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When we returned to the Trading Company, where we had received the envelope in question a short time earlier, and told them the answer Alice had told me, there was a bit of a commotion.

First, as for the quiz, it was as Alice said…… It was a perfectly consistently correct answer, even down to the way it was solved. As I had expected, even the Trading Companys side was surprised that we got the correct answer without additional hints and the receptionist who was told the answer stiffened for a while.


The Trading Company had intended to create the most difficult problem that cant be solved easily, and by disclosing some hints a few days after, challengers will have to visit the stores related to the Trading Company where the hints are posted…… In other words, they had purely intended this quiz to have an increase in customers.

Of course, as this was given as a quiz to the populace, they had already expected some people giving the correct answers early, but they hadnt expected that it would be this early.


Well, though I said that, it seemed that they had prepared a large number of luxurious prizes in anticipation of multiple people giving them answers at the same time, and after they asked us only not to divulge our answer to others, we were able to get the luxurious prize without incident.

I also felt a little sorry for them, so I bought some of the more expensive items from their store before leaving their company.


Walking out of the building, I checked out the superb prizes with Dr. Vier.


[……We got another envelope. I wonder what this is]

[Hmmm, maybe tickets]


The superb prize we received was a slightly expensive-looking envelope, and when we opened it…… we found a ticket with “Special Pair Admission Ticket to the Floating Castle” written on it.


[……Theyre talking about that place where Miyama-kuns birthday party was held, right]

[Yes, its that castle that now belongs to Lilia-san.]


However, I see now…… This certainly is a superb prize. The floating castle is a very popular tourist attraction managed by the royal family, and I remember hearing that its booked up months in advance due to the limited number of daily visitors, and it was featured extensively in several magazines.


This Special Admission Ticket allows visitors to enter the castle only once and on any date they wish, making it a premium ticket that is far more valuable than a regular date-specific ticket.

Well, to put it in an extreme way, this ticket is something I can get right away just by asking Lilia-san. Mom and Dad also received these tickets at the time of the White God Festival, and they both went on a tour around the floating castle.

However, I think the fact that we got it this time…… means that they want us to use it for our date. Indeed, the view there is outstanding and it would be a great date spot.

[Its very popular, isnt it I also havent been there since Miyama-kuns birthday.]

[Me either. However, Mom and Dad got tickets from Lilia-san and went sightseeing there, and from what they told me…… That floating castle is like a museum led by the royal family, with various items related to the history of Symphonia Kingdom on display.]

[I see, that sounds like fun. Besides, if we go now, the sun will be setting in a few moments and we can watch the sunset there, right]

[The sunset would certainly be beautiful there. I heard there are benches there where we could watch the scenery.]


Since the number of visitors per day is limited and it isnt crowded, we would be in a very good situation where wed be able to take our time and enjoy a spectacular view.

Perhaps, this is why Alice gave us the answer. Theres no better place to end a date than this after all.


[According to Lilia-san, the place has changed quite a bit since the birthday party, including the decor.]

[Heehhh…… It seems like thered be a lot more than just exhibits. Its a pretty big place, and Im not sure if we can go around them in the time we have now.]

[Ahh~~ youre right. Well, at worst, if we cant move around the place, we can just check them out some other time.]

[Ohh, an invitation to the next date. How troubling~~ I want to go all the way through today, but I also want to take my time and enjoy myself thinking of our next date.]


Tightly hugging my arm, Dr. Vier happily said this with a smile. Im really happy to see many different cute sides of Dr. Vier today.


[Ahaha, when weve finished going around, lets go somewhere else. We can go to another country or even go to the Demon Realm.]

[Ahh, youre right! If its in the Demon Realm, I think I can show you around quite a bit…… Ahh~~ Thinking about it again, there are so many places I would like to visit with Miyama-kun. There are scenic places and fun places to visit that its hard for me to decide.]

[Well, lets just take our time and go around them leisurely. We have a lot of time, so lets go to various places.]

[Unnn…… Ahh, what is this…… Its been a long time since Ive looked forward to what lies ahead…… Im glad. I guess this too is thanks to Miyama-kun.]


Dr. Viers face, smiling as she said this, seemed to be glistening with hope for the future, not a shadow of her former self on it.









Serious-senpai : [……Lovey-dovey…… Very painful.]

: [Serious-senpai…… Even if you try to sound all mysterious, isnt it just the usual]

Serious-senpai : [This being the usual is painful. Seriousness. Is there no seriousness]

: [None.]

Serious-senpai : [……Just as there is no hope for my future.]


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