literally perish.

However…… The person they're talking about here is Kaito. His presence alone will bring too much benefit to the country. After all, Kaito is literally the singularity of this world.

The fact that he has a house in the Symphonia Kingdom means that the Six Kings, the Supreme Gods, and even God of Creation herself will visit the country to see him…… In some cases, there's a possibility that they may even stop by the royal castle.

The people present at this conference understand this. That's why Amalie, the next King, quickly moved.

[Your Majesty! I'll handle this matter!]

[Yeah, you should do that. You also see that special measures would be added to the national laws. I'm sure you already know that though……]

[Yes, I'll make sure that all of Miyama-sama's requests go through.]

[Alright! Well, then…… No…… wait!]


When Amalie said that she was going to take the lead in handling this matter, Ryze enthusiastically responded…… but he seemed to have suddenly realized something, and his face turned pale.

[……Amalie, Orchid…… Do you remember how "a year or so ago", Phantasmal King-sama left a large envelope for us "to open at the appropriate time"]

[Y- Yes, it was firmly stored in———– Don't tell me!]

[……Yeah, I think now's the right time.]

[I- I'll bring it out right away!]

Hearing Ryze's words, both Amalie and Orchid's faces turned pale, and Orchid hurriedly ran towards the treasure room.

As if they had a bad premonition at the mention of Phantasmal King's name, Chris and Laguna's expressions darkened even more.

Not long after, Orchid came back with a large envelope.

[I have returned!]

[……Open it.]

After Ryze instructed with a nervous look on his face, Orchid opened the envelope to reveal a bundle of documents inside.

When he saw them, Orchid's pale face turned white, and he shakingly muttered.

[……There are several documents…… and a letter.]

[……Read it out loud.]

[Understood. Well then…… "If you're reading this letter, it probably means that Kaito-san wants to build a house."]

[ [ ! ] ]

That's when Chris and Laguna also realized why Ryze was looking so pale. Earlier, Ryze said that "the Phantasmal King left that envelope a year ago".

This means that the Phantasmal King……. Alice had already foresaw this development.

[……"Incidentally, are you currently in the joint meeting of the three countries If so, please let Chris-san and Laguna-san hear about this too, so that it would save me the trouble of having this matter reach their ears."]

[ [ [ Wha! ] ] ]

Not only the rulers of the three countries, but everyone in the room became speechless upon hearing the letter's content.

[……"Based on Kaito-san's personality, the local situation, the necessary processes he would have to handle, I estimate that he will be back here in about two years. To be more precise, I expect that it would be about one year and eight months. And I think that within the next few days after Kaito-san might come back…… It will be right around the time of the joint meeting."]

It was a prediction that could be described as in another dimension for being too accurate…… The only thing that those who heard it felt was horror and dread.

[……"Well, all of this depends on Kaito-san, so if I'm right, it's just for fun, so don't think too much about it. I'd like it if you hand the documents on the back to Chris-san and Laguna-san. Now then, let's move on to the main topic. I have a little request to the kings of the three countries, so please remember it well."]

Thereupon, a request kept hidden within an envelope for a year, from the one who had the greatest wisdom in the world, the Phantasmal King, was presented to the Kings.

Serious-senpai : [……There's something I just thought about.]

: [What is it]

Serious-senpai : [……You, no, Alice…… She calls Kaito her partner/best friend, but in reality, she's more in love with Kaito than anyone else in the series, isn't she]

: [……Huh N- No, no, what are you talking about Well, I could certainly see Alice-chan being in love with Kaito-san. It's only natural, they're lovers after all. However, saying that she loves Kaito-san more than anyone else is……]

Serious-senpai : [……Even though she's the one who teases Kaito about his lack of privacy, "when Kaito is alone with his other lovers, she's apparently someone who would guard them from a distance so that she can't hear their conversation" though]

: [……Ughhh, come to think of it, there was a setting like that.]

Serious-senpai : [When Kaito wants something, pretending like you're just in it for the money, "you're the first one to provide him his request".]

: [……N- No, it's just me seeing a business opportunity……]

Serious-senpai : [Whenever something happens to Kaito, "she'd devotedly support him behind the scenes" so that Kaito can have a happy ending……]

: [……Let's stop with this conversation…… Please listen to me.]

Serious-senpai : [In the first place, she herself is acting like the head of Kaito's security firm, and when Kaito calls her, she immediately appears….. Even when she's feeling around, it doesn't seem like she's hiding her "love-filled aura" at all.]

: [……I- Isn't it about time you stop speaking Okay]

Serious-senpai : [……I mean, she even made that "Hug me~~" appeal just when he came back……]

: [Oi, fake serious. If you don't want to become a medium-rare hamburger, close that d*mned mouth of yours already.]

Serious-senpai : [! Y- Yes, sir!]-

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