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Chapter 2910: Disaster

The youth followed Li Qiye and left this vast land before he knew it. 

When they got back into Sacred Mountain, Li Qiye suddenly noticed something.

He looked up towards the deepest part of the sky with an all-seeing gaze.

Meanwhile, the prodigy didn’t know what was going on.

Nevertheless, he realized that it should be a big deal and used his golden eye as well.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions detonated.

In the beginning, everyone didn’t care too much, thinking that it was just another battle.

As time passed, the explosions became increasingly louder.

Immortal Lineage started shaking and the atmosphere had ripples.

Something seemed to be assaulting the realm.

Powerful beings took note of this.

Everlasting Eternals, powerful progenitors, and living fossils started looking towards the source of the explosions.

Their eyes lit up like divine lamps.

“Rumble!” The world could hear this next set clearly.

A calamity seemed to be coming after numerous earthquakes.

“Boom!” Something broke through the world barrier and made it to Immortal Lineage.

A ray cut through the deepest crevice of the sky and started heading for the other side.

“Rumble!” The sky quaked as a result.

This ray was massive just like a falling planet.

Numerous broken pieces started falling down along its trajectory.

“Broken pieces” sounded small but they were as large as meteors.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The explosions emanated across the entire world now, no longer limited to the upper atmosphere.

Only the powerful existences with their heavenly gazes saw the ray at first.

Later on, the blinding ray was too conspicuous and everyone else noticed.

“Look, is that a shooting star” Many yelled after seeing it.

It was still too far away and others didn’t realize its colossal size.

Only the masters noticed this and were frightened.

It could easily destroy numerous systems after landing.

“It came out from Uncrossable Expanse!” A True Emperor gasped in astonishment.

“How can this be No one goes there and nothing comes out, what is wrong with this generation” A being old enough to be considered a living fossil has never seen anything like this before.

“Rumble!” The ray drew closer so the earthquakes intensified.

Everyone could see the thing looming above them now, just like a monster ready to devour their world!

Any system seemed tiny in comparison.

It could instantly crush a dozen systems with one move and torn Immortal Lineage asunder.

“I… can’t believe this! It wants to destroy the world!” Numerous people became frightened. 

People brought up the old prophecy many years before - the heavenly change heralds a monster! 

“It’s close to the sky moat now!” A master shouted while looking up.

“Can it handle this” An Everlasting wondered.

“Go send a message to Tai Yinxi!” A True Emperor ordered.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” One could hear drum beats echoing across all of Immortal Lineage right after.

A massive light from the world’s frontier surged to the sky and illuminated all directions.

A great wall emerged - the famous sky moat.

It exuded divine flames and looked just like a dragon.

“Sky Pass is activating its defense now!” An Eternal roared.

“It’s finally Sky Pass’ time to shine, we’ve never seen these walls being used before outside of training!” A “living fossil” shouted.

The ray and its shattered pieces began the offense.

“Will Sky Pass and the sky moat make it” People started praying that this line of defense would work.

For millions of years, no one cared about this defensive line.

The walls were nothing but a symbol in their mind.

Only Sky Pass carried some significance.

Now, it looked like the walls were actually useful.

They hope that it was tough enough to withstand the attack.

Everyone held their breath as they placed their palms together: “You can do it, Sky Pass.”

“Boom!” Immortal Lineage shook violently again, enough for tsunamis to form in the seas.

This ray was extremely close to the border of Immortal Lineage right now but it suddenly changed direction and only skirted by the walls.

“It’s not slamming into us.” Many celebrated at this sight.

Some calmed down and finally noticed that the ray was only flying by.

Immortal Lineage wasn’t its destination.

“Rumble!” The explosions still continued but its figure gradually shrank up above.

“That’s good.” They heaved a sigh of relief.

Some dropped to the ground in fear after recalling the crisis earlier.

The next target of the shrinking ray became clear.

It was heading for the other side of space.

“It’s going towards Sky Ruins.” A keen observer murmured.

“That’s a boundless world, why is it heading there, what is it” One True Emperor wondered.

“Boom!” Something deep in Sky Ruins erupted and released red smoke.

This seemed to be a defensive measure, an attempt to protect something.

The smoke then dissipated and disappeared from sight.

Even the sharp gaze of the progenitors crossing through space couldn’t tell what was going on.

No one was allowed to spy.

“Rumble!” The massive ray slowly disappeared into the vast expanse of Sky Ruins.

“Well, at least nothing happened to us.” The rest of the world didn’t care about this and started celebrating.


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