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Without uttering a word, the girl held up two knives, one black and one white, and quietly took her stance. The girl's face was hidden by her robe, and although it was impossible for one to read her expression, they can feel impatience from her.

(Unbelievable…… These guys are ridiculously strong. If people with this strength are considered "average in this world"…… This is going to be bothersome.)

The Demons in front of her eyes are so powerful that they are almost at the top of this Demon Realm, but the girl from another world doesn't know that.

Although the girl shuddered at the thought that there could possibly be so many powerful people in this world, she kicked the ground and charged, not showing the agitation on her face.

[Hah! If she's charging at us, that means we're going to fight, right!]

When Megiddo sees the girl coming towards him in a straight line, he ferociously smiles and welcomes her with a powerful swing of his fist. As the enormous Megiddo swings his fist to her approach, the girl evasively leaps and begins running up Megiddo's arm.

(No matter how I look at him, he looks like the type of person who would try overpowering others with his power. His swing is big and his movement is slow…… But it looks like he would have a tough defense. These muscles of his look like he can take quite a beating. In that case!)

Even as she analyzes Megiddo's power, she doesn't stop moving. Holding the knife in a back-handed grip, with the momentum of her charge, she swung her knife towards Megiddo's face.

However, her slash is stopped by Ein, who suddenly appears and grabs the arm holding the knife.

(Instantaneous movement No, I can't see any signs for such movements…… It's also unlikely for her to move at a speed that I could not perceive. If she grabbed my hand instead of attacking me, the most likely scenario is that she stopped time. She couldn't attack me with time stopped, so she grabbed me to try and stop me……)

Grabbing Ein's arm as she saw through her ability in a moment's thought, she twisted the arm that Ein grabbed and freed herself from her restraint.

At the same time, her gaze quickly moved to check the others.

(The others haven't attacked. Based on the way she stands, her eye movements, and the way she kneads her magic power, that white hair is probably a magic-user. That one with her butt on the tree is probably someone that has attacks that reach everything on a certain range, but it seems like she's more focused on her friends. I guess she's probably a support type. It doesn't seem like that stupidly large lizard…… Is it because that things attack range is too wide and could engulf its friends)

Even though she was thinking of all these things, the girl's movements didn't slow down at all, and she evaded Megiddo's fists as if she was flowing water.

As the girl had analyzed, Megiddo and Ein were the ones in charge of melee combat, while the others were preparing to attack when the girl took her distance from them.

In the meantime, Ein stopped time again and tried to get behind the girl…… but she stopped moving and released her hold on time.

[T- This is…… magic threads S- Since when are these……]

A huge number of magic threads appeared around the girl, and they prevented Ein from taking action. The magic thread was very thin, and the magic power contained in it is weak. They were so weak that they could break with just a mere touch……

However, this magic thread is only immensely effective against Ein. When she stops time, objects are never destroyed and remain unchanged. Therefore, this thread can never be broken during a time stop…… It's an obstacle that only prevents Ein's actions.

Ein had only used her ability against the cloaked girl once…… and after just seeing it once, the girl had seen through Ein's ability and even prepared countermeasures against it.

Ein was also one of the most powerful people in the Demon Realm, and that's why, she intuitively understood. The girl in front of them is dangerous…… and that the longer the fight goes on, the worse off they'll be……

[Isis! Don't mind us! Please shoot!]

[Uuuu…… I…… I understand.]

Following Ein's words, Isis spread her hands out, and as if in response to her actions, a huge magic circle appeared in the sky.

And from that magic circle, a blue flash of absolute zero that freezes everything in its path……

[Don't underestimate me!]

[Wha…… Reflection Magic——— Kuhh.]

With a swing of the girl's knife, the flash went to Isis as if it was reflected in a mirror, to which Isis hurriedly evaded.

But after the girl turned her back in response to Isis' magic, Megiddo swung his fist at the girl.

[You're full of gaps!]

[……I don't have such things.]

