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The visitor was none other than the crown prince of Vajra.

He had a worried expression and spoke right away: “Young Master, things have soured.

Marquis Yang and Miss Yang were captured.” [1]

“Captured Is it Vajra” Li Qiye slightly furrowed his brows.

“No.” The prince was afraid of a misunderstanding and answered right away: “Its the Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor.

The Li and Zhang.”


Is this the wish of His Majesty” Untethered Monk placed his palms together.

“Of course not.” The prince shook his head: “The Grand Chancellor and Grand Commander came to the palace but Father has been busy with pill refinement.

They didnt get to see him.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Those two clans acted on their own accord and captured Marquis Yang.”

“Pill refinement again” The monk smiled with a changed expression: “Hmm, the Li and Zhang are crossing the line by capturing a noble with a title bestowed by the court while having no permission.”

“Well…” The prince smiled wryly before revealing: “My younger sister was there.”

“Elaborate.” Li Qiye said, not looking worried.

“The Zhang summoned Marquis Yang…” The prince then recalled the events in detail.

So it turned out that after a failed audience with the king, the Grand Chancellor and Grand Commander summoned Yang Lings father.

The latter had a clear idea of what happened in Wish Ward.

Though his daughter was with Li Qiye, he knew that she had nothing to do with their death.

Li Qiye was the sole culprit.

Plus, given his status and a lack of a serious crime on top of not being questioned by the current king, these two clans couldnt do a thing to him.

Unfortunately, he misread the situation.

The Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor disagreed with his justification and detained him.

Both of them thought that Yang Ling couldnt absolve her responsibility from being involved with their sons death.

Thus, they demanded for her to be buried as well.

Of course, the second princess of Vajra was also present during this exchange.

The group thought that given their status and influence in Vajra, burying this little girl wasnt a big deal.

Moreover, they had the support of the second princess who could represent the royal clan to a certain extent.

Marquis Yang naturally refused so a fight broke out.

His guards werent a match so the father-daughter duo became prisoners.

The crown prince had a capable information network.

He immediately left after hearing the message in order to tell Li Qiye.

“Bury together I see.” Li Qiye smiled coldly.

“Amitabha.” The monk closed his eyes and placed his palms together.

Li Qiye was obviously referring to the two clans when he said “bury together”, not Yang Ling.

“What will you do, Young Master” The prince nervously asked.

Despite being the crown prince, he wasnt that popular.

Both the Grand Chancellor and the Grand Commander wouldnt show him any face since they secretly supported the third prince.

Furthermore, they were blinded with rage right now.

It was impossible to reason with fathers who have just lost their sons.

“What else can I do Either they release her or Ill annihilate their clan.” Li Qiye flatly responded.

“Annihilate their clan…” The prince became startled.

Few dared to utter these words.

The Zhang and Li had deep roots in Vajra after working for generations.

Not to mention a single cultivator, even an entire sect could touch them.

“Amitabha, Merciful Buddha…” The monk began chanting as if he was trying to appease some spirits and cross the dead over to the other side.


Information traveled fast in the capital city and Metropolis.

Everyone found out right away in a short time.

The Grand Chancellor and Grand Commander suddenly captured Marquis Yang and his daughter.

This was a big deal.

Marquis Yang didnt have the same authority and his clan was weaker as well.

However, he still had a hereditary title bestowed by the royal clan.

Now, this detainment naturally caused quite a stir across the court.

Other officials and nobles debated heavily on this subject.

This was also the case for other cultivators and powers outside of Vajra.

“The Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor are out of line.” One official murmured: “How could they do this without His Majestys permission”

“Well, His Majesty hasnt been involved in administration unlike the Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor.

There are only a few men who can deter them.” One general answered.

Most agreed with this.

The current king only cared about eternal life instead of being a good ruler.

He spent his time looking for a longevity method or craft more pills.

As for the ancestors of Vajra, they remained reclusive.

Thats why the Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor feared no one in the court, perhaps only the Minister of War and national teacher.

“This alliance is forged on something more than just benefits, vengeance.” One official said: “Its unstoppable if the ancestors from the royal clan dont come out.”

Until now, each clan had control over one main branch - civil and military.

The two sides have always competed with each other but now, the death of their son started a temporary alliance.

Moreover, they had the support of the second princess as well.

This was enough to do anything in Vajra.

“I cant believe the princess is involved too.

Whats going to happen” Another became worried.

This might be more than just an act of vengeance.

At the moment, the position of crown prince has been decided.

Without anything unexpected, the current crown prince would inherit the throne.

However, the third prince actually had more support than the crown prince.

He had toiled at the border and had numerous meritorious contributions.

His prestige far exceeded his older brothers.

The Li and the Zhang had a good relationship with him.

Most believed that they would offer him their support.

Now, some believed that this move of theirs was meant to be a catalyst.

When His Majesty came out of isolated cultivation, he would pursue this matter.

At that point, they would team up and make it difficult for him while demanding a different successor.

This was their chance to test His Majesty and the royal clans bottom line.

Another clue for this speculation lies in the princess.

She was close with the third prince so the fact that she took charge in this matter was worthy of rumination.

Thats also the reason why the crown prince was in a hurry to let Li Qiye know.

He also felt something amiss.

“An eye for an eye, the murderer of my son shall be buried with him.” The Zhang and the Li made an announcement at the same time.

“Traitors who scheme against Vajra deserve death.” The second princess joined in as well.

The storm has finally started in Metropolis with these announcements.

“You have two hours to release them unharmed.

Otherwise, I shall annihilate both of your mansions.” This message came next as a response.


Actual ranking still unclear but well go with Marquis since he doesnt seem that important, cant be Duke.


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