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On a winter afternoon, the second prince, Luo Ning, was reclining on a reclining chair in his study, holding a novel and reading it with relish.

He had liked to read books since he was a child, and he had read a wide range of books.

In addition to literary masterpieces on history and war, there were also some popular science fiction and romance novels that he had read.

At this time, the “Replicant Project” he was holding in his hand was a science fiction novel with a particularly high sales in the past two years.

This book told the story of someone using gene replication to cultivate biological weapons.

After the male protagonist’s genes were secretly extracted, he created five replicas, and the five replicas were sent to participate in a top-secret assassination plan.

The plot of the novel had a lot of ups and downs, the characters of the five replicants were vividly and deeply portrayed, and the final ending was also heart-wrenching.

The sun was just right outside the window.

After reading the finale again, Luo Ning couldn’t help but sigh.

He put down the book and turned on his portable computer to read today’s news.

As a result, a message appeared on the home page that caught his attention – the movie “The Replicant Project” would officially premiere on November 11!

The sale of the film copyright for this popular novel was announced as early as last year, but when the author announced the news, everyone was not optimistic.

As a die-hard book fan, Luo Ning also felt that the film would definitely destroy the original book, because there was no way a person could play five roles at the same time.

Many book fans were discussing this on the Internet: “Will it be necessary to use AI technology to intelligently model such a character” “After all, 3D characters are not real people, and emotions and eyes cannot be created by the system.

I still hope real people will act!” “Who is the real person Who would dare to take on this drama Who can control five characters with different personalities at the same time” “It will definitely destroy the original work, so I’d better read the novel to wash my eyes!”

Luo Ning saw that most fans did not like this work being adapted into a movie, and he no longer paid attention to the follow-up reports.

Unexpectedly, the filming of this film was successfully completed.

He was curious and clicked into the official promotional materials to have a look.

To his surprise, the director of the film was called “Lin Weixi” – it was his Uncle Xi Wei.

There were countless members of the imperial family, and Uncle Xi Wei was undoubtedly the most special one.

He was an Omega, but he didn’t have the frailty of an Omega.

Instead, he had a bad temper.

No one could beat him, not even an Alpha.

He didn’t get married until he was nearly 30 years old, and then he joined the entertainment industry and became a director.

He didn’t want people in the entertainment industry to know his identity, so he kept a low profile and used the pseudonym “Lin Weixi”, and people in the circle called him “Western Guide”.

Several of the works produced by Xi Wei had become popular all over the world, and the box office returns from word of mouth had doubled.

Moreover, he insisted on shooting with real actors, never cut out pictures or made 3D actor models in the later stage, and his evaluation in the circle had always been very high.

Many investors wanted to pour money for him to make movies, but he was too lazy to accept it.

The director, obviously, took a fancy to the novel plot of this novel.

As for the star Qin Yize, he hadn’t heard much about him.

Luo Ning searched for Qin Yize’s information out of curiosity-

Qin Yize, male Alpha, 28 years old, several movies he participated in had high box office, his personal Weibo had more than 50 million fans, and he was a popular traffic star in the entertainment industry.

It was just that the online reviews of him were mixed.

His fans were huge, he had a lot of endorsements, and his popularity was booming, but he had never won any serious awards.

Therefore, there were many black satires which said that he could only rely on his face to eat, and he had no acting skills.

Taking over the play “The Replicant Project”, would he be able to control five characters at one time

Luo Ning sent a message to Xi Wei in doubt: “Uncle, I saw the news that “The Replicant Project” is about to premiere.

You are the director, what do you think of Qin Yize’s acting level”

He received a quick reply: “Why are you suddenly interested in the entertainment industry”

Luo Ning explained: “I’m a fan of this book, I’ve read it five times, but I don’t want my favorite character to be destroyed!”

Xi Wei sent him a message with a smile on his face, as he said, “Don’t worry, the person I picked myself can’t be wrong!”

Luo Ning was originally not optimistic about the movie adaptation, but after hearing what his uncle said, he was looking forward to it.

No matter how the outside world evaluated, Xi Wei’s level as a director had long been recognized by the public, and Qin Yize must have been selected by his uncle only because of his good acting skills.


On November 11th, Luo Ning specially asked his uncle for a ticket for the premiere and drove his mecha to the Central Cinema of the Capital Star.

He left the palace secretly as he didn’t want people to know his identity as the second prince, so he wore a casual outfit which was relatively low-key and let his mecha be disguised as an ordinary hover car.

In today’s interstellar era, the Internet was well-developed.

Most people watched movies at home or connected to the Internet and paid to watch in virtual 4D online theaters.

However, for the premiere of each movie, the main creators and some special guests, still gathered in the theater to watch the movie live.

Luo Ning walked quickly to the VIP seat, and saw a familiar person—Xi Wei.

His uncle had a bright smile on his brows, and he immediately waved after seeing Luo Ning: “Come here.”

Luo Ning walked over to him and sat down and found an uncle with a beard sitting beside him.

Xi Wei took the initiative to introduce: “This is Mr.

Cake, the original author of “The Replicant Project”, and the screenwriter of this film.

This is my nephew.”

Was he Mr.

Cake Luo Ning always thought that a person with such a cute pen name must be a cute boy or girl, but he didn’t expect it to be an uncle who seemed to have faced the vicissitudes of life with a full beard.

Sure enough, the author’s pseudonym was all a lie! Luo Ning complained in his heart, but he kept a polite smile on the surface, and said, “Hello, I have read this book at least five times, it is so wonderful!”

The uncle touched his beard and smiled: “Thank you! Your nephew is really handsome, if he participates in TV dramas, he will definitely become popular.”

Xi Wei glanced at Luo Ning with a hint of helplessness in his eyes: “My nephew only likes to read books and rarely watches movies and TV series.

The reason for attending the premiere this time is because he is a fan of this book.

Forget acting, I guess he doesn’t have this interest, right”

Luo Ning nodded immediately: “That’s right.

I’ve come to watch the movie.

It’s because I like your novel.”

Hearing this, the uncle stroked his beard happily: “Really Then I’ll go back and send you a few more autographed books!”


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