[What! Tsk……]

But the girl's reaction was quick, and without looking back, she threw her white knife at Megiddo. Caught off guard, Megiddo's movements slowed down for a moment before he took evasive movements.

After brushing away all the magic threads that the girl had installed, Ein joined the battle again, but the girl's evasiveness was so precise that it was hard to catch her.

However, it was not as if the girl had the leeway to fight back either. She couldn't find an opening to fight back, so she could only stay on the defense.

The battle is in a stalemate…… The moment that thought crossed the minds of everyone present, the girl took action. It would be unbearable for her as a lone person to force an endurance battle against a group of people.

That's why, the girl changed her mind and distanced herself from Megiddo and Ein. She also knows that making such a decision would make Isis and Magnawell come after her……

As the girl moves away from Megiddo and Ein, Isis unleashes her Anti-Reflective Magic while Magnawell unleashes his breath, blowing at a wide range———— but they lost sight of the girl.


[……Dis…… appeared]

They looked surprised for a moment, but the two of them were overwhelmingly strong people…… and they immediately found the girl.

Before they knew it, the girl had moved to the spot where the white knife she had thrown to Megiddo had fallen, and with a fluid motion, she picked it up and held up her stance.

Thereupon, the white knife in the girl's hand began to vibrate at super high-speed, making a high-pitched sound.

[……Pierce, Death.]



The white knife thrown by the girl pierced Magnawell's paw with the speed of a flash. It easily shattered Magnawell's tough scales, but for someone of Magnawell's stature, it can be considered as just a scratch…… However, he was more than a little shocked at the ease with which his own scales had been pierced, making Magnawell's thoughts blank out for a moment.

And with the disappearance of that girl again, Magnawell reflexively leaped up to the skies.


[……As I had expected, you lizards have soft underbellies.]

[Whha! That b*stard…… she's making that instantaneous movement again……]

With the astonished and the others at her back, the girl quietly takes aim at Magnawell that has leaped into the sky.

(Seriously, this big lizard is a hindrance. A super-massive attack that I can't brush off…… It would be extremely troublesome if I fight him along with the support of that time-stopping woman. With that body frame, it can't fly, but it can still leap huh…… Now then, I guess I should kill it already huh)

The girl wanted to somehow bring Magnawell down in her next attack, but such expectations disappeared when Magnawell spread his huge wings that covered the sky.

"Now you've done it!!!"

[Uweeehhh…… For something as disgustingly big as it, it can fly huh. Seriously——— Whoa there.]

[You're quite carefree even though you're fighting us huh.]

Muttering with a disgusted expression on her face, the girl evaded Ein's incoming attack and moved away.

As Ein waved her fist in pursuit, she was unable to carelessly use her time-stop because she was wary of the girl's magic threads.

[It's not that I'm carefree…… It's just that you folks have never coordinated with each other in a fight, have you Your coordination was a mess. You worry about shooting your allies, so you end up not doing anything at all.]

[But that doesn't really change the fact that you're at a disadvantage though]

A little surprised at the girl's response, Ein speaks up as she continues her attack. Brushing aside the fists fired at her with an unbelievable speed, a fearless smile on the girl's lips.

[Disadvantage I'd like it if you don't try to make me laugh though…… After all, even if there's a difference in numbers, it doesn't really mean anything , you know]


[You must be an idiot huh "You can't call something an advantage if you can't even take advantage of it". Your greater numbers isn't an advantage when you can't even take advantage of it. Come say that again after you practice your combinations.]

[I see, I've learned something new today. "After we bring you down", this will be my something I will study.]

Just as the girl said, Ein and the others had never fought together that much. This is because each of them has overwhelming power…… They didn't coordinate with each other, because they could win without needing coordination at all.

However, they can't say such a thing against this opponent. Even when she's fighting with Ein and the others, she still has the leisure to talk. Concentrating even more, Ein fired her fists again…… but the girl disappeared for the third time.

[! That instantaneous movement again!]

Yes, the ability that this girl had was troublesome for Ein and the others. The girl had great skill at deflecting attacks, and she had speed and power, but none of these aspects were at a nonsensical level. Ein and the others could handle her just fine…… However, this instantaneous movement was the only thing they couldn't see through.

