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Rowing slowly, I reached the center of the lake and was about to leave the oars to the side and enjoy the scenery myself…… when Olivia-san called out to me, seemingly waiting for this moment.


[Miyama Kaito-sama, Its time we switch places. I really should be the one handling such……]

[No, no, its alright. Besides, its not safe to switch positions on a boat this small.]

[H- However, making Miyama Kaito-sama exert himself more than this is just……]


Well, its true that for Olivia-san, who is as powerful as the Supreme Gods, its worrisome that the weak me is paddling the oar…… I mean, it may seem like it would take me a tremendous amount of hard work.

Furthermore, being that I am the person who received Shiro-sans blessing and Shiro-sans lover, she would probably want to somehow row for me instead.


As I was thinking about this, Olivia-san stood up with eyes full of determination, as if she had decided to forcibly switch places with me.


[Anyway, Ill take it from here!]

[Ah, wait…….. Abff!]

[Miyama Kaito-sama!]


However, even if Olivia-san had no problem even if the boat shook greatly, I was caught off-guard, making me lose balance.

Though I say that, it wasnt like I would fall off since I was sitting down, but I almost hit my body against the edge of the boat. Before that could happen though, the flustered Olivia-san quickly pulled my hand and drew my body close to her.


……Pulling my body towards her is fine and all, but hugging me like that from the front, seemingly as if she was protecting me, was quite surprising.


[Are you alright! My apologies, are you injured!]

[Ah, errr, Im alright. I didnt hit anywhere……]

[I- Im glad…… I was so careless. Im really sorry.]

[No, dont worry about it. Rather than that, errr……]

[What are you———! P- P- Please excuse me!]


Because we were on the boat in a position where were facing each other, when Olivia-san pulled my hand, I inevitably fell forward, which Olivia-san stopped as she held me to her chest.

They werent too big nor too small, and I felt a certain softness and pleasant fragrance from them, but I couldnt just stay like this here, so I called out to her. Thereupon, she seemed to have realized what was happening and hurriedly pulled her body away from me.

In doing so, she moved my body back to its original place, and Olivia-san, with her face blushing red, went back to her previous place too.


[……Errr, thank you for saving me.]

[N- No, it was originally because I abruptly stood up…… My deepest apologies.]

[Please dont worry about it. However, I really think its dangerous to switch places, so Im going to keep rowing……]

[No, I will still switch places with you. This time, I will magically affix the boat in place so it wont rock.]


Well then, I wonder what I should do now…… She seems to be surprisingly stubborn in some ways. However, I need to keep the status like this, or rather, if she were to take over here, Olivia-san would really only be clerical and move the boat as I tell her to.

What should I do then…… Should I push through Its a hand that I havent used very often, but I have a powerful card against Olivia-san, which Im sure would be enough to make her pull back.


[Hmmm, as for me, Id like Olivia-san to enjoy the various views, so Id like to be the one who paddles……]

[No, my enjoyment isnt necessary. My priority should be whether or not it will be a burden on Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[I see…… I understand your point, Olivia-san. But before that, may I confirm one thing]



When she heard my words, Olivia-san curiously tilted her head, to which I decided to play my trump card.


[Theres a little something I heard from the Supreme Gods before, you see As the one who received Shiro-sans True Blessing, I hold something like an absolute command over the Gods apparently.]

[Eh Yes, thats right. Theres no one among the Gods who would not obey Miyama Kaito-samas orders.]

[……Does that “include Olivia-san” too]



As if she had understood what I was trying to say, Olivia-sans face turned pale. Thereupon, looking agitated, Olivia-san moved her gaze from side to side, but still, she answered my question.


[……It also includes me.]

[I see.]

[Miyama Kaito-sama! Reconsider, please reconsider!]

[I will row the boat. Olivia-san, please sit back and enjoy the view…… Its an order.]


As I told her that with a smile, Olivia-san looked up to the skies, seemingly as if she had given up on everything, and looking a little disgruntled, she muttered.


[Understood…… Miyama Kaito-sama, youre a little mean.]


It was a voice that contained some dismay, but I dont know if its just my imagination or not, but she sounded a little gentler than she had been before.








Serious-senpai : [Theyre flirting! These two are freaking flirting!!!]

: [It seems like Olivia-sans heart is opening up little by little.]


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