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When Qin Yize went downstairs after washing his face, he happened to meet Luo Ning in the corridor, and immediately looked away uncomfortably.

Luo Ning smiled and asked: “Did you sleep well”

Qin Yize: “…It was okay.”

Luo Ning said: “Then let’s pack up and go, I have to meet Director Yu at twelve o’clock, and it is half past eleven now.”

Qin Yize nodded, turned to change his clothes, and drove Cang Luan to Lanyue Bay with Luo Ning.

Lanyue Bay was a high-end VIP club, which included private kitchen restaurants and floating hotels.

It was quite famous in the entertainment industry.

Many big-name stars would meet here privately.

Every private room here was set with random verification passwords.

Those who were not invited guests couldn’t get in at all, and there was an electronic defense net near the hotel.

Even if the paparazzi chased them here, they would be stopped by it.

Celebrities no longer had to worry about being photographed secretly, and the privacy was quite good.

But it was precisely because of this that there were many cases where some new actors were forced to enter into unspoken relations with investors and directors here.

However, most of the new actors had no background and no resources.

Even if they suffered a loss, few people dared to say anything about it.

That was why with Luo Ning meeting the director in such a place, Qin Yize was ten thousand times worried.

Luo Ning had a look of anticipation.

After Cang Luan landed in the parking lot of the restaurant, he said to Qin Yize: “I’ll go first, I don’t know how long I’ll take to talk to the director, so when we go back, let’s go separately.”

Qin Yize let out an “um” and followed Luo Ning all the way to the restaurant on the third floor.

Luo Ning wondered: “What are you doing following me”

Qin Yize said lightly: “My friend and I also made an appointment to meet in a private room on the third floor.”

Luo Ning smiled: “That’s such a coincidence.”

Then a hearty voice sounded: “Is that Xiao Luo”

Luo Ning turned his head and met a pair of bright eyes.

The other party was about twenty-three or four years old, with a bright smile.

Different from Qin Yize’s cold and handsome demeanor, this man was a typical sunny handsome guy, and he seemed to have just graduated from college.

Luo Ning looked at him suspiciously: “You are… Director Yu”

The other party walked over with a smile, stretched out his hand and said, “Yes, I am Yu Cheng, I am lucky to meet you!”

Luo Ning couldn’t believe it: “Is it suitable for you to be so handsome as a director You will put a lot of pressure on the actors, right”

Yu Cheng laughed and said: “Xiao Luo, you really know how to talk, and my appearance is in the middle order of the entertainment industry.

How can I compare to your temperament.” He looked at Luo Ning carefully, the man in front of him was smiling and gentle, and his facial features were better than he had imagined.

Qin Yize found that the director had been staring at Luo Ning, and he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Although Luo Ning and Director Yu met for the first time, they used to talk over the script every day by phone, so they were already very familiar with each other.

He didn’t expect this young director to be so handsome, and Luo Ning actually put him aside when he saw this director

Qin Yize felt very unhappy, and there was a strong sour taste in his heart.

The unhappy Qin Yize immediately frowned, then he walked to Luo Ning’s side, gently embraced Luo Ning’s shoulder as if declaring ownership, and said lightly, “Xiao Luo, don’t you want to introduce your friend”

Luo Ning had a question mark on his face: “” Didn’t they say that they would go their separate ways Why did he suddenly appear to add drama by himself

Yu Cheng was also at a loss: “This…is this Qin Yize Xiao Luo, do you know each other”

Qin Yize thought to himself, not only do we know each other, but we also got a marriage certificate and are legal husbands.

But on the surface, Qin Yize still pretended to have met Luo Ning by chance, he glanced at Luo Ning gently, and said calmly, “Xiao Luo and I are very good friends.

I didn’t expect there to be such a coincidence that we would meet here.”

Luo Ning:”…………”

What the hell was this actor doing

Qin Yize actually didn’t know why he did this, but he just felt a strange sense of crisis.

This director named Yu Cheng had a handsome appearance and a cheerful personality, and he could chat with Luo Ning very well.

Once Luo Ning’s new drama started shooting, the two would have to get along day and night.

What if they developed feelings for each other

——He would never allow anyone to influence his marriage with Luo Ning.

——Even if it’s just a contract marriage, there was no room for a third party to intervene.

Thinking of this, Qin Yize tightened his arms around Luo Ning, looked at Yu Cheng and said, “You are the one Xiao Luo mentioned to me, Director Yu”

Yu Cheng immediately extended his hand respectfully, then he smiled brightly: “Hello Mr.

Qin, I have seen all your works, and I admire your acting skills very much, especially last year’s “The Replicant Project” was really good!”

The other party just said this politely.

After a few more polite remarks, Qin Yize didn’t even think about making friends with him, and shook his hand with a calm expression, saying, “Our family’s Xiao Luo has never been a screenwriter, so he has no experience.

I want you to take care of him for me.”

Our family’s Xiaoluo What was Qin Yize’s relationship with the author named “Lin Xiaoluo” Moreover, why did he always feel that Film Emperor Qin was somewhat hostile to him

Yu Cheng was puzzled in his heart, but he smiled brightly on the surface: “We are all new people, we should take care of each other and work hard together.”

Luo Ning reminded Qin Yize: “Yize, didn’t you invite a friend to meet you here”

Qin Yize turned back reluctantly, looked at Luo Ning, and pretended to be calm: “I did make an appointment with a friend today, and I will invite you to dinner next time if I have a chance.

You and Director Yu have a good chat, if it ends early, just call me and I’ll take you back.”

Luo Ning was really convinced by his acting skills, and smiled cooperatively: “Understood, you can go to work.”

Qin Yize took a deep look at Yu Cheng and turned away – his eyes were sharp, as if to warn Yu Cheng, so that Yu Cheng would not dare to have any thoughts about Luo Ning outside of work.

Yu Cheng looked at Qin Yize’s back thoughtfully, until Luo Ning smiled and said, “Sorry, I didn’t expect to meet Yize here.

Director Yu, let’s go into the room and talk, I’ll invite you for today’s meal.”

Yu Cheng, who was pulled back from his thoughts, immediately laughed: “You’re welcome, knowing someone like Qin Yize is a bonus! By the way, you said earlier that you like sweets, this restaurant’s desserts are very good, let’s try it and talk when we’re full.” He quickly bypassed the topic of “Qin Yize” and brought Luo Ning to private room No.



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