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Chapter 996: Hanging by a Thread

Old man Hou stood in the cavern dumbstruck.

He was no longer as complacent as he seemed before, and deep fear completely enveloped him.

As a Saint Ruler, old man Hou was extremely knowledgeable.

He knew quite a lot regarding Class 7 Magical Beasts.

They were naturally more powerful than humans of the same cultivation level.

The chances of a humans victory were pitiful if they fought a magical beast with a similar cultivation level.

He was a Saint Ruler, but he did not possess any powerful battle skills.

All he could do was probably flee if he came across a Class 7 Magical Beast, and he could tell from the roar that the magical beast hurrying over was far stronger than him.

This made it even more difficult for him to deal with the current situation.

“How is this possible How can another Class 7 Magical Beast appear here” Old man Hou murmured with a trembling voice.

Without any hesitation, he no longer bothered to kill Rum Guinness in the cavern.

Instead, he turned into a blur and fled at his greatest speed.

At the same time, the stunned Heaven Saint Masters outside returned to their senses.

They immediately began to flee as fast as they could without anyones orders.

They could tell from the great roars that the Class 7 Magical Beast was in top condition, unlike the heavily injured one in the cave.

Even the esteemed old man Hou was not the opponent of a peak condition Class 7 Magical Beast.

The Heaven Saint Masters fled into the distance at virtually the same time as old man Hou.

Old man Hou fused with the surrounding space and hurried along with his abilities as a Saint Ruler, so he was extremely fast.

Meanwhile, the Heaven Saint Masters could only fly slowly.

In the blink of an eye, old man Hou was about to disappear into the horizon, but a white figure rushed over from behind with a speed countless times faster than old man Hou.

It crossed through several dozen kilometers in the blink of an eye and blocked old man Hou.

To no surprise, it was a huge, thirty-meter-long white tiger with wings on its back.

The white tiger floated impressively in the air as it blocked old man Hous path.

Its eyes no longer shone with a pure light.

Instead, a vicious light glowed in its eyes.

It seemed like a bloodthirsty beast.

The white tigers incomparable speed immediately caused old man Hou to pale from fright.

The strength of the Class 7 Magical Beast before him was beyond his imaginations.

Roar! The white tiger roared at the sky angrily and did not give old man Hou any more time to flee.

It swung its front paw directly toward old man Hous neck.

As soon as old man Hou wanted to dodge, he discovered with fright that the space around him had been frozen unknowingly.

It immobilized him.

Shwt! The white tigers sharp claws ripped the hopeless old mans throat in half.

The white tiger had beheaded him, and his body fell while his head remained in the sky.

The white tiger growled constantly.

It opened its mouth, and an energy ball that radiated with powerful ripples shot out.

The ball directly collided with old man Hous head.

The old mans head immediately exploded with a boom; the tiger had directly wiped out his soul.

Saint Rulers were rather difficult to kill, but that was only the case when the opponent had a similar strength.

Ordinary Saint Rulers could not even flee before the Winged Tiger God.

The white tigers fury did not decrease at all after it killed off the old man.

He continued to chase down the remaining Heaven Saint Masters with surging killing intent.

Even though they had all used a very smart tactic and dispersed, they were nowhere as fast as the Winged Tiger God.

The white tiger caught them one by one.

With a flurry of its paws, the white tiger ripped the Heaven Saint Masters into pieces.

Their blood dyed the sky red.

Although the white tiger was young, it had experienced quite a few events as it followed Jian Chen in all these years.

It rarely ever fought, but bloody scenes like these were common to it.

As a result, it was not soft-hearted at all when it came to killing people.

The white tiger still seemed to be angry after it killed the Heaven Saint Masters.

It produced a deafening roar at the sky once again, which frightened all the magical beasts in the marsh.

All of them were on the ground; they trembled as fear filled their eyes.

Rum Guinness lay in her own blood within the cave as she faced death.

She opened her darkened eyes with difficulty.

Even though she was weak, this did not hide the excitement and emotions within her eyes.

As a magical beast, and a high class magical beast in particular, Rum Guinness could naturally feel a special connection with her kindred.

She knew that her child that she had not seen for many years had returned since the first roar.

“My child, my child, my child has come back,” Rum Guinness said in the human tongue.

Her voice was so soft and weak that it was barely audible, but indescribable emotions filled it.

Blood constantly flowed from her mouth as she spoke, which made her seem extremely miserable.

The white tiger outside the cave constantly shrank before it became a meter in length as it entered the cavern step by step.

Its pair of snow-white wings were slightly unfurled as they flickered with a soft white light.

It seemed extremely impressive.

Growl! The white tiger produced a throaty, trembling growl in anguish when it saw Rum Guinness who lied in a pool of her own blood.

The white tiger seemed to be crying, as it could clearly feel that its mothers presence was becoming weaker and weaker.

Her life force drained away constantly.

Rum Guinness was heavily injured now, so she no longer had any power to keep up the seal within her body.

The dark energy broke through as it constantly ravaged her body.

“Child, my child.

I thought that I would never be able to see you again.

Now that I can see you right before I die, I can die without regrets,” Rum Guinness said in the human tongue.

Her voice was so weak and soft that it was barely audible.

She struggled to open her eyes, and she looked at the impressive white tiger before her with deep love.

Pride filled her eyes.

At this moment, Jian Chen, You Yue, Rui Jin, and Hei Yu also arrived.

Jian Chens expression immediately changed when he saw Rum Guinness condition.

He appeared before her in the blink of an eye.

A golden streak of light shot out from the center of his eyebrows and landed in his hand as a palm-sized golden tower.

“Human, I havent misjudged you.

I can feel that my child has grown to Class 7.

I thank you for looking after my child for all these years.” Rum Guinness looked toward Jian Chen with gratitude.

“Dont talk for now.

Ill save you immediately,” said Jian Chen.

“The seal within me has broken.

The dark energy a king from the Gilligan clan deposited in my body is currently invading my soul, so my soul will be wiped out very soon.

Its too late,” Rum Guinness said disjointedly.

“Ill protect your soul with a strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy.

Dont worry, youll be saved.” With a thought from Jian Chen, a strand of origin energy emerged from the top of his head and quickly floated to the tip of his finger.

He extended his finger and the strand of energy immediately disappeared into Rum Guinness.

It prevented the dark energy within her from tunneling deeper.

Afterward, Jian Chen immediately contacted the artifact spirit to bring Rum Guinness into the artifact space without any hesitation.

Right now, Rum Guinness was in an extremely dangerous situation.

He could heal her with his abilities as a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, but the artifact spirits abilities were even greater.

He chose to let the artifact spirit heal her personally as a safety measure.

The white tiger nervously stared at the saint artifact that floated in the air.

It produced a deep growl as if it was pleading the artifact to save his mother.

Jian Chen rubbed the white tigers head and said, “Xiao Bai, dont worry.

Its not like you dont know what the artifact spirit is capable of.

Dont worry, hell definitely save your mother.

Your mother will be fine.

Lets go.

We should enter the artifact space as well.”

Afterward, Jian Chen entered the artifact space with You Yue and the white tiger.

Only Rui Jin and Hei Yu remained outside as they kept guard.


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