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Qin Yize and Luo Ning went home together, and as soon as they entered the door, they met Li Xin with an anxious face.

Li Xin had told Qin Yize yesterday that he had to come back before seven o’clock in the evening.

Qin Yize was also afraid that he would not be able to catch up with the time and would be educated by his manager.

Fortunately, Cang Luan flew very fast, and the two entered the door right at seven o’clock.

Li Xin glanced at the two of them and found that Qin Yize’s ears were a little red, so he quickly showed an “I understand” look, turned around and said to Luo Ning: “His Royal Highness, I’m really sorry, Yize has a dinner tonight, so we have to go out.

Don’t worry, Yize is only meeting with the director and investors, and we will try to come back as soon as possible.”

Luo Ning smiled and nodded to him: “Well, you guys go get busy, I’m going upstairs.”

Luo Ning’s back disappeared at the entrance of the stairs, Qin Yize raised his eyebrows and said, “Why did you explain this to him In the future, I don’t need you to tell him about my affairs.

When I agreed to marry him, we had decided that we would not interfere with each other.”


Okay, blame me for talking too much.” Li Xin was too lazy to tangle with his actor who was addicted to acting, after saying this he dragged him out, “Let’s go quickly, don’t let Director Liu wait for a long time.”

Qin Yize got into the car at the urging of his agent, and the two went to a private restaurant nearby.

This director Liu, whose full name was Liu Yunhe, was nearly forty years old and was one of the most prestigious directors in the circle.

He had been filming TV series since his debut, mostly horror and supernatural themed.

Because the subject matter was too niche, he had accumulated a group of loyal fans, and the ratings of each of his drama were not low, thus his reputation was also very good.

His score on the film and television forums had never been lower than 8 points.

His new drama “Infinite Space” they had come to talk about this time was an adventure story with a little supernatural color.

It was an episode drama.

Each episode had a different theme.

The plot was not scary, but mainly about solving puzzles and exploration.

Li Xin, also after many considerations, wanted Qin Yize to take over the drama.

In the two months since Qin Yize won the best actor, Li Xin’s phone was about to explode with offers, and scripts of various themes flew over to him.

However, Qin Yize had already acted in several movies, and there was nothing new about those scripts; “Feng Mars Chen”, which was about to start, was a large-scale war movie.

He thought that with Qin Yize’s character, he might be more interested in the supernatural drama since he had never acted in one before.

As expected by Li Xin, Qin Yize liked it very much after reading the script, and he was very humble and friendly when he met Director Liu and the producer.

The few people talked very happily, and the schedule was quickly fixed-his own artist was very reliable when he was working.

Since he was going to join the group to shoot “Feng Mars Chen” the next day, Li Xin didn’t dare to delay too late, so he brought Qin Yize back just after eating.

At around eleven o’clock in the evening, the lights were still lit on the third floor, and it was obvious that Luo Ning hadn’t slept.

Li Xin glanced upstairs and said considerately: “Yize, as long as you don’t lose your train of thought at work, I won’t interfere with you and Luo Ning falling in love, just be careful not to be photographed in an intimate pose by the paparazzi.

Go, he must be waiting for you to come back to sleep.”

Qin Yize looked at the agent with the same eyes as a monster: “What nonsense are you talking about”

Li Xin smiled and waved his hands, then he turned around and entered his room, and even locked the door to his room thoughtfully, all the while making an “I won’t disturb you” gesture.

Qin Yize froze in place for a moment, then walked to the opposite bedroom with a dark face.

Was there something wrong with his agent’s eyes Where did he see that he liked Luo Ning!

Back in the bedroom, Qin Yize couldn’t understand this problem, so he took out the script of “Feng Mars Chen” and went through it again.

At this time, there was a loud “dong” sound from upstairs, as if somebody had hit something, and there seemed to have been a sound of glass shattering

Luo Ning lived upstairs.

Could it be that he fell

Qin Yize immediately got up and went upstairs to check the situation.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Luo Ning sitting on the floor in the bathroom door wrapped in a bath towel, gasping for breath in pain.

Qin Yize walked up to Luo Ning in three or two steps, with a hint of reproach in his voice: “Why are you so careless” He squatted down and looked at Luo Ning’s calf injury.

The contrast between the fair skin and the bright red blood was stark.

His heart jerked, his tone softened immediately, and he asked in a low voice, “Does it hurt”

Luo Ning forced a smile: “Don’t worry, it’s just a skin injury, it’s not serious.”

Qin Yize glanced at him and stretched out his arms then he gently picked him up: “I’ll help you deal with the wound.”

Luo Ning didn’t move, while Qin Yize carried him to the bedside and put him down.

Qin Yize turned around and brought out the medicine box, squatted in front of Luo Ning, took out a cotton swab and gently wiped off the blood on his calf, followed by disinfection and bandaging.

Luo Ning had been very quiet from the beginning to the end.

After Qin Yize was finished bandaging, he smiled slightly and said, “Thank you.”

Qin Yize raised his head and met those bent eyes, his heart was uncontrollably jumping fiercely again.

Luo Ning’s eyes were really beautiful, as clear as if they had been washed with water, and his lips were also glowing red because they had been smoked by the bathroom steam for a long time.

He was only wrapped in a white bath towel, and his beautiful shoulders and sexy collarbone were clearly visible.

As long as the bath towel was gently pulled, Luo Ning could be seen by him without any obstruction.

Qin Yize’s throat went dry, he immediately looked away, stood up and said: “You’re welcome, you should be more careful in the future.”

Luo Ning nodded and said: “It’s almost twelve o’clock, you go to bed.”

