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Chapter 956: Visiting the Serpent God Hall (Three)

“Grandfather, grandfather…” Huang Luan cried out as she lunged at Huang Tianba.

Her voice was filled with panic and terror as her tears flowed like a fountain.

Huang Tianba slowly opened his eyes.

His face was dull and he struggled to hide his weakness.

“Luaner, it was your grandfather who caused you harm.

I shouldnt have agreed for you to become a disciple of this mongrel,” Huang Tianba said weakly.

He was furious.

“Grandfather…” sobbed Huang Luan.

She had never thought that the ancestor of her clan would be captured by the ancestor of the Huanggu clan.

Not only did it completely shatter their relationship, the two of them would probably not be able to leave this place either.

Huang Tianba raised his head with difficulty to stare viciously at the ancestor of the Huanggu clan.

He gnashed his teeth and said, “You mongrel.

I trusted you so much, treating your clan as a friend.

Never did I think you would do something like this.

What is the absolute secret youre keeping that requires you to lock up the two of us here”

Several days ago, Huang Tianba had received Huang Luans message.

As he had no idea what circumstances Huang Luan faced, he ran over from the Huang family without any preparations.

He just wanted to see Huang Luan.

But he had never imagined that the ancestor of the Huanggu clan would suddenly attack him when he was unprepared.

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan heavily injured him and locked him up, before sealing up his strength with a secret technique.

It made him as weak as an ordinary person.

Even until now, Huang Tianba had no idea why he was treated like this.

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan sneered, “Huang Tian, theres no need for you to know about this.

Just spend this period of time at our clan without worry.

I definitely wont mistreat you.”

“You mongrel! Luaners relationship with Jian Chen is very deep, and my family has a close friendship with the person in charge of the Changyang clan.

The Changyang clan will never let you go!” Huang Tianba cried out.

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan sniggered, “Huang Tianba, do you think I dont know Your relationship with the Changyang clan is completely built off Jian Chen.

Now that Jian Chen is not here, the Changyang clan wouldnt care about your Huang family at all.

Moreover, how would the Changyang clan learn about everything that has happened here Huang Tianba, you better give up on that thought.”

“You mongrel, theres not going to be a good end to this for you,” roared Huang Tianba.

A cold light flickered through the eyes of the Huanggu clan ancestor.

He sneered, “Hmph.

Huang Tianba, youve said enough.” He directly struck Huang Tianbas back with his palm, causing blood to spray from his mouth.

Huang Tianba became even more dejected.

“Dont harm grandfather!” Huang Luan cried out hysterically.

She felt a heart-wrenching pain when she saw Huang Tianbas state.

The Huanggu clan ancestor smiled evilly and said, “My dear disciple, your grandfathers life will now be in your hands.

If you want him to be safe and sound, you better use the cultivation method I gave you.” He left the secret room after saying that, locking Huang Luan inside once again.

Huang Luan sobbed quietly as she knelt on the ground.

Originally, her only hope was Huang Tianba.

But now that he had been captured and constrained, she had nothing to count on anymore.

Trapped in the dark, windowless room, she was completely cut off from the world.

She felt like the sky was collapsing.

That was how helpless she felt.

“Jian Chen, where are you right now” Huang Luan sobbed.

In this despairing situation, she could not help but think of him.

Only Jian Chen—who was on good terms with the Huang family—could contend against the Huanggu clan now.

No one outside knew what was happening in the Huanggu clan.

Even the Huang family was clueless, as Huang Tianba had told no one where he was going before he left.

Meanwhile, the Changyang clan of Lore City would never think that Huang Tianba would fall into such a horrible situation.


Jian Chen entered the territory of the Serpent God Hall all by himself.

He whistled through the air as he radiated with a tremendous aura, directly flying over countless clans and organizations.

This alerted many people.

However, with his current strength, no one dared to come looking for trouble.

Even a few people stronger than him did not want to aggravate a powerful opponent over these small matters as this could bring endless troubles to their clans.

There were many more experts at each level of cultivation in the sea realm than on the Tian Yuan Continent, but being a Saint King was still enough to move freely through most places.

Jian Chen flew through the territory of the Serpent God Hall without maintaining a low profile, traveling directly to the center of the land with a hostile aura.

He finally arrived before the huge divine hall after two whole days of traveling.

The divine hall was jet-black throughout and hung in the air like a huge castle.

