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Chapter 1317: Lithodidae Overlord’s Second Provocation

Jianshi said in a serious manner: “We don’t think highly of the prince not because of his talents, but rather his ambition for expansion.”

Her gentle eyes looked over at Li Qiye as she revealed her thoughts: “Sea gods and Immortal Emperors are different.

Even if an emperor came out of Heaven Spirit, they won’t necessarily stay here, but a sea god will always return.

Sea gods will rise and fall here…

“… The ambition of an emperor is the entire nine worlds while a sea god’s is limited to Heaven Spirit.

The other locations, to them, are only fleeting visits.

If the prince were to become the next sea god, his impact would be much greater than the Seven Sea Goddess.

Many charming spirits would prefer to see her win.”

“To be honest, we have a good personal relationship with the Seven Sea Goddess.” Ruyan chuckled and winked at Li Qiye like a seductive temptress.

Her charm sunk straight into the heart as she smiled: “For both personal and business reasons, we want to see a sea goddess in the future.”

After hearing this, Li Qiye smiled in response: “She is so young yet well-versed in the seven styles — this means that her chance of success is quite high.

However, that’s hers and the pavilion’s business, it has nothing to do with me.

They just need to give me the seven styles and I’ll replenish the Hallowed Ancestor’s life.”

Jianshi emotionally sighed: “The seven styles…”

She knew that such a trade was simply impossible.

The pavilion would never trade the seven styles to anyone.

“I heard the seven styles actually came from the Dao Scripture.” Ruyan became quite curious and smiled: “Young Noble, what do you think”

“You seductress, don’t try to pry it from me.” Li Qiye smiled then glared at her: “I don’t have an opinion on this matter.”

“But you really want the seven styles.

I actually thought that you were trying to collect parts of the Dao Scripture.” Ruyan wasn’t afraid of Li Qiye.

“Dao Scripture, eh” Li Qiye replied with great amusement: “Many things aren’t just legends, but yes, the seven styles are indeed very tempting.”

Ruyan softly asked: “Must you have the seven styles”

“Little girl, you are mistaken.

If I was determined to get it, it would be in my hands right now.

For me, it is only of little interest and not to the point where I must have it.”

The two girls didn’t comment further.

They understood that the seven styles had always been a highly-coveted item for millions of years.

People’s mouths would start to water whenever they thought about it.


After Li Qiye killed the five generals, many thought that the Lithodidae Overlord would avoid him.

After all, Li Qiye was basking in the spotlight on top of being a very ferocious genius that was always ready to massacre an entire clan or sect.

However, the overlord unexpectedly did not avoid Li Qiye at all.

On the other hand, he held a public feast while maintaining a bright demeanor.

He invited many experts and young geniuses to this party.

Moreover, it was held at the War Cliff not far away from the Bonesea.

“To remember and celebrate the glory and accolades of the ancestors after coming here.” The overlord gave this reason for the celebration.

This public feast left everyone with different interpretations and opinions.

Someone who understood him explained: “Li Qiye is a monster, but the same is true for the overlord.

He views Li Qiye as prey and won’t give up until the hunt is over.

This overlord likes a challenge and a certain amount of risk in his conquest.

He basks in success after making a trophy out of his victims.

In recent years, he has killed many characters stronger than Li Qiye, and now, Li Qiye’s head is the new target.

Even if he has to throw away everything, he will not give up!”

After hearing this news, a sect master slowly said: “The War Cliff is very close to the Bonesea.

I think Li Qiye’s group has to go through it first.

Is he really picking the War Cliff as the location for the feast just out of remembrance and to honor the ancestors”

“I think he is trying to lure Li Qiye in.” A sea demon was certain: “People always say that this overlord is a huge deviant.

If he could cut down Li Qiye’s head in front of everyone, it might be the most pleasurable thing in his life.

It would be one of his biggest achievements for sure.”

“He’s quite brave, but does he have the strength to kill Li Qiye Plus, Li Qiye might not even go to the War Cliff.” Some were full of curiosity.

Of course, some felt distressed as well, such as the ones that were invited by the overlord to this celebration.

A few of them didn’t want to get into this kind of trouble.

In their eyes, both Li Qiye and the overlord were too ruthless, and they wanted no part in this.

However, if they didn’t accept the invitation, maybe the overlord would hold a grudge against them.

Once they’re there, it would be good if the overlord could kill Li Qiye.

However, if he couldn’t and Li Qiye massacred everyone there in anger, it would be quite a miserable fate for them.

“Who knows who will win” The blatant provocation made people suddenly smell the stench of blood.

“The overlord is someone who never conducts himself in a righteous manner; he has no scruples about the methods he deploys.

He is not an ordinary expert or genius.

These people require face and their conducts revolve around it, but not the overlord.

I’m sure he has ways of killing Li Qiye even if he is weaker.

He has never failed before, so he must have something up his sleeves before deciding to make such a grandiose move.” A Heavenly King of the sea demon race analyzed the situation.

“What a ruthless man.” Some actually felt admiration for him.

It was common knowledge that the overlord was unlikely to become the next sea god.

His shortcomings were very obvious compared to the Seashield Prince and Seven Sea Goddess.

Of course, he had no ambition to become the next sea god either.

He enjoyed the sensation of the hunt and the thrill of killing even more.

Because of this, he had a bad reputation for being a deviant in the Dragon Demon Sea.

Li Qiye also received this news.

Ruyan told Li Qiye right away after hearing about it: “That Lithodidae Overlord is holding a banquet at the War Cliff.”

“A very brave man.” Li Qiye smiled: “Still daring to show his face in this situation, what exceptional courage.”

“He might be declaring war on you, Young Noble.” Jianshi slightly frowned: “He must have prepared more traps at the War Cliff and is waiting for you to jump in.”

“Not might, he is for sure.” Ruyan chuckled: “He knows that he has no chance of becoming a sea god, so he is using these gimmicks to raise his own prestige.

Instead of calling him a pervert, it is more apt to talk about his inferiority complex.

If he was a truly ferocious character, he would be challenging the Seashield Prince’s group and mercilessly force himself to become a sea god! Alas, he doesn’t even have the courage to face the challenge head-on, how can people think of him as being ruthless Knowing that it is impossible yet still choosing to do it, that is true ruthlessness to oneself.”

“Such eloquence.” Li Qiye laughed right away: “Reaching the throne and becoming a sea god indeed requires courage and ruthlessness.

Doing the impossible — this has always been a driving force for cultivators along their endless road.”

“I am elated to hear your praise.” She gave a charming smile that pulled at the heartstrings.

“Are you going, Young Noble” Jianshi was much more dignified and graceful compared to the demoness.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I” Li Qiye happily answered: “He is someone who is certain of victory, the type I like to crush the most.

I will trample on his confidence and make him drown in despair before sending him to his miserable end, a descent from joy to nothingness.”

“Young Noble, you are the real pervert here.” Ruyan shot out a seductive glance, capable of stealing away souls.

Li Qiye laughed and commanded: “Go, to the War Cliff.”

The boat of the Evil Devourer School headed straight for the cliff.

This didn’t go unnoticed; the crowd knew that this was the prelude to the play.

“Two monsters.

One who is completely undeterred before danger while the other must have a successful hunt.” A sea demon commented: “This will be a splendid show.”

“The result is not yet conclusive, so it will certainly be exciting.

I won’t miss this for anything!” Some followed right after the boat, anxious to watch the fun.


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