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Fate-san, who has decided to stay here for the day for whatever reason, has moved to my room as if it was obvious, lounging around from her floating cushion and now, on my bed.

[Ahh~~ happiness, I wish it will remain this way forever~~]

[Youre too slovenly……]

[I mean, I have no choice but to work diligently tomorrow, so while Im free, let me stretch my wings~~]

[Tomorrow…… So if Shiro-san were to tell you that, that would be your top priority]

To be honest, its only been a short time since we met, but I have some idea of what kind of person Fate-san is.

I dont mean to sound rude, but I dont think shes the kind of person who would do her job just because she was scolded by her boss for a bit.

However, from the way she spoke just now, it seems that Fate-sans decision to work diligently tomorrow is a done deal, and I wondered if that was because the person telling her that was Shiro-san so I asked her that. The laid down Fate-san only looked up towards me before she spoke.

[Thats right. For us Gods, Shallow Vernal-samas words are absolute. Shallow Vernal-samas words take precedence over everything…… If we dont follow Shallow Vernal-samas words and disappoint her, we will lose the very reason for our existence.]


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[Shallow Vernal-sama is the supreme and the absolute. If Shallow Vernal-sama told me to work for the rest of my life, I would give up my emotions and desires, and continue to work until the end of my life…… Well, thats the kind of being she is to us.]

Seriousness could be seen on Fate-sans face as she told me that without any hesitation at all.

For the Gods, Shiro-san is an absolute existence…… I can understand what shes trying to say, but when I actually witnessed it like this, I was overwhelmed.

Fate-san had a very serious look on her face, but she immediately collapsed on the bed.

[Well~ thats how it is. To be honest, it would be great if I can serve Shallow Vernal-sama…… That even if I were to resign my post as one of the Supreme Gods, it will be fine for me.]


[So, Kai-chan, feed me!]

[Not this again……]

It seems that the only thing shes serious about is Shiro-san, as shes not at all concerned about her status as a Supreme God.

I mean, its just as she said, she doesnt want to work unless shes told to.

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[Well, I think Kai-chan has the character! If I can have Kai-chan support me for all my life, my life would be so much more comfier…… ah, wait a sec……]


Im dumbfounded by Fate-san who is still acting the same as usual when she confidently asked me to support her, but while speaking, it seems she thought about something as a serious expression appeared on her face.

[……If Im close enough to Kai-chan that shes supporting my life…… Then that would also make me Shallow Vernal-samas friend…… That would already make me invincible…… I could live a leisurely life forever……]

[……Ummm, Fate-san]

[However, deepening our friendship while trying to slip under the eyes of God of Time and Space is difficult and time-consuming…… If I can make it an established fact…… Okay! Kai-chan! Lets do the “fusion”!]


(T/N: She did say that. Im not censoring it.)

It seems that she has reached a very dangerous conclusion, and Fate-sans half-opened eyes change, looking at me now like a beast of prey.

Eh Wait just a second there, isnt this situation…… dangerous

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[Im a God, so I cant make babies but…… thats just a minor issue! Once were in a relationship, it would only lead to one path! Im sure Kai-chan wont abandon me!!! Im sure Kai-chan would pamper me a lot!!!]

[W- Wait right there, Fate-san! C- Calm down!]

[……I am calm…… Im wonderfully cool…… but Ive decided! Im going to make sure Kai-chan will support me!]

[Your eyes were bloodshot though!]

A frightening smile on her face, she began muttering something even more frightening as Fate-san slowly began approaching.

Thinking that this situation is bad, I tried running towards the door but…… I think I heard the sound of a lock, and when I approached and twisted the handle, the lock didnt open at all.

[Fufufu, how naive, Kai-chan…… Theres no way you can escape from me, a Supreme God, when its just the two of us in here.]

[S- Stop right there……]

[Come, Kai-chan! To be honest, this will also be my first time…… but lets have some fun!!!]

As expected, no matter how rotten a Supreme God is, theres no way that a normal human like me can escape from her.

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Seeing Fate-san slowly approaching me with a frightening smile, it was at that moment when I realized that I cant run away…… A hand reached out from my side and grabbed Fate-sans face.

[Huh Arehh “Underworld King”]


[Eh Kuro]

Kuro, who had appeared before I knew it, silently grabbed Fate-sans face and easily lifted her with one hand.

And then…… I think I heard some sort of creaking sound.

[Gyyyaaahhhhh! It hurts! It huuurrrtttssss! Stop, my heads being crushed! Its going to be crushed!!!]


[Ginyyaaaahhhhh! Its going to burst open!!! My heads gonna explode like a ripe fruit!!!]


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That was unmistakably…… the Iron Claw.

Fate-san, youre a Supreme God, right With a title like that, isnt it common sense if you have a disgustingly high amount of defensive power…… and for her to be screaming like shes going to die, how powerful is that grip of hers!

Kuro has also been quiet for a while now…… Could it be, shes extremely angry

(T/N: She didnt go wolverine and grew claws. She just gripped on her face like you see in anime.)

Kuro remained silent as she held on to Fate-sans face with her iron claw but after a little while, something like a black vortex began to appear next to them.

Immediately after that, Kuro lets go of her grip and Fate-san dropped down because of gravity—– but as shes falling, she was blown away at bullet-like speed and got sent into the black vortex.

Eh What the heck just happened Kuro…… She looks like she had just sent her flying with her open palm but, is that a slap Thats a slap, right

……Fate-san was just blown away at a frightening speed just now…… Kuro, is your palm actually a missile launcher

After Fate-san disappeared into the black vortex, Kuros really steady eyes glanced at me before she murmured.

[……Im just going to discipline her for a bit.]

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[……Ah, yes.]

After saying that, Kuro enters the black vortex, and this vortex disappears as if it had never existed in the first place.

I dont know…… It feels like Kuro is angrier than ever before……

[……Im sowwwyyyy…… I wont ignowe Kai-chans will anymore and try to do weird things anymowe……]

[Ah, yes. Thank you for that.]

About half an hour after the black vortex disappeared, Fate-san, who looked like a worn-out rag, came back held by Kuro.

And from there, she immediately kneeled in a dogeza and was currently apologizing to me while looking like shes on the verge of crying.

Something really frightening may have happened to her…… It really looks like various precarious situations happened before me.

[Good grief! Fate-chan, I really cant let my guard down against you huh…… If you ever do that again without Kaito-kuns consent…… Ill “pulverize” you, you know]

[Hiiiihhhh! Scary! Eh W- Wait…… Wheres that “Affectionate Underworld King” go! I can only see an ogre here though!]

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[Yes! Im sorry! It wont happen again!]

When Kuro, who looks like her anger has yet to subside, glanced at Fate-san who was running her mouth again, Fate-san shakes like a newborn lamb and apologized.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Fate-san truly is loyal to her desires, and for that, she almost got swallowed up by her outbursts. Be that as it may, for her to be so frightened…… Seriously, behind that black vortex—— What in the world happened


Kuro-san is totally angry.

Note: Fates Physical Defense Power…… If it were to be written in a status board, it would be around 7,000,000.

T/N: Reset Count: 1/11

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