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Chapter 2915: Grasp It

“That’s more like it.

Go forward with this confidence.” Li Qiye smiled.

“But, what if, I’m just saying what if she doesn’t like me” The youth thought about a different problem.

“How do you know she doesn’t like you without trying” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye.

“Well, Metalkin War God is outstanding.

Plus, they have been engaged since youth.” He started losing confidence again.

“So what” Li Qiye smiled: “Does that have anything to do with your plan You just need to court her, that’s all.

Plus, she doesn’t hate you either because if she did, would she have talked to you about the dao for that long She clearly has a good impression of you, probably not like, but not hate either.

Enough to be a friend right now.”

“You’re right.” His confidence increased by a considerable amount.

“And so what if she doesn’t like you Just take her away anyway.” Li Qiye flatly said.

“I can’t do that…” He didn’t expect this.

“Can’t Just do what you must until she likes you! Feel free to flip heaven and earth over to get something you want, the rest doesn’t matter.” Li Qiye smiled.

Such an overbearing and vulgar attitude stunned the youth.

In his mind, Li Qiye was a supreme master but the comment just now broke this image.

“If you like a girl, you need to grasp all opportunities.” Li Qiye said: “If you can’t even do that, what else can you accomplish Imagine, one day, you might have to fight everyone in the world and make rivers of blood or fight against the great dark existences, a fight where you might not come back alive.

All of these tasks require immense courage so if you can’t even handle flirting, can you do any of these other things No.” 

“It’s too aggressive…” He found this to be too straightforward even for someone as arrogant as him.

“Look over at Uncrossable Expanse.” Li Qiye pointed over yonder: “In the future, as you step before that place and look back, you will find that what you have experienced before is completely insignificant, flirting included, not worth mentioning compared to entering that place.”

He looked over as well at the great expanse.

Numerous progenitors and powerful true gods have entered that place.

These beings have done incredible deeds in the past but none could come out.

Li Qiye was right.

Everything else seemed so trivial compared to taking on that place.

He became lost in thoughts.

He was young and had no plan of going there.

However, since his goal was to become a second Fardao, he would have to accomplish many things in the future.

While standing at the apex and looking back, the things he had considered as serious and important probably didn’t actually matter at all.

“I still can’t do it.” He smiled wryly, unable to accept Li Qiye’s view.

Not everyone could put on this mentality, maybe only a fierce person like Li Qiye.

“Fine, you don’t need to be this different but pursuing your crush should still be fine, right Have the courage to do so, whether it be something daring or chasing after Spiritheart.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Maybe I should wait and grow stronger.

There’s a higher probability of defeating Metalkin War God if I were a peak Everlasting.” He pondered for a bit before answering.

“Fool! Extremely unwise.

Your peerless brain must have run off somewhere.” Li Qiye gave him a cold glare.

“I, I just think that the probability of success is higher like that.” The youth didn’t expect the harsh feedback.

“How long is it going to take One hundred years” Li Qiye went on.

“Ten years, ten years, that’s all I need!” He clenched his fist and powerfully declared, mustering courage out of nowhere.

“Forget it.

You can’t do this.” Li Qiye gave up.

“Why not” He felt as if Li Qiye had just poured cold water over his head: “I’m sure that if I work hard, I can become a peak Everlasting within ten years.”

This wasn’t an exaggeration due to his incredible talents.

If he risked his life and just trained, that should be enough for a miracle.

Going from a half-step to the peak level within ten years would go down in the record book in Three Immortals.

Nevertheless, he was willing to go for it for Spiritheart True Emperor.

“What do you think will happen in ten years They will probably have a bunch of kids by then.” Li Qiye said.

This comment made him feel as if there was an invisible hand gripping his heart and suffocating him.

This was very likely after ten years.

“Patience is the right choice for certain things, waiting for when the time is ripe or when you are stronger.

This isn’t the case here, the chance only comes up once before disappearing.

If you can’t grasp it, you will lose it forever! That’s why you need to be ready now.

As you can see, you have left a decent impression on the emperor after this meeting.

If you don’t take advantage of it and wait ten years, the meal will be cold, no, someone else will have finished eating it.” Li Qiye slowly explained.

“You’re right.” He accepted.

“Stop hesitating.

There are very few women in this world who can earn the grace of a genius like you and fewer who can make you feel like this.

Think about it, is there anyone else who can replace Spiritheart’s position in your heart” Li Qiye went on.

“None.” He didn’t need to think before answering.

“See If she’s the only one you like right now, then stop thinking and caring so much about the result.

It doesn’t matter because you have tried at least.

Even in the case of failure, it’ll be a good experience, a noteworthy and bittersweet feeling of regret.

Otherwise, when you stand before the great expanse in the future and look back, there will be an empty spot in your heart for not pursuing your early crush with Spiritheart True Emperor, this feeling of regrets is tasteless and lamentable.

On the other hand, success means winning the beauty over, so no regrets there.” Li Qiye elaborated.

He was shaken after hearing this.

After a while, his eyes lit up with fierceness.

“I understand.” The supreme genius finally got the point. 

Metalkin War God Metalkin Divine Court Marriage pact None of this could stop him from pursuing her.

“Go now.

You’re not an idiot so chasing after a girl won’t affect your cultivation, provided that your dao heart stays firm.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Thank you, Sir.

I will engrave your teaching into my heart.” He got on his knees and bowed.

Li Qiye accepted the grand gesture.

After finishing the bow, the youth leaped to the sky and chased after Spiritheart True Emperor.


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