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A woman whom I met by chance seems to be someone who used to play the role of Hero. Shes a little petite, about 150-ish cm tall, and wears clothes similar to kappogi.

She has black semi-short hair and wears a headscarf. At a glance, she looks like the proprietress of a set-meal restaurant or a tavern.

If she played the role of Hero back then, she must be older than me, but she looked younger with her baby-faced appearance. I would believe her even if she claimed she was 20 years old.


[Uwaaahh~~ I see, a child from my homeworld finally came to my store…… Come on in, come on in, lets not talk while standing around here.]

[Eh Arehh I thought you werent open yet……]

[Thats right, but if youre Japanese, then thats a different story! Ive always wanted to talk to a child from the same homeworld…… Ahh, I was running my mouth off here, but are you busy perhaps]

[N- No, theres no problem.]


Even when one looks at her from the side, the woman saying this with a bright smile on her face was clearly excited. Indeed, even if she were the one who played the role of Hero in the previous decade…… the decade before Mitsunaga-kun, it would be her first time in 12 years or so that she would meet someone from the same world, so it may be inevitable that she would be excited.

As I had such things in mind, the woman urged me into her restaurant. The interior of the restaurant was somewhere between a set-meal restaurant and a tavern, with counter seats and the like.

She recommended that I sit at the counter, so I did, and the woman placed a glass of water in front of me.


[Well then, let me introduce myself again. My name is Mizuhara Kaori, and as you may have already noticed, I am a Japanese who was invited to play the role of Hero at the Festival of Heroes 12 years ago.]

[Im Miyama Kaito. Pleased to meet you, Mizuhara-san.]

[Ahh, you can just call me Kaori. Many people in this world dont have family names, so its more often that Im called with my first name. Ill call you Kaito-kun too.]

[I understand, Kaori-san.]


Kaori-san was cheerful and felt pleasant, and I could tell that she was sincerely happy to see me, even with the emotions conveyed through Sympathy Magic.


[……Rather, with the atmosphere you have, I just called you Kaito-kun because I thought you were younger than me…… but you didnt play the role of Hero before me or something like that, right As expected, you dont look like youre in your 40s……]

[Ah, yes. Im 22 years old.]


Well, I feel a bit iffy regarding my age, since Ive been back in my world for 2 months, which was equivalent to a year and 8 months in this world, so the number of days that have passed since my last birthday is oddly off, so I feel like I can say Im 23 years old already…… Well, for the time being, I guess Ill just say Im 22.


[Ahh, good, you really are younger than me…… but, hmmm Arehh Thats strange…… As I recall, the last person who played the role of Hero was different from Kaito-kun, wasnt it N- No, my store was busy when the Festival of Heroes happened and I only managed to watch the events a little bit, so Im sorry if Im mistaken.]

[No, you arent wrong. I wasnt the one who played the role of Hero……]


When I told her that I wasnt summoned to play the role of Hero, but that three people, including me, were summoned by accident, besides Mitsunaga-kun, the one that was originally summoned to play the role of Hero, Kaori-san had a look of deep astonishment on her face.


[Ehhhh, t- there was a summoning accident! S- So that happened…… M- Must be rough.]

[Arehh You didnt know about that huh.]

[Unnn. Commoners like me wont be able to hear stuff like that.]


I see, now that she mentioned it, even if the story about us may have been passed on to the nobles and people with high status like them, I suppose ordinary people wouldnt know that there was a summoning accident that happened in the first place.


[Well, Im really having fun in this world, so Im rather glad that I was caught up and got summoned.]

[I see, Im glad to hear that.]

[Ahh, Kaori-san. Since weve gotten acquainted, why dont we register each others magic power in our hummingbirds]

[H- Hummingbird]


Kaori-san had a gentle smile on her face, but as soon as she heard what I said, her face stiffened.

Arehh Was I being too sudden…… Would it have been better to ask her that when we got to know each other a bit better


[……Kaito-kun, you see, you do know it, right That Magic Tools…… Theyre expensive.]

[E- Errr……]

[Even though they only had an **S function, Hummingbird magic tools are more expensive than smartphones……]

[……Youre right.]

[Moreover, almost no one I know here has that Hummingbird magic tool, so I dont have it either.]


It seems like I had perceived it wrongly. Because I didnt know anyone around me who didnt have the Hummingbird magic tool, or didnt have it and couldnt use the Hummingbird magic tool, I thought it was common for everyone to have it, just like how everyone had smartphones back in my former world.

However, just as Kaori-san said, considering the cost performance, it may be a magic tool thats rather out of peoples grasp.


For example, among the people who are close to me that were like commoners, there are Sieg-san and Luna-san…… but thinking about it again, one is a former Deputy Commander of the Knight Order and now the Head of a Duchess Guards, while the other is a former top adventurer and now the personal maid of the Head of a Duchy…… both are definitely in a position that makes them more than just average people.


Even when shes like that, Luna-san seems to have a lot of money, and as for Sieg-san, she may have been sending “about 70% of her monthly salary” to Rei-san and Fia-san, but I dont remember seeing her in any situation where she is in need of money outside of the Six Kings Festival.

Well, from Sieg-sans point of view, she started sending money to Rei-san because she felt guilty about the fact that Rei-san had to quit his job as the Court Mage. Rei-san and Fia-san think its unnecessary, but Sieg-san is also quite stubborn about this matter, so she continues to send money to them.

……Even then, Rei-san and Fia-san had secretly told me that they had been saving that money without touching it.

“Itll be used at Miyama-kun and Siegs wedding”, or so Rei-san told me.


Well, leaving that aside…… It seems that we need to correct the discrepancy, as theres a subtle discrepancy in our financial sense. Kaori-sans financial sense is probably the sense of an average person.


[No, of course its not that I cant afford it, but there are lots of magic tools Id rather have than those.]

[Ahh~~ You mean like a magic box]

[Unnn, thats right. As expected, as a restaurant owner, acquiring a magic box is my top priority…… but theyre expensive. Well, I did manage to have one though.]


Saying this, Kaori-san took out a pale orange magic crystal…… which from the looks of it, seems to be quite low in purity.


[This is only about the size of a small wooden box, but its still more expensive than that fridge-like magic tool they have here. I really want one big enough to hold all of my ingredients, but I cant afford it.]

[I see.]

[……By the way, do you have a magic box, Kaito-kun]

[Y- Yes, well……]

[Can I see it]

[……Here you go.]


I had no reason to refuse, so I brought forth my magic box from my palm and showed it to her, to which Kaori-san backed away with a look of astonishment on her face.


[A- A- A- A black one appeeeeeeared! Eeehhhh, this is the first one Ive seen one of these outside of a magazine……]









Serious-senpai : [Now that he mentioned it, just being able to work for a Duchy in the first place makes the maids in Lilias mansion pretty elite, dont you think]

: [Well, if you were to exclude his kouhais, this would certainly be the first time he met a real commoner.]


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