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Chapter 822: Matchless Archery

In fact, this proposed mediation was something that was never meant to be.

There was no Corpse Monarch, so how could Li Qiye take one out

Li Qiye wanted to laugh after seeing Sheng Fei’s kind act and said: “Sheng Fei, your acting is not bad.

Unfortunately, the scheme that you are so proud of is merely child’s play in my eyes, it’s not enough to reach the apex.”

Sheng Fei became unhappy after hearing this, so he raised his voice: “Brother Li, I am acting in good faith and wanted to change your conflict into friendship, but you actually view my goodwill as malice.

This is truly disappointing…”

While the Tombskull disciples angrily glared at Li Qiye, a few experts watching from the distance commented: “So overbearing.”

The Tombskull Master solemnly stated: “Li Qiye, don’t you forget, this is the Beast Realm, the southern region! This is the world of demons such as us! If you continue to act lawlessly with cruelty and kill more demons, then you will be asking to become enemies with the rest of the Beast Realm…”

“Enough, aren’t all of you just trying to frame me” Li Qiye interrupted the master and lazily said: “I am a cruel evil person who does not sway to reason and prefer to bully the weak… So what Come bite me then if you are so capable! Since all of you are labeling me as merciless, I’ll show all of you today just what mercilessness looks like!”

“Li Qiye, you are insane.

Committing theft and murder yet you still choose not to repent while spewing audacious words!” The Sacred Demon Leader yelled: “Today, we will act on behalf of all cultivators and eradicate you, you fiend!”

Li Qiye only smiled.

Before he could respond, a cold harrumph resounded.

A very beautiful figure appeared in the sky.

She was like a phoenix soaring in the air — noble and arrogant.

She stood above everyone with an untouchable and aggressive aura.

No one would dare to come close.

“Fairy Jian…” Sheng Fei cried out at the sudden appearance of this girl.

The newcomer was Jian Wushuang.

At this time, she looked at Li Qiye then shifted her sharp gaze towards the crowd.

“The golden daughter of the Jian Clan.” The cultivators outside saw her and were startled.

One of them murmured: “No wonder why Sheng Fei’s group dares to challenge Fierce Li Qiye.

So it turns out that they have the Jian Clan as their backing.”

The group was quite astonished.

Sheng Fei came from the ravine, so if the ravine and the Jian Clan were working together, it would be a very powerful alliance.

Any other lineage would be quite wary of such a force.

Sheng Fei became happy after seeing Jian Wushuang.

An idea popped up in his head as he shouted: “Fairy Jian, this Li Qiye insulted our Stone Medicine World and despises our people.

Not only is he cruel, he also does not know his own place and declared his intention to destroy all the imperial lineages here…”

“Fairy Jian is our world’s genius with unbeatable archery.

We are willing to follow you to the very end and help you annihilate him!” After his speech, he felt quite smug inside about how capable he was.

Just like this, he was able to drag another imperial lineage into the mix.

The spectators looked down on Sheng Fei’s words.

This was too shameless.

However, no one wanted to say anything or speak up for Li Qiye.

This was the world of demons and Li Qiye was a human.

Who would be willing to set the record straight for him

Meanwhile, Jian Wushuang stood there with an imperious pose.

She coldly looked at Sheng Fei once as if she was looking at a fool and didn’t even bother to respond.

“Okay, no more fooling around.

Even if you bring all the imperial lineages here, I still wouldn’t give a damn.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “All of you, come.

Since your armies have gathered here, surely you don’t wish for a peaceful resolution.

Let’s just work it out with blood.”

“Ignorant fool!” The Tombskull Master thunderously shouted: “Since you are unrepentant, then we shall carry out justice in the place of the heavens.


With his command, many experts attacked.

In fact, the top three powers in charge here simply didn’t even consider a peaceful resolution.

They came prepared to take Li Qiye’s head.