Qin Yize: “Hmm.” With a sound, he turned around and took two steps, then he looked back at Luo Ning, and said worriedly: “By the way, I will join the filming group tomorrow.

The filming of this movie will take about a month, and when I’m not here, you have to take care of yourself.”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “I know.”

Qin Yize paused for a while, and then warned: “You don’t know how to cook.

I will ask my assistant to buy more food tomorrow morning and put it in the refrigerator.

You can use the kitchen robot to cook.

If you get tired of it, there is a gourmet supermarket in the community, the security of this community is strict, no outsiders will come in, and you can eat there with confidence.”

Luo Ning still smiled: “Well, is there anything else to worry about”

He realized that he had become a long-winded mother.

Qin Yize’s face flushed, and he pretended to be calm and said, “Nothing more, go to sleep.”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “Good night.”

Qin Yize turned around and walked to the door, took a deep breath to stabilize his intense heartbeat, and thought: Anyway, I won’t be able to see Luo Ning from tomorrow.

During this time, his mind was in a mess, but as long as he had some distance from the culprit, he would soon be able to return to the calm and rigorous Qin Yize he used to be.

But what made him depressed was that that night he saw Luo Ning in his dream again.

Luo Ning, wrapped in a bath towel and half-covered, with a gentle smile on his face, took the initiative to rub into his arms and hug him, Qin Yize did not push Luo Ning away in his dream, but hugged him tightly instead.

Then aiming at those ruddy lips, he kissed passionately –

Qin Yize, who was woken up by his dream, had cold sweat on his back.

Had he gone crazy He actually dreamed that he was kissing Luo Ning!

It must be because Luo Ning forcibly took away his first kiss at the wedding, leaving a psychological shadow.

Qin Yize went to the bathroom with a dark face to take a cold shower.

After taking the shower, he casually wore a bathrobe and went downstairs to have breakfast, only to meet Li Xin who was having breakfast in the dining room.

Li Xin looked at his wet hair and the water stains on his body, and smiled meaningfully: “Did you take a shower this early in the morning”

Qin Yize heard the deep meaning of his words, and immediately clarified with a blushing face: “Don’t think about it, I didn’t…”

Li Xin sighed lightly, patted Qin Yize’s shoulder, and said, “I’m not talking about you, your acting skills are absolutely among the best in the circle, but your experience in dating is basically zero.

You have a popular status in the circle, but your private life is very confusing, just look at your good buddy Xiao Zhuo, how many boyfriends and girlfriends has he changed It’s not like you, so far there has not even been one scandal.”

Qin Yize frowned: “Don’t compare me and that promiscuous Xiao Zhuo.”

Li Xin smiled and said, “Of course, you are clean and rigorous, everyone knows that.

However, since you and Luo Ning like each other now, you can’t be so innocent anymore.

Don’t think that just because you have obtained the certificate, it’s stable, you also have to make Luo Ning happy.

After joining the crew, video chat with him every day, keep in touch, and I can even arrange for him to visit the crew when there is a chance.”

Qin Yize said with a headache: “Don’t let him come.”

Li Xin wondered: “What Are you planning to be separated from him for more than a month”

Qin Yize said: “That’s right.”

Li Xin: “”

Qin Yize looked at him seriously: “Li Xin, don’t make random guesses, Luo Ning and I are just in an agreement to get married, and there is no such thing as ‘like each other’ as you call it.

From today onwards, I will concentrate on my work.

Luo Ning also has his own affairs to be busy with.

Yes, we won’t interfere with each other, understand”

Li Xin scratched his head suspiciously: “Don’t you like each other But I think he likes you…”

Before the words were finished, the two of them heard a soft voice from behind them: “Yize, Li Xin, you got up so early”

Li Xin’s back froze slightly, and he didn’t know how much Luo Ning had heard just now.

Turning his head, he met Luo Ning’s smiling eyes.

He was still smiling as usual, with a kind and gentle look, but because he had just woken up, his hair was a little messy, and his clothes were not neat.

So, he displayed a bit of a lazy temperament.

Li Xin became red-faced after seeing Luo Ning’s smiling eyes, and immediately stammered to explain: “Well, we are going to report to the crew at noon, so we got up early to pack some things.”

Luo Ning asked, “Do you need help”

Li Xin waved his hand: “No no no, no need, Your Highness, you are busy with your work.”

Luo Ning looked at Qin Yize: “Yize, you are joining the crew today, right”

Qin Yize said lightly: “Well.

After I leave, you can live here alone, and you can be free to do what you want, and no one will disturb you.”

Luo Ning smiled and rolled his eyes: “That’s great.”

Qin Yize: “… “

So was he expecting me to leave

Suddenly feeling very upset, Qin Yize got up with a cold face and went back upstairs to pack his things.

Luo Ning chatted with Li Xin happily, and said with a smile: “Brother Li, can you leave your contact information”

Li Xin was flattered: “This, this, please don’t call me that, Your Highness.”

Luo Ning: “You have so much experience in the entertainment industry and you are several years older than Yize, it is only appropriate for me to call you Brother Li.

When Yize is filming, it is definitely inconvenient for him to answer the phone, if I can’t find him, can I come find you”

Li Xin had no choice but to leave his contact information to Luo Ning, and say, “If you need help, please do as you please!”

Luo Ning looked at him with a smile: “You call me Xiao Luo like Yize.

In the future, I would be living here permanently, so there is no need to be too polite with me.”

Li Xin always felt that this prince was not simple, he seemed to be smiling all day long, seeming very kind, gentle and innocent, but why did he always feel that his scalp was a little numb whenever he saw Luo Ning’s smile Was His Royal Highness the Second Prince really as simple as he seemed

T/N: Why do I also feel that LN is not as simple as he acts


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