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Chapter 973: Resisting the Protector Clans (Three)

Yi Yangzis palm strike immediately caused the space before him to collapse.

A half a meter wide palm immediately condensed, shooting toward Jian Chen as a blur.

Jian Chen was extremely stern.

A vast pressure had already tightly locked onto him.

It did not come from Yi Yangzi, but the casual strike was from him.

Jian Chen actually felt the notion of utter defeat flash through his head when he faced up against this palm strike completely condensed from energy.

It was as if he could not avoid it no matter where he dodged or hid.

Jian Chens heart shivered and he grabbed the Emperor Armament with both of his hands.

He raised the weapon high up and swung out several times as hard as he could in that moment.

Several powerful sword Qi shot through the sky, shooting toward Yi Yangzis palm strike in a row.

Yi Yangzis attack contained an unimaginable power.

When the sword Qi collided with the palm, they all dispersed while the palm continued at the same speed toward Jian Chen.

However, it did become weaker after bursting through all the sword Qi.

Bang! The palm condensed from energy struck Jian Chen mercilessly.

The palm broke through his Chaotic Body immediately, and even the golden silkmail failed to block anything.

His chest caved in deeply and all his ribs all shattered.

Jian Chen sputtered and blood leaked from the corner of his lips.

He flew backward, only stopping after traveling several kilometers.

Jian Chen was shocked.

Yi Yangzi was far more powerful than he had ever imagined.

Just a casual palm strike of his was still so powerful, even after being weakened by the sword Qi.

Jian Chen felt utterly astounded.

At this moment, the remaining great elders of the Yiyuan sect emerged with a group of Saint Rulers from the Space Gate.

They were all surprised when they saw Yi Yangzi holding Ling Yuanzis soul, but fury soon replaced their surprise.

They all glared viciously at Jian Chen.

“Ling Yuanzi was injured by you.

Who are you Are you sick of living How dare you injure a great elder of our protector Yiyuan sect!” The leading great elder yelled furiously at Jian Chen.

Dignity filled his voice.

“H- h- hes the Jian Chen we have been searching for.

He has returned with the Winged Tiger God,” said Ling Yuanzis soul.

Its voice was extremely weak.

“What! Hes Jian Chen!” All of them were shocked by Ling Yuanzis words.

They all looked toward Jian Chen in disbelief.

“How is this possible Jian Chen is clearly just a Saint Ruler, but the person before us is a Saint King.

He cant be Jian Chen.

Ling Yuanzi, have you mixed him up with another person” A great elder asked in disbelief.

He refused to believe that there would be someone who could reach Saint King from the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler in just a few years.

“Its him.

It cant be wrong.

It was he who cast Gods Descent all those years ago and heavily wounded my soul.

Even if I were reduced to ashes, I can still recognize him.

Look, that little beast on his shoulder is the Winged Tiger God,” said Ling Yuanzi.

All of them focused their attention on the white tiger on Jian Chens shoulder.

The white tiger remained standing there with balance as it stared back at them with its bright eyes.

Its fur had been messed up by the violent ripples of residual energy but it was unharmed.

Jian Chen silently circulated the Chaotic Force in his body.

The deviant-level recovery rate of the Chaotic Body came into play beautifully at this moment, allowing the wounds on his chest to heal quickly.

The shattered bones began to regrow quickly.

Jian Chen could not help but smile coldly when he noticed that everyone was looking at the white tiger.

A while later, a gleam of light flashed through Yi Yuanzis eyes.

He had finally confirmed the white tigers identity and his eyes began to burn with greed.

“I can feel a vague pressure from it.

It really is the Winged Tiger God.

It cant be wrong.”

All the experts from the Yiyuan sect became ecstatic when they heard this.

They all looked toward the white tiger avariciously, as if it was not a magical beast but a priceless treasure.


I never thought it would be us who would see the Winged Tiger God first.

The Winged Tiger God now belongs to our Yiyuan sect.

Jian Chen, you may have an Emperor Armament, but youre not our opponent.

Hand over the Winged Tiger God obediently.

Dont force us to move against you,” a great elder laughed aloud, as if the Winged Tiger God already belonged to their group.

A disdainful expression appeared on Jian Chens face.

He pointed his Emperor Armament toward the great elder who spoke and said provocatively, “If you want the Winged Tiger God, come get it.

But you probably arent capable enough to do that.”

“You arrogant brat!” The great elder erupted in rage and charged up to challenge Jian Chen to a battle.

However, he was stopped by Yi Yangzi.

