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A sorta glossary for a quick visit. Will be edited in the future.


Fire > Water > Wood > Earth > Wind > Light >

Fire > Water > Wood > Earth > Wind > Heaven

Each month has 30 days, for 12 months, 360 days a year. Yes, theyre repeating.


The other worlds currency is R or Rira.

1 R = One Hard Coin

10 R = One Iron Coin

100 R = One Copper Coin

1000 R = One Silver Coin

10000 R = One Gold Coin

100000 R = One White Gold Coin

The common households general monthly income is about 2000R to 4000R.

Miyama roughly converted this worlds currency as “1 R = 100 Yen”.

1 Dollar is roughly 100 Yen. (The exchange of money changes, just saying.)

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Miyama Kaito

A third-year college student and a game lover, caught up in a Hero summoning. His parents died in an accident when he was a child. Since his parents died in an accident when he was a child, he has lived without much human interaction, so his communipower is low. He has a calm and good-natured personality, but he can be assertive without being afraid to speak up. He thinks of himself as an ordinary person, but in fact, he holds quite a strange fate in his hands.

Kusunoki Aoi

A second-year high school student and a member of the track-and-field club. Along with Kaito, she was caught up in the Hero summoning and came to a different world. She is a dignified honor student and her good upbringing can be seen in her behavior, but surprisingly, she loves games.

Yuzuki Hina

A first-year high school student and a member of the track-and-field club along with Aoi. She was caught up in the Hero summoning and came to a different world. Shes a cheerful and innocent girl, but she also has a bit of a scared and lonely side. Shes the childhood friend of Seigi, the one who holds the role of Hero.

Mitsunaga Seigi

A first-year high school student and a member of the same track-and-field club that Aoi and Hina joined. He was summoned to another world to play the role of Hero for the “Festival of Heroes”. Hes a show-off otaku, a young man who would most probably choose Humanities as his study course. Hes Hinas childhood friend, but it seems that there isnt a hint of “love” between them.

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Lilia Albert

The head of the Duchy who performed the Hero summoning. She is the half-sister of the King of Symphonia Kingdom from a different mother and the guardian of Kaito and the others. Despite her cute appearance, shes an expert in martial arts, and used to be a member of the Knights Order. She is too serious, which causes her to have lots of troubles, and because of her siscon of a brother, shes still unmarried.


Lilias personal maid and best friend even back when shes still in the Knights Order. Shes basically a competent person, but she has a bad habit of taking pleasure in teasing people. She is a hybrid with Human and Demon blood flowing in her veins, and is a fanatic believer of the Underworld King, who saved her beloved mother in the past.


Sieglindes father. Hes a man with handsomeness typical of male elves, and although he appears to be in his 20s, he is actually over 200 years old. Hes a cheerful, good-natured man who dotes on Sieg. He came from a farming family, but as the former court mage, his magic skills have earned him high standing in the eyes of society.


Sieglindes mother. Shes the childhood friend of her husband, Rei. She looks young enough to be mistaken as a teenager, but shes actually over 200 years old. She often watches by, as her daughter, Sieg, scolds her husband whenever hes messing around, but shes a good cook and gets along well with her family. Shes one of the best Spirit Mages among the elves.

Chris Dia Archlesia

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Emperor of the Archlesian Empire. She has the blood of a Human and a Demon in her veins. She believes that an emperor is one who devotes herself to her country, which made her known as the Wise Emperor. Her standpoint was originally low in the inheritance to the throne, but shes a conniving person who has overthrown her brother and sister. She once lived under Kuromueina.


Kuromueina, the Underworld King

The first demon that Kaito met. Her gender may be “something that she can easily change”, but currently, she is basically a girl. She has a bright, innocent, child-like side and a compassion-filled, motherly mature-side. Baby castellas and Kaito are her favorites. She just casually comes to the Human Realm, but her true identity is that……

Kuromueina (True Form)

Kuromueinas true form as one half of Shallow Vernal, the most powerful being of all. However, when she became Kaitos lover, she has settled on a definite self, and her true form had changed to that of the young girl she was using the first time she met Kaito.

Isis Remnant, the Death King

The Death King, one of the Six Kings who govern the Demon Realm. She is called the “Incarnation of Death” and is the most feared being this world, but in reality, shes a kind-hearted and lonely person. She has lived for a long time in deep loneliness and despair. She genuinely loves Kaito, who took her hand despite being human.

Alice/No Face/Shalltear, the Phantasmal King

Shes the owner of the miscellaneous goods store that Kaito goes to. She makes her own products, and all of them have good quality. However, shes extremely weak with people seeing her bare face, so she wears a brown cat costume or a mask that hides her eyes, though thats also the reason why customers wont come. Shes a cheerful girl who easily gets embarrassed, but shes also someone with a face hidden from others, the face she uses when she undertakes contracts for assassinations. She enjoys gambling.

