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Chapter 989: The Three Soul-controlling Techniques

Jian Chen became silent after hearing Tian Jians words.

He felt extremely uneasy after Tie Tas identity was confirmed.

At the same time, he understood very well that Tie Ta was still the war god of the Hundred Races even though he was innocent himself.

The previous war god and the Hundred Races were enemies of the Tian Yuan Continent.

After the effects from all those years ago, the ten protector clans would definitely not let him go.

Jian Chen felt a lingering fear after he learned the scale of matters Tie Ta\'s identity connected to.

If Tian Jian had not made it in time and the protector clans arrived before he could take Tie Ta to Mercenary City, the outcome would have been unimaginable.

Jian Chen might have ended up losing a friend forever.

Jian Chen did not care at all even though Tie Tas true identity was not human.

To him, it did not matter what Tie Tas true identity was or what he became.

He could always remain a good friend.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Jian Chens head.

He thought back to the golden drop of blood he had come across on Dragon Island and thought, “That drop of blood was left behind by Aergyns and it contains a great energy.

Tie Tas also a war god, so can he absorb that blood If he can, his strength will definitely skyrocket.”

“Looks like I need to take Tie Ta to Dragon Island when I have the time,” thought Jian Chen.

At this moment, Ming Dong and Tie Tas presences rippled as they cultivated.

They woke up at the same time and actually discovered Jian Chen as soon as they opened their eyes.

They stared blankly at first, before returning to their senses.

They became excited.

“Jian Chen, youre actually back,” Ming Dong immediately cried out.

He shot up to Jian Chen and hugged him.

He felt extremely emotional.


Jian Chen, youve finally returned.” Tie Ta also stood up and looked at Jian Chen, who only reached up to his chest.

Emotions filled his face as well.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong separated and arrived before Tie Ta.

Jian Chen heavily punched Tia Tas huge, three-meter-tall body as he stared at him.

“Tie Ta, youve grown even bigger after not seeing you for so many years.”

Tie Ta smiled straightforwardly and scratched his head.

He said with his deep, soft voice, “I dont know why either.

Im just growing bigger and bigger.”

Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta talked for some more.

Suddenly, Ming Dong seemed to think of something.

His face sank and he looked at Jian Chen apologetically and said, “Jian Chen, Im sorry.

We were useless.

We failed to protector Flame City.

The Extinguishing Alliance took it under the lead of Bi Jian.”

Tie Tas face also sank when he heard Ming Dong mention that.

His gaze toward Jian Chen also became filled with regret and shame.

Tie Ta always blamed himself for the matter of Flame City, even though he was not at fault at all.

Jian Chen broke into laughter when he heard them mention this.

He replied, “I know about it already but dont worry.

No one can take things that belong to me.

I have already retaken the Flame City that was once occupied by the Extinguishing Alliance.”

Ming Dong and Tie Tas faces immediately lit up with joy.

However, Ming Dong seemed to think of something again.

His brows furrowed in worry and he said, “But Jian Chen, the ten protector clans of the continent will not let us take Flame City.

If the protector clans interfere again, we wont have the power to keep Flame City at all, even if uncle Tian makes an appearance.”

“The ten protector clans,” Jian Chen murmured softly.

He could not help but smile coldly as he continued, “If the ten protector clans want to interfere, Ill definitely let them leave with more than they bargained for.”

Although the ten protector clans had Emperor Armaments that could break through his divine hall, the power of the weapons were just too great.

They could only be used in crucial moments.

Unless the protector clans were forced into a situation like the Yiyuan sect before, Jian Chen refused to believe that the protector clans would use the Emperor Armaments so easily.

However, even if they wanted to use it against him, Jian Chen was supported by the protector Changyang clan, so he at least had the power to resist.

Additionally, Tian Jian and Mercenary City could also stop them.

It would not be easy for them to successfully use the Emperor Armaments.

Lastly, Jian Chen had Rui Jin and Hei Yu beside him, two experts that could fight on-par with Saint Emperors.

He did not need to feel fear even if the protector clans ran the risk of offending Mercenary City and used the Emperor Armaments against him in the end.

Although the protector clans Emperor Armaments possessed the might of Saint Emperors, Rui Jin and Hei Yu possessed origin energy armor, and even Saint Emperors would personally struggle to injure them.

