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A hush fell over the area as people watched Li Qiye leave the valley from the main entrance.

The wood on his pole seemed to be quite heavy, causing the stick to bend and creak - seemingly on the verge of breaking down.

Alas, this weight didnt affect Li Qiye.

His back was still straight; his steps soft and his expression relaxed.

This wasnt too surprising to the crowd because timber had a limit to its weight.

After all, a Violet Marquis cultivator could still lift ten thousand pounds without a problem.

However, their real focus was still on Li Qiye, not the wood and the pole.

The only sound that could be heard were his footsteps and the creaking of the pole.

These were the only movements as well.

No one said anything yet they all unanimously crowded around him, whether it be the ancestors or experts from various sects.

All of them had the same idea and goal - keep Li Qiye here.

“The brat is in danger.” A teacher from Duality became worried since Li Qiye looked like a fat sheep at this point.

No one wanted to let him leave.

“What, theres a party” Li Qiye put down the pole and smiled at the crowd, seemingly unaware of the looming danger.

“Be careful!” The worried Yang Ling shouted at him.

Of course, this didnt matter because Li Qiye couldnt leave containment in the first place.

Running wasnt an option even if he wanted to.

Nonetheless, he harbored no such thoughts while smiling at the experts.

“Young Friend, you have done something magical and opened our eyes.” South Peak Marquis couldnt help praising: “Words arent enough to describe it.”

He was telling the truth.

Li Qiyes miracle astounded everyone.

“Dont forget the bet between us.” Li Qiye said.

“I have lost indeed, you won in a magnificent manner.” The marquis didnt play dumb.

“Gao! Gao! Gao!” Having said that, the marquis actually barked a dozen times in a row without any hesitation and discomfort to the astonishment of the crowd.

He was a marquis with bestowed land.

His status was just as high as the senior defender, perhaps even greater.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to consider him on even-footing with a prestigious sect master.

No one in his shoes would want to bark.

Even if they had to, they would do it begrudgingly or tried to twist the narrative.

Or, they would only bark a few times just to get it done.

The marquis showed no sign of this so the atmosphere wasnt too awkward for everyone else.

The latter was both surprised and impressed.

“Not bad, not bad at all.

Youre quite a talent.” Li Qiye smiled at him.

The marquis chuckled and continued: “Its a complete defeat with no chance of rising again.” He mocked himself since this was indeed a humiliating event.

Little did he know how valuable it was to earn praises from Li Qiye.

“What did you and the world draconic king talk about” Sir Shang was standing closest to Li Qiye.

“Just idle chat, like what did we eat today and when will the egg hatches, thats all.” Li Qiye smiled, not minding the potentially-hostile crowd.

More than ten thousand people were staring at him with greed flashing in their eyes.

He resembled a delicious lamb right now.

All of them could lunge forward at any moment and devour him.

Anyone else would have been trembling in fear but Li Qiye had no reaction as if he was born slow.

“When the divine egg will hatch” Zhui Xueyun became impatient and blurted out.

However, he regretted it because Li Qiye hasnt been answering him.

This could be further humiliation.

Unexpectedly, Li Qiye actually answered him this time: “Still missing a little spark, it needs more time.”

“Why didnt you bring it out” An ancestor gazed at Li Qiye with malice that wasnt hidden well.

“Why should I The egg belongs to this place.

Plus, nothing good will come of it.” Li Qiye became surprised.

“Why is it not good” Sir Shang uttered coldly.

“The king told me that this egg is ominous and dangerous.

Taking it out will invite a calamity, something very frightening.

Its best to leave it in the valley.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Nonsense.” One high elder disagreed: “I saw you touch the egg and youre perfectly fine right now.”

“Im familiar with it.” Li Qiye said: “Maybe the egg has sentience and knows that Im a neighbor.

Thats why it didnt hurt me.

Who knows about other people”

“Ridiculous, no one is buying this.” Sir Shang said.

“Your choice.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“Young Friend, take the egg out and Ill give you a million stones, three cities, and eight thousand beauties.” One royal lord hurriedly offered.

“Dont forget about our agreement.” Another big shot said.

“Its not the time for that yet, still the time for a transaction.

Whoever can buy it will get it, yes” The royal lord responded.

It seemed that many powers have formed an alliance a bit ago.

“Sure.” A sect master then turned towards Li Qiye and said: “Young Friend, give me the egg and Ill give you thirty treasure chests and eight merit laws.

Youll be our vice sect master too.”

“Young Friend, we will let you marry our princess and give you three bottles of supreme pills, enough to give you three thousand years of cultivation.

In three years, youll reach the yin yang realm.”


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