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An illusory space with flashing stars - a dreamlike location.

This place was deep in Ascension Pond, a place where no one has been before outside of Li Qiye.

He was refining a weapon brimming with the power of the high heaven, majestic and mighty beyond imagination.

“Youre entering the expanse to kill” An ethereal voice sounded.

“Not necessarily, just going with the flow.

I do hope hes smart enough to back off but the opposite is more than fine too, Ill see how sharp my blade is.” Li Qiye looked up and smiled before glancing at his weapon.

“For what reason are you actually going Those three old men” The pond clearly questioned Li Qiyes motives.

It seemed capable of seeing the end of the world.

“Theres a potential shortcut there.

If theres a way in, theres a way out.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Youre courting death, bringing a fat sheep straight to the tigers jaws.” The voice didnt hold back at all.

“Is that so Why not, thats one way to bait the tiger, no” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Youre not strong enough.” The voice eventually said: “You might think youre strong and amazing, same with your dao heart, but once you go in there, only eternal damnation awaits.”

“I must be hearing things because it sounds like youre worried about me.

Makes me a little scared from being loved so much.” Li Qiye joked.

“Youre bringing a streak of tigers here, a calamity will turn everything to ashes.” The voice snorted.

“Im aware, youre afraid that once broken, Three Immortals is such a fat piece of meat.

Youll be the same.” Li Qiye said.

[re] Its unclear in this last line whether Li Qiye is saying that the pond will join in and feast on Three Immortals or itll become a target too[/ref]

“Die if you want but dont drag the entire world down with you.” The voice coldly uttered.

“Who says I want to do that Stagnation is the most fatal choice.

Nothing stays the same forever, not in the past, present, and future.

Three Immortals are certainly impregnable right now, this might not be true later.” Li Qiye said.

“The three geezers screwed it up, hmph!” The voice scowled.

“Maybe, but even without this issue, you dont think something else will happen in the future” Li Qiye said: “Nothing is unbreakable nor eternal.

You and they are ancient enough to know this logic more than me.”

The voice didnt respond this time.

A lull took over.

“Of course, if you are willing to help me, Im sure itll be good.

This is the best opportunity.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“No, I have no interest in falling down together with you.” The voice refused right away.

“Then you can keep on hiding in your shell like a cowardly turtle until youre found, and thats inevitable.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hiding and fighting, the result is the same.

You cant change anything, the same with me.” The voice said.

“Not necessarily.

There are many unknowns in the world.” Li Qiye said.


I know more and they know more than you.” The voice said.

“I wont deny that.” Li Qiye nodded: “But I am me and they are they, theres a clear difference.”

“All the same.

Some had the same thoughts as you in the past.

What happened in the end They still became lackeys.” The voice responded.

“Yes, its not surprising at all.

Nothing is scarier than the heart of men.” Li Qiye agreed.

“Truly terrifying.” The voice emphasized.

“But youre not men, we are.

Because of this difference, you all will never be able to become true immortals but we still can.

See, now thats the difference, ones superior to the other.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmph, insects, after all is said and done, are still insects.” The voice scowled.

“Then you need to be careful and avoid being bitten by them.

Insects might be small but they can multiply, you all cant.

When you die, your kind will end.” Li Qiye said.

“Look at this world and history.

So many epochs have ended but in the present day, the so-called insects are still alive.

People have changed, same with the methods, but they keep on struggling beneath the sky.” Li Qiye paused for a bit before continuing: “On the other hand, when one of you dies, thats one fewer, so you tell me, who is the real ruler of this world”

The voice also understood this particular train of thought and didnt respond.

“Have you thought of the day when you become a fat piece of meat Its not unprecedented.” Li Qiye went on.

“And” The voice said.

“I can see that you do not wish to take action but there are other ways.

For example, me.

Dont you think someone as handsome as me will always win Do it right and Ill become the only true immortal.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Stop fantasizing.” The voice coldly uttered.

“Thats one way to put it but think about the possibility.

What if I become a true immortal Or, we can take one step back and assume that Ill fail.

Nevertheless, my going all out is still a good thing for all of you.

You reap all the rewards without doing anything, able to live and see the sun again.” Li Qiye continued.

“Are you threatening me” The voice questioned.

“Feel free to see it however you want, but calling it a threat is rather shallow for people like us.

Its more of an investment.

Im definitely worth it!” Li Qiye smiled.

“Youll die.” The voice said with absolute certainty.

“But if I dont” Li Qiye put on a serious expression, the same with his voice.

“What do you want” The voice paused for a bit before asking.

“I know you all still have some good stuff.” Li Qiye let out a satisfied grin.

“No, I dont, my resources are limited.” The voice became vigilant.

“No, I said you all, not just you, you all.

Just you alone is not enough.

I might be poor but not that poor.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmph, dont win an inch and want a foot, being too greedy will only result in trouble.” The voice didnt like this.

“False, if this is considered greedy, then how are you going to invest in me Were considered big shots, right So if were going to play, then do it big.

Dont be so small-minded now.” Li Qiye said.

“Even if I agree, it doesn\'t mean the others will.” The voice contemplated for a bit before speaking.

“You can tell them my intent.

As you can see, Im quite busy, I dont have time to go visit each one.

Trust me, dont miss this great investment, there wont be another.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“I understand.” The voice replied.

“Its a deal then.

One day, you will all be joyous for this will be the most fruitful investment of your life.” Li Qiye smirked.

The voice scowled but didnt bother to retort this time around.

However, right at this second, a pair of eyes seemed to be opening in this deep space.

It gazed towards Uncrossable Ocean.

“Its coming.” The voice said.

Li Qiye stopped refining his weapon and stood up, also gazing towards the expanse.

“Yes.” His eyes turned cold after penetrating the void.

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