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After waiting for a while, Alice came out of the spatial rift first, and when I lightly thanked her, she waved her hand before disappearing.

Then, a few moments after Alice, Olivia-san appeared.

White lace jacket with three-quarter sleeves and black flared skirt…… I think it was called Mimoretake Flared Skirt or something like that, a skirt reaching just a little below the knees.

Her long silver hair was pulled back in a half-up style, with the top half of her hair pulled back and the bottom half let down, giving the overall look a neat and mysterious look that certainly feels like Olivia-san.

It was a very cute look that suited her well, but Oliviia-san looked pale, and the emotions conveyed through my Sympathy Magic were also quite complex.

Thereupon, as she came up to me, hiding her body with her hands, she timidly spoke.

[U- Umm…… I understand that its very disrespectful to complain about these clothes that can be said as bestowed upon me by Miyama Kaito-sama. However, disrespectful it may be, would you allow me to speak]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

I wonder, did she not like her clothes I think it suits her well, but well, each person has their own personal preferences, so I guess I need to ask Alice to prepare another outfit in such cases.

[I- Isnt this outfit…… “too shameless”!]


Shouting with the loudest voice she had today, Olivia-san told me…… and the emotions conveyed are also strong feelings of bewilderment and shame…… but being told such a thing also made me a little confused.

[This makes me look lascivious…… and going outside looking like t- this…… As expected, I would feel extremely ashamed.]

[Errr…… Im sorry, but what exactly is lascivious about it]

I cant say her outfit is ordinary, but Olivia-sans outfit is neat and tidy. Theres no indication that her jacket is see-through, that she is wearing a mini-skirt, that her breasts were being too emphasized or anything like that.

When I tilted my head and wondered what part of her outfit she was referring to, Olivia-san blushed red and she spoke.

[W- W- W- With how much skin is exposed…… Arent I already half-naked]

[No, no, no…… Eh Exposed skin]

Olivia-san is wearing a jacket with three-quarter sleeves and mimoretake skirt. As for her exposed skin, that would be the area around her hands and feet…… which are at most a third of her body……

[……Errr, it feels more like your skin was hardly exposed though……]

[H- Hardly Do people in the world walk around with so much of their skin exposed…… What in the world…… So my common sense doesnt apply in the outside world huh.]

[Ah, errr, yes…… Well, I suppose.]

Come to think of it, the priest robe she was wearing earlier hid her hands and feet, and since she was wearing a nun-like veil on her head and white gloves on her hands, the only skin she had exposed was her face.

Considering that, I guess you can certainly say that the degree of exposure has dramatically increased.

[Errr, as far as Im concerned, I think it fits Olivia-sans vibe and suits you well…… If Olivia-san doesnt like it, would you like me to have another outfit prepared for you]

[T- That is……]

Hearing my words, Olivia-san looks as if shes seriously thinking about it.

Hmmm, I first thought she was a person with almost no emotional ups and downs, but I probably have the wrong impression. Perhaps, for better or worse, Olivia-san is just innocent.

Her emotions were flat because she was really thinking of going about her business as usual, and she was probably trying to end her greeting with me in a clerical and indifferent manner, taking her role into consideration.

In other words, now that she was pushed out of her usual role, everything is new to her and her emotions are moving accordingly.

In fact, the emotions conveyed through my Sympathy Magic are considerably richer than they were at first, to the point where it makes me think that if Olivia-san had some normal sensibilities, she would become a normal woman brimming with emotions.

[……No, theres no problem staying as it is. I would be lying if I said I wasnt shaken, but I thought this was also important in terms of experiencing new things.]

[I understand. If you really cant take it, please tell me right away, okay You always have the option of changing your clothes on the way…… Well then, this might be abrupt, but should we get going If theres no place in particular that Olivia-san wants to go, we can just go randomly from the Central Plaza……]

[Ill leave the decision to Miyama Kaito-sama.]

As she calmed down, her tone became stiffer, but with the slight blush in her cheeks, her impression was different, looking more approachable than when I first met her.

At any rate, since were at it, I hope Olivia-san enjoys herself.

Serious-senpai : [As for her image, I guess shed be a sheltered girl, ignorant of the ways of the world huh Surprisingly, shes the type of character we havent had so far.]

: [In terms of position, it wouldnt have been strange if the Former Princess Lilia-san or the daughter of a big company, Aoi-san had taken up such a role, but Lilia-san has friends like Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san, and Aoi-san has Hina-san, who can correct the gap in their perception, so they arent ignorant of the ways of the world.]


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