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An uncanny being said to hold all the information in the world. The public calls her No Face but……

Lillywood Yggdrasil, the World King

One of the Great Kings of the Demon Realm, the World King. Shes the spirit of the World Tree. Her hands and lower body are united with the tree, but she can also change into a full human form, in which case, the tree turns into her staff. She has the most common sense of all the Great Kings, and that is why her worries never cease. She has a gentle nature, and is grateful to Kaito for saving the heart of her best friend, Isis. She has the largest breast in this series, just saying.

Megiddo Argetes Borgnes, the War King

The War King. One of the great kings of the Demon Realm. He is a belligerent, heavy drinker, and loves strong beings. He has a rough personality, but hes someone who wont double-cross anyone. He has many subordinates, including Eta and Theta, but Ozma is the one who has been under his service for the longest time. When he gets worked up, his body hair turns from red to black. His normal body is over 10 meters tall.

Magnawell Baskus Lardo Kurtzvald, the Dragon King

The Dragon King. A high ancient dragon, one of the great kings of the Demon Realm, and the largest being in the world. Hes a gigantic dragon with a height of 6230 meters tall, and a length of 30,000 meters. He has thorns on his back that look like mountains. Hes a person who follows etiquette, and is the person with the most common sense among the Six Kings.


Shes one of the demons that Kuromueina calls “family”. She used to be a Human, and was summoned to another world from Japan in the Taisho Era. She has beautiful black hair and wears a full-face armor for some reason.


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The first “family” that Kuromueina found. The maid whose abilities cant be described as something she has “because shes a demon”, shes a super versatile perfect maid. She is kind to her family, but acts cool-headed to other people. Shes someone who believes that Kuromueinas doctrine is absolute.


Kuromueinas “family”. Shes a flower fairy with four wings in her tiny 42cm tall body. Shes an innocent mood-maker who brightens up everyone around her and can easily get along with anyone. She often adds “-desu, -masu” in her sentences. She refers to Kaito with “Kaitokun-san”.


The Black Bear who fought against Kaito in the Sacred Tree Festival. He was killed by Lilias strike, but was given a new body by Shallow Vernal and revived to serve Kaito. Shes impulsive and passionate, but she has a soldier-like personality, with high pride and loyalty. She respects Kaito.


A high-ranking demon under the War King, who came to kidnap Kaito. She later pledged her loyalty to Kaito and became his attendant and maid. She is taller and more slender than her twin, Zta. She has a warriors temperament, and has a quick and easy to understand personality. Her weapon is a large spear


A high-ranking demon under the War King, along with her twin Eta. She is now both Kaitos servant and maid. Compared to Eta, shes a little more mature and dexterous, but in fact, she has a bit of a sharp tongue. She often quarrels with Eta, but they get along with each other. Her weapon is a large shield.


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Shes the oldest maid in Lilias service and the one providing support to Kaito. She is the de facto head maid who acts as Lilias deputy and trains the newcomers, making her trusted by those living in the mansion. She has an overwhelmingly devoted heart. However, what could her real identity be……


She is the head of Phantasmal Kings followers, and the leader of the Ten Demons. Shes a perverted demon with two differing inclinations, as shes quite sadistic, but a masochist for specific people. Shes serious at her work. She has dark circles under her eyes, and her skin is abnormally white.


A Count-level, High-Ranking Demon, working as a doctor. She is also Noirs attending doctor. She has a cheerful and kind-hearted personality, but shes a bit of a klutz. The Former Demon King.


Shallow Vernal

Shes someone Kaito met in the temple, and a beauty thats apparently considered as a God. She shows no facial expression and has no inflection in her voice, but she appears to be an airhead. Shes an extreme equalitarian and has never been particularly interested in anything, but through Kuromueina, she becomes interested in Kaito and gives him her blessing.


One of the Three Supreme Gods, and the Goddess who governs Time and Space. In addition to her serious personality, shes a natural boss but thanks to her slacker of a coworker, her troubles somehow wont stop coming. Shes concerned about Lilia, who she feels that somehow resembles her. She has heterochromatic eyes, where her right eye is red and her left eye is blue.

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One of the Supreme Gods, and the Goddess who governs Fate. Shes a really annoying person, and will not work unless ordered to do so directly by the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal. She doesnt even like walking, always riding on a round cushion. She dreams of becoming a total NEET, while having Kaito support her for all her life.


One of the three Supreme Gods, and the Goddess who governs Life. Shes basically always calm and composed, and is usually asleep. Her wicked side occasionally appears, and when she snaps, the situation would get out of hand as she turns into a berserker.


Bellfreed (Bell)

A Behemoth. He is a Special Individual, and is one of the strongest monsters in the world. He was still a baby when he met Kaito. He can unleash a breath imbued in black lightning. He became Kaitos pet after meeting him in a monster race. He is happy when he runs with Kaito on his back.

(T/N: Bells gender isnt specified.)-

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