It was covered with the engravings of serpent dragons.

These serpent dragons were sometimes roaring at the sky.

At other times, they displayed their teeth and talons.

They all seemed different from one another yet they were all life-like.

A huge, thirty-thousand-meter-long black serpent dragon coiled at the very top of the structure.

It was like a ruler looking down on the world.

It radiated with dignity, giving people the feeling that it was the one and only overlord.

Jian Chen floated in the air with crossed arms as he radiated with a tremendous pressure.

It formed many layers, constantly ramming against the divine hall.

Although it could not even move the divine hall, it was filled with provocation.

“Who dares to act so brazenly before our divine hall!” A thunderous roar immediately rang out from inside, and several Saint Ruler emissaries emerged furiously.

A cold light flickered through Jian Chens eyes.

Once the emissaries had completely left the divine hall, he flipped his right hand and the Emperor Armament immediately appeared.

He swung it directly at the emissaries.

A huge, crescent-shaped sword Qi shot out, surging toward the emissaries with a destructive energy.

It directly chopped through their chests and bisected their bodies.

The emissaries all howled out miserably as they fell from the air while bleeding profusely.

Jian Chens sword Qi continued onward with no decrease in force, ramming heavily against the huge divine hall.

A muffled boom erupted as the entire structure shook gently.

This action immediately alerted all the experts within.

Several tremendous auras immediately flooded out from the divine hall, and several dozen figures all took to the air.

They flew out with lightning speed.

They were all elders of the Serpent God Hall.

Almost half of the Saint Kings in the territory of the Serpent God Hall had appeared, while even more emissaries followed behind them.

In the blink of an eye, a large group gathered around Jian Chen.

Other than the several dozen Saint Kings, there were hundreds of emissaries.

The group formed a huge ring as they surrounded Jian Chen tightly.

A vast aura radiated from the mass, crisscrossing in mid-air to form a net that enveloped Jian Chen.

“Who are you Name yourself…”

“Are you sick of living Harming our emissaries and attacking our divine hall…”

“You brat, do you want to die for acting wildly before our divine hall…”


Countless angry cries rang out from the surroundings as they all stared at Jian Chen as a cold light flickered in their eyes.

Killing intent surged as well, but even more of them focused their attention on the Emperor Armament in Jian Chens hand.

A sharp light flickered in Jian Chens eyes.

He raised his sword toward the sky and shook it.

Immediately, it began to glow with a blinding dark light as a destructive aura flooded a radius of several dozen kilometers.

He called out, “Dont blame me for being merciless to those who dont shut up!”

The various sounds immediately disappeared.

At that moment, the surroundings became utterly silent.

Everyone stared at Jian Chen blankly.

They had not been frightened by Jian Chen but surprised.

In all these years, there had never been someone in the sea realm who dared to speak so brazenly before so many experts, much less come all by himself to challenge the Serpent God Halls dignity.

Jian Chen was the first.

“Hmph, you ignorant brat.

You overestimate yourself in challenging our halls dignity.

Ill show you what strength really is,” growled a white-haired old man.

He immediately charged at Jian Chen with a trident in his hand.

Jian Chen glanced at the old man as his lips curled up in scorn.

He sneered, “A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

You still dont have the right to do that.” Jian Chen suddenly stabbed out with his Emperor Armament and a huge sword Qi shot toward the old man.

A great boom erupted when the two collided, like a clap of thunder.

It echoed to several hundred kilometers away.

The old man grunted and a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

He shot back at a speed even greater than what he had initially charged with.

In the end, he heavily crashed into the divine hall behind him before finally coming to a stop.

At that moment, he vomited another mouthful of blood involuntarily.

He had already become pale.

The crowd broke into an uproar as everyones opinion of Jian Chen changed.

They all felt shocked as they witnessed a 16th Star expert knocked backward and vomiting blood from just a single bout.

“The hall elders have arrived!

A clear voice rang out from the hall.

Six people of different ages flew out slowly as they traveled next to one another.

They did not radiate with any presence or aura, seeming just like ordinary people. 

Jian Chen immediately looked over and his eyes narrowed.

He discovered that he had seen two of the six before.

They were the two that accompanied the Serpent God Halls group to the Octoterra Divine Hall.

“There are actually six hall elders in the Serpent God Hall.

Thats six Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.” Jian Chens heart shivered.


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