If Ein, who has the ability to manipulate time doesn't sense the time being messed with, it means that she isn't stopping time. But if that's the case, it's too inexplicable for her to disappear without a magic circle or even a fluctuation in magic power.

But in reality, the girl disappeared before their eyes, and before I knew it, she was directly running towards Lillywood, the white knife she had just picked up in hand.

Ein immediately tried to follow her, but before she could do so, the girl sent out magic threads behind her.

[……It's basic knowledge to aim at healers first, right]

"I'm not going to let you do that!"

Ein is blocked by magical threads, while Megiddo and Isis are too far away. Magnawell is also not suitable for a quick follow-up. But even if that's so, Lillywood is one of the most powerful people in the Demon Realm. When it comes to Defensive Magic, she is one of the best in the world.

As the girl approached, a wooden wall rose around Lillywood…… a wall that even Ein and the others would have difficulty breaking. Thus, Lillywood's main strategy was to defend before making her counterattack.

However, the expression on the girl's face didn't change. Seeing the wooden wall rising up from the ground, she threw her "black knife" forward and threw her white knife behind her.

The four others who were chasing the girl thought for a moment about the true meaning of her strange actions…… and Megiddo was the first among them to notice it.

[This is bad, Lillywood! Her ability isn't instantaneous movement! It's "Compulsory Teleportation"! She can "forcibly transfer anything touching the black knife to the location of the white knife"!!!]

Almost at the same time as Megiddo shouted this, the wooden wall with the black knife pierced in it suddenly disappeared.

The girl quickly closed the distance between her and the astonished Lillywood, sending a sharp punch forward.

"Kuhh! Uwaahhhh……"


With a creaking sound, Lillywood's body bent backwards and was blown away. Seeing Lillywood, Isis let out a shriek, and Ein, who had finally removed the magic threads around her, stopped time and moved behind the girl. She throws her fist at the girl with all her might, but just before it hits her, she releases her time-stop.

Thinking that she should make sure to capture her this time, the fist that she had clenched…… she had swung it to the girl's side and blown her body away.

Ein then stopped time again, heading towards a place engulfed in a cloud of dust…… the place where Lillywood was blown away.

[Lillywood, are you alright!]

"Yes, I'm alright."

Helping the fallen Lillywood up and with the smoke obscuring her vision, Ein positioned herself to protect Lillywood behind her. Thinking that she's ready to deal with the girl no matter where she attacks her……

"Ein! You're mistaken! That's not me!!!"

[Wha———– Oh no!]


Hearing Lillywood's voice, Ein understood in an instant. The girl that she had blown away was just a clone, and that she had lured her into a trap by daring her to attack her clone…… "knowing herself that the first thing on their minds was to get rid of her"…… but, everything's already too late.

With an ultra-thin thread of magic power stretched out, preventing Ein from escaping, her deadly blade approached Ein from behind…… Evading it is impossible, while her time-stop ability wouldn't do anything.

And then, the girl's blade struck Ein in the back of her neck————- is something that didn't happen.


That voice came out from the girl who was sure that it would kill Ein. The battle was going as she planned. It was the greatest chance for her to finish off Ein, who had the most troublesome ability among her opponents.

However, the girl's plans only brought her thus far———–

[……I don't know what the circumstances are…… but if you try to hurt my family any more than you already have, I will not be lenient anymore.]

Yes, as if to sneer at all the plans the girl had…… the strongest being in the Demon Realm…… had descended.

Magnawell was still able to fly "in those days". However, time passed, he has grown even larger, and he can't fly anymore.

Also, the other members of the Six Kings were being overwhelmed by Alice, but at this point, Alice had already been stronger than them. She's already lived for tens of thousands of years.

Serious-senpai : [……Ahhh, errr…… W- What should I do]   ←   (Based on her previous experiences, she thought that the seriousness would be broken again, but the seriousness continued not intruding within the afterword today, she didn't know what to do.)

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