“Pluff!” But before these experts could come close, Jian Wushuang already had the Nine Words True Bow in her hand.

She casually released an arrow, causing blood to spill.

Those experts were killed without even being able to scream..

Among the current younger generation, Jian Wushuang could be considered the best archer.

Her skill was already quite formidable, so after obtaining the bow, she transformed, like a tiger with wings.

The bow was able to unleash even more of her latent potential.

Everyone, including the distant spectators, was stunned to see her suddenly kill many experts from the coalition.

They initially thought that she was on the golem or the demon’s side.

Even if she didn’t attack Li Qiye, she would only watch on the sideline.

They were all left dumbfounded, as no one here thought that she would kill Li Qiye’s enemies instead.

The Tomskull Master’s expression turned unsightly as he shouted: “Fairy Jian, what are you trying to do!”

Jian Wushuang just arrogantly stood in the sky, too lazy to look at the sect master.

Li Qiye smirked: “What else can it be She works for me, it is that simple!”

These words astounded everyone! Jian Wushuang was the golden daughter of the Jian Clan, the main descendant of an imperial lineage.

No one could even talk about recruiting her.

Moreover, they all knew of her arrogance.

She had never given anyone face, not even Ye Qingcheng, but today she was actually working for Li Qiye, a human.

No one would believe such a thing.

At this juncture, the Sacred Demon Leader’s side grew more cautious.

However, they were already riding the tiger and couldn’t get off.

After thinking about their hidden ace, they became determined and no longer hesitated.

“Use skeletons to stop her while we kill Li Qiye!” The Tombskull Master commanded.

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, the elders and disciples from the sect and even the high elders instantly summoned their trained skeletons.

Several thousand skeletons appeared before everyone and instantly drowned the sky with a corpse aura.

There were all types of skeletons, and some were quite mighty.

The spectators in the distance felt very nervous.

Controlling skeletons was something quite frightening! One person murmured: “The Tombskull Sect is truly scary, worthy of its name of being friends with the dead.”

“Go!” The disciples commanded their skeletons to pounce at Jian Wushuang.

Many of these skeletons knew how to fly.

In just a moment, a huge group of skeletons soared into the sky, creating quite an eerie scene.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Jian Wushuang easily shot out more arrows like falling rain.

Each arrow pierced through the approaching skeletons.

However, despite their bodies and even their heads being blown to pieces, they still came for her.

This was the most terrifying aspect of the Tombskull Sect.

Their skeletons were quite difficult to kill; unless one could shatter them into countless pieces, the only other option was to kill their controllers.

After seeing a few skeletons continuing to attack despite their heads being rendered to dust, the experts in the distance became creeped out.

These things were monsters!

“Die!” At this time, thousands of experts from the coalition attacked.

Countless treasures unleashed their might as a terrifying light tore apart the sky, causing the world to shake and the stars to lose their brilliance.

However, amidst the commotion, Li Qiye suddenly disappeared.

A second later, he emerged next to Jian Wushuang.

He watched her kill more than one thousand skeletons and chuckled: “Leave these undead to me, it is time for you to massacre.”

Having said that, the Death Chapter emerged with its lingering death energy.

Strands of silk-like laws came out from the book and instantly locked onto the bodies of these skeletons.

After being bound by the laws, all the skeletons instantly stopped moving as if they’d been sealed.

“Die!” Jian Wushuang uttered a battle cry.

The Nine Words True Bow lit up.

A mantra arrow appeared in her hand.

The moment this arrow shot out, countless arrows descended like a heavy downpour.

She unleashed several mantra arrows that originated from the word “Formation” to form arrays in just a split second.

These arrays transformed this area; no one could live under this sky ravaged by the arrows.

“Ahh!” Miserable screams continuously rang out.

“Start the formation!” The leader, sect master, and Sheng Fei were all shocked and enraged.

Jian Wushuang was fighting thousands by herself, and no one could get through her defense!


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