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The cauldron refined Furious Axes weapon continuously.

The lights accumulated each time looked like visual phenomena to the astonishment of the spectators.

“Boom!” Finally, the scorching flames from the cauldron soared upward and struck the sky.

Everyone took a deep breath in response.

“Those innate advantages are something else.” Some students had to admit.

They were impressed by his blacksmithing skill and felt envious.

No one else in the crowd had a special cauldron of life like him.

After the flames dispersed, the dao source true treasure landed on his hand.

It was filled with auspicious purple energy, especially the blade.

This made it hard to see its actual appearance.

This energy also felt attuned with the grand dao as if the two could fuse and release the strongest explosion.

Moreover, there were faint crimson rays capable of piercing through space.

They possessed extreme heat.

Thus, the axe had incomparable sharpness and a fire affinity capable of melting its foes.

“Thats a great weapon.” Even the older students became impressed.

“Activate!” He shouted with the axe in his grip.

“Boom!” A vast, crimson continent descended along with loud explosions.

The students looked up and felt as if space itself was being crushed.

A few shuddered with fear.

“So this is a myriad-form sanctity weapon… Thats one of the five heroes for you.” Everyone was impressed.

“Right, Senior Lin Hao might not be the strongest but his blacksmithing is second to none.” Others nodded in agreement.


Senior Brother Li has heard of this and wants to come in person to congratulate you.” One student walked closer and cupped his fist.

He wore full armor, looking gallant and fierce - always ready to fight.

Just one glance was enough to know that he came from a military family.

“I appreciate his goodwill.” Lin Hao nodded in response.

“He wishes to prepare a banquet for you to celebrate your new weapon.

Im here to invite you…” The armored students name was Liu Jinsong.

The listeners exchanged glances after hearing this. 

“Looks like Li Xiangquan wants to recruit Lin Hao.” An older student murmured.

“Its understandable.

Li Xiangquan is ambitious and wants to move up the court and inherit his fathers position of Grand Commander, under one man but above all.”

Li Xiangquan was also a member of the five heroes.

His title was Cold-eyed Lightning Sword.

His father was one of the most influential men in Vajra.

“Its alright, no need to go to so much trouble.” Lin Hao declined.

Liu Jinsong became awkward and dropped the issue, quietly retreating.

His father was a general under the Grand Commander.

He was naturally under the banner of Li Xiangquan.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother, how about a drink tonight” A different student came forward with a smile.

Lin Hao was the only hero with a humble background and enjoyed the least wealth and power.

Thus, he was a great target.

Everyone could see that his future was bright.

Befriending him now meant gaining incredible benefits later on.

“Senior Brother, your dao source true treasure has returned to the original state.

Once you reach the sacred level, it should completely dominate same-level treasures.” Another student praised while looking at the great axe.

“Your blacksmithing is already number one at our academy.

If you refine this weapon again after reaching the sacred level, itll improve considerably.” One more said.

“Right, thats my plan.” Lin Hao nodded: “Ill use a stronger flame next time.

If I can reach the refinement limit, it might be able to contend against Heavenly Sovereign weapons while Im at the grand sacred stage.” 

“Youre the only one among the five heroes who harbors such bold thoughts.” An older student praised him.

“Thats suicidal.” While the crowd and Lin Hao thought that this was a good idea, a nonchalant voice interrupted them.

This was a time for celebration but the comment immediately ruined the mood.

The speaker seemed to be purposely antagonizing Lin Hao.

No one would appreciate the untimely interruption.

People looked over and saw an ordinary youth - Li Qiye.

He has been watching the refinement process as well.

Yang Ling became startled because it sounded like Li Qiye was cursing the guy.

“Who is this brat running his mouth!” One student said seriously.

“Thats Li Qiye, a fierce guy who doesnt hold back versus anyone.” Another recognized him.

“Hmph, he can\'t compare to the five heroes.” A different peer snorted.

“Fellow Classmate, what did you mean by that” Lin Haos brows furrowed, clearly unhappy.

He spent untold effort to craft his treasure and was ecstatic after succeeding.

He was planning the next steps in order to maximize its potential.

Anyone with less self-restraint would have been furious at Li Qiye by now.

Yang Ling became worried because of all the unfriendly stares from Lin Haos fans.

She tugged on Li Qiyes sleeve, telling him not to speak.

“Your dao source true treasure has reached its limit in power and toughness.

Using a stronger flame for another refinement will break it.” Li Qiye glanced at him and replied.

“Do you not know that Senior Brother Lin is the best blacksmith in our academy A wild child like you knows nothing about blacksmithing, stop spewing bull**.” One fan immediately retorted.

Lin Hao grimaced and said: “I dont think this is a problem, on what basis do you claim this”

How could anyone know his treasure more than him He personally created and was too familiar.

He didnt notice anything wrong with it so he remained skeptical.

“Senior Brother Lin, dont listen to him.” Liu Jinsong shook his head and laughed: “Hes just a woodchopper from Myriad Beast Mountains.

How can he know anything about blacksmithing A genius like you shouldnt pay attention to a nameless junior.”

Jinsong tried to curry favor so he put down Li Qiye.

“The young master is knowledgeable and experienced in all domains.

Theres a reason why he said it.” Yang Ling backed Li Qiye up with haste.

“Really So I guess he probably read a few books and thinks that hes a master now.” Jinsong snorted.


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