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Chapter 491: The Eighteen Beasts

The Eighteen Beasts blocked Li Qiye’s advance.

Although they were few in number, the eighteen of them gave the feeling of an impenetrable bastion and had the momentum of a grand army.

The leader gravely said: “Junior, leave here to avoid making a big mistake!”

Li Qiye looked at them and replied with a grin: “Interesting.

Your master wants my life, but now you guys are telling me to leave.

What should I do”

The leader coldly spoke: “We are only responsible for the Miss’ safety and do not want to interfere with other matters.”

Li Qiye waved his hand then laughed before speaking: “It is difficult for you all to not become involved.

Tell her to come out and fight, my patience is limited.”

Li Qiye’s words were light, but they carried an aggressive momentum that was even more overbearing than that of the Phoenix Maiden’s.

It was not surprising anymore; no one thought that he was still blustering after the recent events.

He had the qualifications to say such things after killing so many enemies.

This was a battle that would shock the world.

Everyone understood that he was catching up to the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World.

After this battle, imperial descendants like the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child would barely be able to walk side-by-side with Li Qiye at best.

“Junior, you are indeed amazing for having such an accomplishment at a young age.

I’m sure that this is not easy.” The leader replied to Li Qiye’s aggressiveness: “But killing tens of thousands does not mean you are invincible.

The Sacred Nether World is a land with crouching tigers and hidden dragons and numerous wise sages…”

“When you say wise sages, are you referring to your Myriad Bones Throne” Li Qiye asked with a smirk: “I wonder how many wise sages your sect has and whether or not they are actually that amazing.”

“The wise sages of my Myriad Bones Throne are numerous enough to deal with all the crises in this world; they are comparable to all the other great existences!” The leader of the Eighteen Beasts spoke with gravity.

The words of the leader were very bold and arrogant, but they were also the truth.

No individual or lineage in the Sacred Nether World dared to underestimate the throne of bones.

One sect with three emperors was a power capable of holding all in disdain.

It was not the oldest inheritance nor was it the most heaven-defying ancient sect; however, it was the most powerful and terrifying lineage at the eastern Nether Border.

Just like what the leader had said, its true power was enough to deal with all the dangers in this world.

They carried enough confidence to sweep through all of their enemies.

“Hmm! Such dauntless words.” Li Qiye touched his chin and said: “But even if everyone in your Myriad Bones Throne came today, it would still not be able to move my determination.”

The leader coldly refuted: “The truth is hard on the ears.

Your cultivation right now is not something common and you yourself is a dragon and phoenix amongst men, but opposing the throne of bones and Sir Di Zuo will not end well.

Even if you are a genius amongst geniuses, you will still die in the end.

Be smart and accept your defeat for it is not too late.

Maybe we can even change this state of war into peace.

Our Sir Di Zuo is benevolent and appreciates talents; if you are willing to acquiesce and follow Sir Di Zuo to create an amazing achievement, then Sir Di Zuo…”

The leader’s words caused the cultivators standing in the far distance to glance at each other.

His actions contradicted what the Phoenix Maiden ordered; one was playing nice while the other was playing rough.

However, after having thought about it, this made perfect sense.

Li Qiye was so heaven-defying that even Di Zuo would easily let go of their grievances if Li Qiye was willing to be his follower.

Many people looked at Li Qiye, especially those of the younger generation whose hearts were sinking.

The Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child felt that this was not going to end well.

Meanwhile, even the profound gaze of the mysterious Tian Lunhui became serious.

The Myriad Bones Throne actually decided to recruit Li Qiye right now.

Whether if this was the Phoenix Maiden purposely trying to recruit a great talent for her fiance or if it was the throne’s personal decision, none of it mattered because this was a grand matter that could affect many people.

After today’s events, everyone had seen what Li Qiye could do and they understood that his future potential rivaled that of the three heroes.

If Li Qiye joined Di Zuo, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Di Zuo alone was dreadful enough, so if Li Qiye joined him, they would be unbeatable in the nine heavens.

Creating an unparalleled accomplishment in the future would be as easy as child’s play.

“You’re trying to recruit me” Li Qiye laughed after hearing the leader’s words and then slowly spoke: “This is the funniest thing I have ever heard.