Yi Yangzi slowly stepped forward as he gazed at Jian Chen calmly.

“Ling Fengzi, youre not his opponent.

The matters regarding the Winged Tiger God are too important, so we need to take it before the other protector clans arrive.

We cant waste too much time.

Let me do it.” Yi Yangzi took a step forward as soon as he finished speaking and the space below his feet rippled.

He suddenly disappeared; when he reappeared, he was over ten kilometers away from Jian Chen.

He extended his arm toward the white tiger on Jian Chens shoulder.

A sneer formed on Jian Chens lips and the Octoterra Divine Hall immediately appeared before him.

It blocked Yi Yangzis hand.

The sudden appearance of the divine hall surprised Yi Yangzi and his hand forcefully stopped in mid-air.

Surprise flashed through his eyes as he cried out with a deep voice, “Thats a Saint Emperors divine hall.

I never thought that youd also obtain a divine hall on top of your Emperor Armament.”

Not only did the sudden appearance of the divine hall surprise Yi Yangzi, it also shocked the other great elders and experts from the Yiyuan sect very much.

Jian Chen paid no attention to their surprise and made the Octoterra Divine Hall expand suddenly under the control of his mind.

It reached a length of three thousand meters in that very moment, hanging in the sky like a dark cloud.

Jian Chen entered the divine hall with the white tiger and a loud voice boomed from the hall, “People of the Yiyuan sect, Id like to see how you take the Winged Tiger God from me today.

Bring it on, all of you.

Ill take you all on at the same time.” Jian Chen sounded extremely arrogant.

It was an open provocation to the Yiyuan sects pride.

Yi Yangzi became pale and roared, “Jian Chen, dont think you can look down on others just because you have a divine hall! Do you really think that I cant do anything to you Piss off!” A tremendous energy surged from his body and a three-hundred-meter wide palm condensed before him.

It struck the divine hall heavily.


The divine hall immediately began to shake violently but regained its stability very quickly.

Yi Yangzis grand attack had failed to damage the divine hall at all.

The Octoterra Divine Hall flew over Yi Yangzis head at this very moment and directly began to descend.

The giant divine hall fell quickly, wanting to squash Yi Yangzi underneath.

Yi Yangzi became enraged after realizing what Jian Chen intended.

He could dodge, but his arrogance and pride as one of the strongest experts on the Tian Yuan Continent could not bear the thought of running.

Yi Yangzi roared at the sky as energy surged around him.

The space distorted and warped, while the energy of the world and the World Force in a radius of five thousand kilometers began to gather unceasingly.

In the end, it formed a three-hundred-meter wide palm that struck the bottom of the divine hall.

He tried to knock away the divine hall with force alone.

However, even the hall elders of the Serpent God Hall could do nothing to the Octoterra Divine Hall.

Although Yi Yangzi was on par with a hall elder, he was only one person.

As such, how could he stop the divine hall from descending He was directly squashed downward, forced closer and closer to the ground.

The other great elders saw this from afar and their faces all darkened.

One of them called out immediately, “Lets go help Yi Yangzi!”

The great elders and Saint Rulers did not hesitate any more, quickly flying under the divine hall.

They wanted to stop the divine hall with their combined power.

However, they still failed even though everyone was working together.

The divine hall continued downward with no reduction in speed, but this time with a big group of people underneath it.

In the end, the divine hall smashed into the ground heavily.


The earth began to quake violently as thick cracks covered the surrounding mountains.

A huge ditch formed at the location the divine hall had smashed into, while the divine hall itself had completely embedded itself deeply in the ground.

The divine hall forced all the experts from the Yiyuan sect into the ground, including the great elders.

The ground several kilometers away suddenly erupted and all the people emerged.

They had tunneled their way out.

However, they were currently dirty and in a horrible shape, covered in soil.

Although they did not sustain any horrible injuries, they were humiliated.

This was even worse than killing them.

All the people of the Yiyuan sect felt humiliated when they were forced into such a horrible shape by a junior, as they were one of the great protector clans of the continent.

To them, this would be a permanent stain on their dignity.

“Jian Chen!” Yi Yangzi was no longer able to remain calm as he roared out.

His voice was filled with rage and killing intent.

At that moment, his anger had reached the utmost limit.

“Ptui ptui ptui! Jian Chen, I, Ling Fengzi, will be taking your life today no matter what.

Argh!” Ling Fengzi spat out the pieces of grass in his mouth as he roared furiously at Jian Chen.

His eyes were completely bloodshot.


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