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The arrival of these geniuses caused quite a stir for the youths at Ancestral City.

This was doubly true for the maiden.

The young ones asked all over for more information about her since she was the ideal lover in their dream.

The three beauties were renowned in the northern region but two were engaged.

Only the maiden was a potential partner.

“By this time tomorrow, Dragon-phoenix Maiden, Skylight First Prince, and Firmaments Godchild will be gathering at the stone park to discuss the dao with everyone in the world.” This news came today.

“Really!” Many excited souls immediately asked for confirmation.

“Yes, all three of them will definitely be there.

Its a serious event.” A knowledgeable cultivator answered.

“We might not be able to have a dao discussion with them but just seeing the maiden makes this trip totally worth it.” Everyone became wild after hearing this.

The young ones started rushing towards the park.

“Is this our chance” The more talented ones became spirited.

The maiden was more than just a beauty.

Her talents and cultivation were superior to Skyhigh First Prince and Firmaments Godchild.

Thus, this dao discussion was a rare opportunity, something all the top youths wanted.

Just this one session might be equivalent to training alone for ten years.

“I was told that the first prince is in charge of the event.

He invited the other two.

This isnt a sparring match since thats not in good taste.

Its all about learning the mysteries of the park.” An insider revealed.

“Thats more like it.

The mysteries of the park have been elusive despite people spending their whole life searching.” Many nodded in agreement.

People started gathering at the park.

The majority still focused on seeing the maiden for the first time to see if the rumors were true.

The rest consisted of geniuses and experts wanting to improve their cultivation after participating in this event.

The park became crowded in no time at all.

Normally, many would come to this place, especially the golems.

They wouldnt miss this destination after coming to Ancestral.

It was built by Golem Ancestor.

Many of the rocks here were personally chosen by him.

According to the legends, he traveled around Eight Desolaces and chose strange stones of various properties.

Later on, these stones were used to build this park by his disciple.

Future descendants were allowed to check them out.

However, the stones werent only for show.

They contained profound mysteries such as peerless merit laws, treasures, and some were innately divine…

The park was available for anyone, even the non-golems.

As long as they could understand the stones, the content would be theirs.

This was another reason why people praised Golem Ancestor for his generosity and benevolence.

The mysteries here drew people from extremely far away.

Some golems didnt mind traveling ten million miles.

Today, the presence of the three top geniuses made the park even more attractive.

When people arrived, they couldnt help praising this area for its ability to produce talents.

The park consisted of a main garden built in an exquisite manner.

Each pavilion and building here were magnificent.

Decorations such as the water pavilions and mounds were perfectly placed.

People would forget their way home after visiting.

Special stones were embedded everywhere, looking quite magical.

“These stones really contain secrets” A first-timer stood in front of a bright golden stone and curiously asked.

The stone was as big as a human and had a golden glow.

Some yellow grains were still on the surface so it looked like a recently-excavated ore from a mine.

“How can it be fake We wont talk about long ago but just a thousand years ago, an elder from our Ancestral City figured out one stone.

It cracked, revealing an old artifact inside.” A disciple from the city said.

“Yes, okay, you know the godchild in the event this time, right What about how his sect was established” A history buff said: “According to the records, the patriarch of Firmaments came here seeking the dao.

He also figured out one stone and obtained a scripture containing a top merit law - Firmaments Art.”

“I see, so that famous art came from here.” The experts nearby were amazed.

“The patriarch from Firmaments isnt the only one who had benefited from the park.” The golem from the city took pride in this.

After all, only the great Golem Ancestor would be generous enough to share his own legacy and treasures with the rest of the world.

“We should give it a shot!” Another first-timer became excited.

“Feel free to try, we dont want to waste our time.

Yes, this place has many mysteries but only the top geniuses in each generation are eligible, no, the greatest ones.

Dragon-phoenix Maiden or the first prince might have a shot.

Us Forget it.” An experienced cultivator shook his head and smiled.

“Yes, countless have tried in history but few actually gained anything.” The others smiled.

Most of them have tried before to no avail.

Some of the first-timers didnt buy this.

They sat next to the stones and released their divine intents for comprehension\'s sake.

However, after half a day, they still couldnt figure out anything.

Most eventually gave up after realizing the futility.

No one made fun of them either because very few in history have been able to do it.

“Perhaps only someone like Young Lord Bai can comprehend these stones.” A spectator commented and earned many nods in the process.

Bai Jianchan was the most likely to do so in the current generation.

The first prince prepared the banquet at a waterside pavilion surrounded by mountains and gurgling streams with reflections all around.

The mountains had plenty of embedded stones, looking just like a stone forest.

There were no seating arrangements but the visitors were smart enough to find the right spot to sit down based on cultivation level.

The powerful and talented cultivators sat near the center.

The ones closest to the main trio were the best of the best.

There was a clear separation of class but no one uttered any grievance.


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