The Myriad Bones Throne is actually trying to recruit me Is this the cat weeping for the dead mouse”

Li Qiye’s response caused the leader to look back at the Phoenix Maiden in the distance.

Just by looking at the Phoenix Maiden’s expression was enough to tell the leader what was on her mind.

“Our Myriad Bones Throne is benevolent and is willing to work with the wise sages in this world to build a better future.” The leader said in a serious manner: “As a cultivator, our blades being stained with blood is a normal occurrence.

Carrying out revenge is also common, and smiling to dispel previous feuds occurs even more frequently.

As the proverb says, an exchange of blows may lead to friendship.

It also says that it is better to squash enmity rather than to keep it alive.

Our Myriad Bones Throne loves new talents, and our Sir Di Zuo will be happy to become friends with you.”

“I’m really touched.” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head to say: “These words are very finely crafted, but the truth points to a different conclusion.

Earlier, I’ve just killed tens of thousands of the Divine Spark army along with your future queen’s little brother, but now you say you want to become friends with me… I simply cannot believe these words.”

The leader then repeated: “Enemies should loosen the knot, not tighten it.

Our Myriad Bones Throne truly wishes to discuss the grand dao with friends and all the wise sages in this world.

Moreover, you are a great hero so you need a big state to achieve your grand vision.

Our Myriad Bones Throne is the forerunner in the search of the grand dao.

We are an immemorial lineage and all the dao in the nine worlds have something to do with our throne.

I trust that we will have something suitable for you!”

The Phoenix Maiden who was sitting in the sky slowly added: “Great cultivators in this world can let go of all feuds with a smile.

If you are willing to help our ghost race prosper, then we will be happy to accept you as a friend and let bygones be bygones.”

Even the Phoenix Maiden was open to mediation in order to recruit Li Qiye.

This caused many people to shudder.

Many ghosts were unhappy with the maiden’s words.

Earlier, it was a sky-shattering battle till death, but now she was happy to make peace with Li Qiye.

This made many ghosts exasperated.

However, after carefully thinking about it, they would also be happy to do the same.

One thousand troops were easy to come by, but a general was hard to find! Just like what the Eighteen Beast’s leader said, the throne of bones has enough power and strength to deal with all dangers.

However, they needed talents, especially a talent like Li Qiye.

Di Zuo aspired to become an Immortal Emperor, so if they could have a matchless talent like Li Qiye, Di Zuo would have an invincible general under his wings to open the path to his eternal legacy in the future!

The leader gave Li Qiye steps to climb down from, and the Phoenix Maiden did as well.

As a matter of fact, the Phoenix Maiden tried to make peace with Li Qiye in a natural manner.

“The Phoenix Maiden is really a wonderful wife.” A ghost sect master was annoyed after listening to what was being said, but he had to admit: “Those who accomplish grand matters do not care for trivial details.

Tens of thousands to trade for one general is worth it.”

Tens of thousands to trade for one general was a common occurrence.

Since time immemorial, many invincible generals were once rivals to the Immortal Emperors in their youth but later on discarded their feuds with a smile.

“The Phoenix Maiden is indeed formidable.” Even Lan Yunzhu who was standing in the far distance couldn’t help but sigh while watching this scene.

Li Qiye killed her country’s army along with her blood brother, but in order to gain a general for her fiance, the Phoenix Maiden was willing to let go of these grievances.

Di Zuo choosing her was the right choice.

At this time, those who came wanting to earn Di Zuo’s favor were very uncomfortable, but they could only sigh while trying to stomach this turn of events.

They knew that they were used as cannon fodder, but if they were given the same situation, they would still make the same choice.

Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui both had a lot of followers.

These followers knew that they were not strong enough so they would not enjoy preferential treatment from these two.

However, all of them dreamed of the day when one of the two became an Immortal Emperor.

Then, these followers would be the founding heroes.

It would not be as simple as going back to their hometowns in silk robes, they would have the power to rule the world!

This was the cruel truth.

As long as one had enough strength, they would be respected no matter where they went.

Meanwhile, some felt a great amount of pressure, especially those who had great ambitions, such as Tian Lunhui.

As part of the three heroes, both Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui wanted to become an Immortal Emperor.

Their strength was well-matched, so if Di Zuo managed to recruit a heaven-defying talent like Li Qiye, he would become a tiger with wings.

Tian Lunhui didn’t want to see this happen at all.


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