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Kuro and I are currently on a plane to Hawaii to fulfill her sudden wish to go there.

Incidentally, we're flying first-class. I may be a commoner, but Kuro could be considered as a King from another world, so I wanted to make sure she had access to the best facilities.

Well, but even so…… First-class is very expensive. If I hadn't gotten a lot of money from Eden-san, I wouldn't have considered riding the first-class flight.

Tipping my glass of champagne, slightly feeling like a pompous, second-generation young master, I looked at Kuro, who was sitting next to me. Kuro is looking at a book with a serious expression on her face…… she's currently holding a Japanese-English dictionary, and there are some English Conversation books by her side.

[……Alright, I've memorized it!]

[Eh That was fast! You just started reading it a while ago, didn't you]

[Unnn, well, I'll have to actually use them in a conversation to make sure that I got the pronunciation right but…… I've memorized everything in these books.]

Kuro learned to speak English…… in about 10 minutes…… Seriously, her specs are just to cheaty.

Even though I was dumbfounded, well, I guess I got too used to it that I think that something like that is possible because it's Kuro.

Putting away her book, Kuro took out a baby castella and started eating as if it was the most natural thing.

[Unnn! Eating baby castella in a luxurious place, it feels very extravagant!]

[……That's wrong…… Totally wrong.]

[……I put some caviar in it, so it's a high-class baby castella……]

[Stop, please don't desecrate the world's third greatest delicacy……]

Wryly smiling at Kuro who's acting like usual, I drank my champagne.

[Speaking of which, in the end, what is it that made you want to go to Hawaii]

[U- Unnn…… Secret! Just look forward to it!]


It seems like she wasn't going to tell me why she decided to go to Hawaii.

If she wouldn't tell me, I wouldn't know what it is that Kuro wants…… isn't the case at all. I've known Kuro for a long time already, so I had a vague idea as to what she was up to.

I glanced down at the thing in my hand…… the magazine that Kuro had been reading when she said she wanted to go to Hawaii. If I'm right, this is probably the page she was looking at earlier.

I'll be extremely embarrassed if I guessed wrong…… but if I'm right, I'll be giving her a a counter-surprise.

Arriving at Honolulu, we walked out of the airport without encountering any unforeseen problems. Feeling a little sleepy, perhaps due to the jetlag, I felt like the sun was shining so brightly at me while we walked down the street until we took a bus to our destination.

There are a lot of Japanese-speaking shopkeepers in Hawaii, so it's easy for Japanese people to get around, but in my case, Translation Magic translates my thoughts for me, so I don't have to worry about speaking Japanese like usual.

It was still a bit early for dinner, so we decided to check in a hotel first.

We checked into the "Hilton Hawaiian Village", a beachfront hotel with 7 hotels set up and a shopping mall on its premises.

I had read on the internet that it was recommended to stay here if you are a tourist, so I took it as a reference and checked the place out, but it really seemed to have a wide range of stores in their facility.

There was still some time before dinner, so Kuro and I decided to go swimming at Waikiki Beach.

[Kaito-kun! Let's swim!]

Wearing a light blue swimsuit paired with a thin pareo, Kuro pulled my hand as we headed towards the beach.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village has a private beach adjacent to it, which makes it very convenient to head there from the facility's pool.

[Yeah, but before we go into the sea, we should stretch our body first……]


[Bfuuhh! K- Kuro!]

[Ahaha, you let down your guard, or something like that!]

As I was about to stretch out, seawater was splashed into my face…… She's the one who started it…… Fine. If Kuro wants a battle, a battle it shall be……

[Take this!]

[You're naive!]

[Ah, wait, that's too big…… Bfuuhhh!]

As a counterattack, I also tried to splash water at Kuro, but unfortunately, our fighting power was too different, My splash was swallowed by Kuro's surf attack, pushing the water back to my face.

Gununu, a frontal battle against her is too ineffective. Kuro would have time to react after she sees my attack…… If that's the case……

[Arehh! E- Eden-san! Why are you here!]

[Eh No way!]

[Found an opening!]


Seeing Kuro quickly turn around when she heard my words, I splashed water on her. Fuhaha, everything's fair in splash battles. One needs to use anything at his disposal to……

[Kai~ to~ kuuuuuun…… Now you've done it~~!]

[Wha! Kuro, wait, calm down…… That's not even a splash anymore……]

Well, of course, it should be obvious…… that doing such a thing would result in a severe counterattack……

Just like that, our first day in Hawaii went by with both of us having a great time.

We planned to go to the place where Kuro's main goal will be tomorrow. My guess is that Kuro will make her move there…… Fufufu, I hope I can surprise her well……

An event allowed only for riajuus…… Go explode, Kaito.

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