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Chapter 4302: Bodhisattva Metropolis

Bodhisattva Metropolis was the oldest and most prosperous city in Southern Desolace.

It also had a reputation for being the strangest.

There were several accounts of its origin.

One being that it was built as a memorial for Medicine Bodhisattva.

Another account said that this was a place where she used to heal people.

The third stated that this was her birthplace… All in all, the city was definitely connected to her in one way or another.

In the south, territories and borders were clearly defined.

This was not the case for the city despite its abundant wealth and size.

It remained neutral throughout the years and served as a place for mediation and contracts.

Any contracts signed here were considered holy.

Breaching meant being reviled by the rest of the world.

Thus, great powers and top cultivators normally came here to have discussions.

The agreements here have always been successfully carried out.

Thus, this was the holy land for contracts.

Why did the city have this special characteristic No one had an answer.

Some believed that it has been implicit for so long that it became an unbreakable rule.

Even dao lords obeyed the contracts here, let alone others.

Many believed that there was a mysterious power deep in the city, protecting it and allowing it to be neutral.

This special status has been unshakable in the history of Eight Desolaces.

Dao lords have had their coronation ceremony in this place.

For example, Puresun Dao Lord, Azure Ancestor, Space Dragon Emperor, even Blessed Dao Lord, and many others…

None of these supreme beings dared to take the city for their own in spite of the advantages.

The prime example should be Blessed Dao Lord, someone who brought peace to the war and popularized cultivation by changing the established path.

He didnt seize the city and chose to build True Immortal Sect somewhere else.

Of course, there were exceptions.

Many ambitious souls have tried to do so before.

However, their ambition turned to dust the moment they approached the city.

These cultivators were instantly killed before making their way inside, either by the dao lord of that era or some unknown cultivation masters; some died of mysterious death as well.

All of this made the metropolis a perfect place to have conferences.

One of the most important being Myriad Sects.

Historians believed that this conference has been around since the start of the epoch.

The Supreme Monarch deemed it necessary after the great calamity.

As for Bodhisattva Metropolis, there are conflicting sides on whether it was around then.

A consensus was that the conference served as a promoter of peace and stability, able to unite the world in the early days.

Later on, top dao lords also joined the conference.

The Supreme Monarch only appeared during the first conference.

The ones later were carried out by the major powers in the world.

As time passed, peace came to the world.

This was especially true during Blessed Dao Lords aura.

The Myriad Dao Era emerged and the conference became less necessary.

Thus, Lions Roar Kingdom became less influential than before.

The conference itself started as one for all of Eight Desolaces.

Eventually, only Sky Border was left and now, just Southern Desolace.

In the end, the great powers didnt find this conference as important any longer.

This was the case for Lions Roar as well.

Recently, the big shots from Lions Roar didnt bother participating.

Nonetheless, smaller sects such as Little Diamond still viewed it with great importance.

They were granted a voice for participating.

Li Qiye wasnt interested in this conference.

He only wanted to go on a remembrance trip.

There were memories to be remembered at the metropolis.

The group consisted of the elders and a few young generations.

Li Qiye specifically brought one man along – his new disciple, Wang Weiqiao.

“Observe and feel more, speak less.” He told his disciple along the way.

Of course, Weiqiao wasnt as curious and active as the young ones.

He kept this in mind and remained quiet along the way.

He was mature and performed his tasks in a neat and tidy manner.

The disciples tagging along were curious about their relationship.

Weiqiao looked more like the master.

Once they entered the city, the young ones looked east and west like country bumpkins.

Nonetheless, this was indeed the case.

Little Diamond was a tiny sect while this city was as prosperous as can be.

The trip alone was rather expensive and arduous.

Thus, only a small group was eligible to come.

The street stalls, weapon shops, and auction houses attracted their attention.

This was an entirely new experience for them so they wanted to take a look everywhere.

“There are great things in Bodhisattva but also plenty of trickery and con artists.

Dont buy things without thinking.” Weiqiao warned.

Li Qiye only smiled and accompanied them.

He only stopped at a particular street.

There were many shops and merchants along the way but he only stopped at this particular stall.

His eyes narrowed while looking at the items on the display.

They were old; some were even rusting.

The owner was an old man wearing a clean ashen robe.

It lost its original color from being washed too many times.

His cheeks caved in since he was only skin and bones, seemingly malnourished.

His arms were dried, looking like tree branches.

His eyes were deep in the sockets.

All in all, he looked sickly and on the verge of death.

The old man immediately looked up the moment Li Qiye got closer.

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