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Li Qiye ignored the bulls strong protest and wanted it to teach Liu Yanbai as its successor.

Despite its dissatisfaction, there was nothing it could do against Li Qiyes wishes.

“Perform the master-disciple ceremony.” Li Qiye said.

Liu Yanbai was surprised, not knowing what to do while shifting her glance between the two due to her inexperience in life.

“Young Sis, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Bai Jinning saw her hesitation and told her to perform the ceremony.

The bull accepted her worship since the matter was out of its control.

It laughed afterward: “Hehe, good girl.

Be diligent and one day, you will become invincible.

That old tree with his Academy of Light will be nothing against you, my disciple.

You will completely dominate them in the future.”

Yanbai still didnt understand the significance of having a master like the bull.

However, Jinning became envious.

Though she didnt know the bulls actual origin, a being capable of following Li Qiye couldnt be simple at all.

It was definitely capable of looking down on the world.

“Haha, Sir, I have accepted a disciple now and will do a good job at teaching her.

Isnt it time for you to give her a greeting present” The bull looked at Li Qiye.

“Come, come, my good disciple, greet this peerless master now.

Later on, you can just say his name whenever youre in trouble and that you have his blessing to do whatever you want.” It wouldnt miss this chance of extorting Li Qiye.

The confused Yanbai listened and bowed towards Li Qiye.

The guy smiled and took out the robe he got from the auction - the one left behind from the legendary tale of Xuan Xiao.

“There are mysteries and secrets within this robe.

Well see if you are lucky enough to learn them.” Li Qiye gave her the robe.

She accepted the robe, not knowing whether it was a good present or not.

“It\'s a very nice robe, young one.

Wear it all the time.” The bulls vision far exceeded other people.

“Sir, youre the one who proposed for her to be my disciple.

This relates to your reputation so you cant be too stingy.

Just this robe isnt enough.” The bull was as greedy as a python wanting to devour an elephant, wanting Li Qiye to spit out more items.

Of course, it also knew that Li Qiyes treasury wouldnt miss this robe.

He had plenty of other items.

Li Qiye still smiled and took out a dazzling golden hand, looking quite immaculate.

One would find it hard to believe that this was a real hand from someone.

It looked more like a gauntlet cast from gold.

When they carefully sensed this hand, they would find that it contained an invincible force capable of tearing the world into two halves.

Nothing could ever resist or stop its might.

“This is for you as well.

Perhaps one day you will be able to use it to its fullest potential.” Li Qiye said.

He found it at the outskirt of Academy of Light back then, the golden hand that was gripping the eye of darkness.

“Take it, fast!” The bull became excited right away after seeing this insane artifact.

Yanbai held it and took a closer look.

For some reason, she felt so close to it with a strange sense of familiarity almost as if they were family.

“Its amazing.” The bull salivated.

Of course, it wasnt immoral enough to take its disciples treasure.

It looked over at Li Qiye and said: “Sir, where did you get this golden hand Did you cross through time and sever this persons hand”

“Time traveling is easier said than done.

Plus, I wont do so even if I can.

Thats an era-destroying act, adding negative karma to oneself.” Li Qiye said.

“I cant believe it.” The bull said: “In this world, there are fewer than five people, no, fewer than three people who can refine a hand like this.

Not even Desolate Saint can do it.”

“Ah!” Yanbai suddenly shouted because the hand started moving a little bit.

She dropped it but the bull was fast enough to catch it.

“Dont be afraid, this is a great thing!” The bull was excited and explained: “This is a touch of fate, an ultimate fortune, something others desire but will never get.

Little girl, its because of your pure blood, no one else except you have this perfect bloodline anymore.”

The bull gave it back to her but she was still afraid.

This was understandable - a hand suddenly moving again seemed creepy.

“You are very lucky to have something like this, blessed by the heaven even.” The bull comforted.

Strangely enough, it didnt react while being grabbed by Li Qiye or the bull at all.

“So whats going on” Jinning asked, thinking that it was just a golden gauntlet earlier.

This no longer seemed to be the case.

It was a real hand severed from another person.

The hand stopped moving right now in Yanbais hands.

“Come here.” Li Qiye gestured for her to come over and she obeyed.

He took the golden hand with one hand and her hand with the other.

“Buzz.” Her hand became shrouded in a blinding radiance as if there were an entire galaxy around it.

He began deriving the myriad dao and led out a flashing golden dao from the hand.

Next, the hand itself suddenly became liquefied.

He then pulled this flashing dao into her forehead.

“Buzz.” Runes began appearing around her arms.

They were simple and ancient, seemingly coming from an old era.

An ocean of hidden mysteries and peerless profundities was now hidden in her arms.

Just one dao alone was enough to start a world.

Next, the golden liquid poured down and covered her arms.

She was afraid at this sight but there was not the slightest sensation of pain.

In fact, she felt as if she had an immense force within her grasp now, like an innate power finally unlocked.

The shackles have been lifted - she felt that these were her real arms.

They have finally awakened.

“Cant get any better than this.” The bull praised after witnessing this.

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