As a result, the Emperor Armaments could not harm the two of them at all.

Tie Ta and Ming Dong because surprised immediately after they heard Jian Chens words.

They both stared at him with wide eyes.

“My god, you dont even fear the protector clans now, Jian Chen.

Just what level of cultivation have you reached now Can you contend against the protector clans now” Ming Dong cried out.

“If I use my Emperor Armament, I can fight hand in hand with Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings,” said Jian Chen with a smile.

He hid very few things from Ming Dong and Tie Ta.

However, Tie Ta and Ming Dongs hearts began to churn after they heard these words.

They were filled with disbelief.

“S- S- Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

My god, Jian Chen, y- y- youve become that powerful,” stuttered Ming Dong as he looked at Jian Chen dumbfoundedly.

Currently, the shock within him had peaked.

Tie Ta also stared blankly for quite a while before gradually returning to his senses.

He sighed emotionally and said, “Jian Chen, and I had thought that I had improved quickly in the past years and had exceeded you already.

Never did I think youd still be stronger than me after not seeing each other for a few years.

Moreover, the difference between the two of us is getting wider and wider.

Looks like I can never surpass you for the rest of my life.”

Jian Chen smiled at what Tie Ta had said and replied, “Tie Ta, you need to be confident in yourself.

You need to be confident that you can surpass me in the future and become someone who surpasses Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent.”

“Can I really surpass Saint Emperor” Tie Tas eyes immediately lit up when Jian Chen mentioned surpassing Saint Emperor.


Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta talked some more, before looking toward Tian Jian.

Jian Chens expression changed very quickly, becoming filled with some pain.

“Senior Tian Jian, I want to see the bodies of mother and father,” Jian Chen said with a deep voice.

The happiness he had experienced from reuniting with Ming Dong and Tie Ta immediately vanished after he thought about his parents.

Tian Jian nodded silently.

He said, “Come with me.” With that, he turned around and walked toward the exterior of the divine hall.

Jian Chen immediately followed Tian Jian to the location where his parents bodies were stored.

Ming Dong and Tie Ta also controlled their feelings, following behind Jian Chen heavy-heartedly.

The two of them also few extremely sorrowful and pained over what had happened to Jian Chens parents.

Jian Chen arrived in a room of the divine hall after Tian Jian.

The entire room was filled with icy-cold air, causing a faint layer of frost to form on the walls.

The air inside was white and a cold mist floated there as well.

As soon as Jian Chen entered the room, his eyes locked onto the huge ice casket in the center.

He could clearly see his parents through the transparent ice.

They laid there silently.

“To preserve the bodies of your parents even better, I specially visited the arctic and returned with some arctic ice.

It can ensure that your parents bodies will not rot even after a thousand years.

Jian Chen, youve parted with your parents for so many years.

You should really spend some time together with them again,” Tian Jian said with mixed emotions, before backing out with Ming Dong and Tie Ta.

Only Jian Chen remained in the icy-cold room.

Jian Chen slowly walked up to the ice caskets and looked at the silent faces of his parents.

Unknowingly, tears began to roll down his face.

The person who said men bled but did not cry clearly was never emotionally hurt!

Outside, Jian Chen was a merciless, indomitable and person.

No matter how much blood he bled or how intense the pain and torture he endured, he had never cried.

He seemed like a person with a heart of stone.

However, he still internally retained a soft side.

That was the side of his relatives and family.

Jian Chen stared at his parents blankly.

Dazed, he began to think of the past again, thinking about the concern, meticulous care, and love from his mother.

He also recalled her beautiful and benevolent face.

“Mother, father, your child has returned.

Your child has returned to see you.

Your child is now a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master and will be able to awaken you from your slumber very quickly,” murmured Jian Chen.

With a thought, a golden streak of light immediately shot from the center of his eyebrows, turning into a golden tower before him.

Jian Chen then entered it.

Inside the artifact space, Jian Chen sat with his legs crossed in a rather dark room within the huge hall.

The artifact spirit stood politely to one side in the form of a white-clothed, middle-aged man.

“Artifact spirit, pass the three soul-controlling techniques onto me immediately,” growled Jian Chen.

Only by learning the three techniques could he revive the dead.

“Yes master,” The artifact spirit replied courteously.

Afterward, he passed on the cultivation method of the three techniques by mouth to Jian Chen.


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