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After admiring the scenery with Olivia-san for a while, we returned to the Cathedral, thanks to Olivia-sans ability to return to the Cathedral instantly, and then went back outside again, checking out the other stores on the way to Kaori-sans restaurant.

We were quite leisurely and took our time walking, so by the time we arrived at Kaori-sans restaurant, the sun had set and it was time for dinner.


When I opened the door, Kaori-san, who was washing dishes at the counter, noticed my visit and gave me a bright smile.


[Welcome, Kaito-kun! You came just at the right time, Ive just finished serving the customers…… Now, now, come sit here at the counter.]

[Excuse our intrusion then. I was wondering what to do if it was too crowded to sit down, so Im glad.]

[Ahaha, were a Set-meal Restaurant, so its usually crowded during the daytime when there are many tourists. We dont handle much alcohol, so were rather empty at night.]


Now that she mentioned it, her shop isnt a bar, but a set-meal restaurant, so it probably wouldnt be crowded at night. Since the food she serves are cuisines from another world, tourists would probably be her main clientele, and there are probably not many tourists walking around during the late hours of the day.

With this in mind, I sat down at the counter with Olivia-san, and there Kaori-san looked at me with a grin on her face.


[Even so, youve come with quite the beauty here. I sure cant underestimate you, Kaito-kun~~ Is she your girlfriend Even so…… Hmmm, have I seen her somewhere]

[Ah~~ No, she is……]

Having said that much, I paused, moving my gaze around the store. I had told Kaori-san that I was going to see the Founder Olivia-san today, but I checked just in case there were other customers in the restaurant, because there was a possibility that it would cause a commotion.

But fortunately, there seemed to be no other customers, so I felt relieved and answered Kaori-sans question.


[Look, I mentioned about it during the day, right That Im going to see Founder-san…… This is the Founder, Olivia-san.]


[Ahh~~ Its Founder-sama huh, I didnt recognize you because youre wearing a different outfit than your usual———–Eeeeeehhhhhhh!]


Following my introduction, Olivia-san slightly nodded in greeting, to which Kaori-san responded with a smile, but then she suddenly backed away from her.

I had a hunch about this earlier, but it seemed like she really passed my words earlier off as a joke.


[F- Founder-sama! W- W- Why is Founder-sama…… Abababa, y- your words earlier werent a joke!]

[I had thought that might be the case, but you really thought I was joking huh.]

[Of course I would think of it like that! She isnt someone just about anyone can mee, you know!]

Kaori-san seemed to be in quite a panic, but after a little while, she regained her composure, and with a somewhat stunned look on her face, she spoke.


[……Haahhh…… However, I see, I kinda get it now.]

[You got it What is it]

[Kaito-kuns someone related to the shrine! You were rich, so maybe one of the Gods liked you and gave you a good position Because of that, you have come here to say hello to Founder-sama.]


Hmmm, I guess she really isnt off the mark. In a broader sense, you could say that Im related to them, and as for being liked by a God, thats exactly right.

As I was thinking about this, Kaori-san looked a little angry as she called out to me.


[However, that wont do, Kaito-kun.Of course, otherworld cuisine may be rare, but you dont entertain your boss in a Set-meal Restaurant…… No, of course, Ill do my best to show my skills, but I dont know if shed be satisfied, you know Wouldnt that affect your career prospects]

[……Shopkeeper, can I tell you something]

[Yesh! W- W- What is it]


At that moment, Olivia-san spoke up for the first time, and Kaori-san, who was spoken to, straightened her posture, looking rather tense.

Judging from her attitude, I suppose Olivia-san, the representative of the city, might be something like a King of the Friendship City.


[I myself have a lot of things I dont know, and I dont consider ignorance to be a sin. However, there were words you said that I couldnt overlook, so I would like to correct them.]

[C- Correct What is it]

[Listen here, okay…… If you are referring to our position, “Miyama Kaito-sama would be my superior, and I, his subordinate”.]

[Eeeehhhh…… W- Why…… Who exactly is Kaito-kun Is he a fixer The shadow ruler of the world]

[I suppose thats generally correct.]

[No, no, no…… Thats completely wrong.]


The story is getting outrageous, so I hurriedly corrected them.

No, wait a moment…… If I consider Alice as the real shadow ruler of the world…… Doesnt that mean their words werent exactly wrong

Anyway, I feel like I should properly explain this matter first.








Serious-senpai : [If you think of Shallow Vernal as the public ruler and Alice as the shadow ruler of the world…… I think her perception of Kaito as a fixer is indeed generally correct.]

: [I doubt hell ever actually get involved in politics, but hes well-connected enough to do whatever he wants if he wants to.]


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