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Chapter 955: Visiting the Serpent God Hall (Two)

Jian Chen followed elder Hong into the very depths of the divine hall.

In the end, he arrived at the grand hall, before directly entering through the door.

The hall was splendid inside, though it was empty without anyone present.

Jian Chen and elder Hong arrived at the very center and the elder said to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, wait here.”

“Yes, elder Hong,” replied Jian Chen.

He looked around curiously.

Elder Hong backed out and the heavy door was closed once again.

The hall immediately fell into a deathly silence.

Jian Chen stood quietly by himself as he waited.

He was calm and composed, without any signs of anxiety.

A while later, Jian Chens eyes suddenly narrowed.

He turned around and saw that a girl had appeared at some unknown time on the throne that was empty before.

She had appeared with no prior signs, preventing Jian Chen from sensing her arrival.

The woman seemed to be in her twenties.

She was extremely beautiful, to the point where even alluring was not enough to describe her.

Her beauty was indescribable, so pretty that people would forget to breathe, so pretty that it could make all the men in the world go crazy.

She was like a flower fairy that belonged in the heavens, consecrated, noble and inviolable.

She did not belong in the mortal realm.

The woman wore a blue dress as her jade-green hair carried a faint blue tint.

It ran down her shoulders and back naturally like a waterfall.

Currently, she sat with her legs crossed on the throne as she stared at Jian Chen with her piercing eyes.

Even with Jian Chens mental fortitude, he could not help but become dazed.

Probably only the Heavenly Enchantress could rival her beauty out of all the women he had seen.

“Is this the appearance of the hall master” Jian Chen thought.

This was the first time he had seen the supreme beauty of the Saint Emperor.

Jian Chen returned to his senses very quickly, immediately clasping his hands courteously toward her.

“Jian Chen greets the hall master.”

“Jian Chen, why do you seek me” the hall master asked.

Her gentle and moving voice was also filled with ruthless coldness, without the slightest emotion whatsoever.

Her gaze toward Jian Chen was emotionless as well, like stagnant water.

“Hall master, I want to go to the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall to take revenge and take back was mine,” said Jian Chen.

The hall master replied only after some time, “You want me to keep the other two hall masters busy”

“Correct, that is my intentions.

I hope the hall master can assist me,” said Jian Chen.

He needed to keep the two Saint Emperors busy before he made his way to the other two halls, or even with the Octoterra Divine Hall and the saint artifact protecting him, it was unlikely he would be able to leave alive.

Saint Emperors could destroy both the saint artifact and the Octoterra Divine Hall.

The hall master hesitated slightly.

“People of the halls cannot cross the borders on their whim, but youre only a guest of the Sea Goddess Hall.

Youre not a member, so you can proceed to the territories of the other two halls as you wish.

When you go, pass it off as taking revenge.

Its best if you dont impinge on the dignity of the two other halls, so that their hall elders dont move out.

I will help you keep the two hall masters busy.

You can go.”

“I thank your majesty.” Jian Chen clasped his hands in gratitude as his face lit up with joy.

With the hall master keeping them busy secretly, he no longer needed to worry.

Qing Yixuan sat on her bed in a side hall within the divine hall as she cultivated.

In that moment, her face twitched and she slowly opened her eyes.

With a thought, she removed the barrier around the hall and said, “Come in.”

Very quickly, a young man in the uniform of an emissary made his way in.

He clasped his hands at Qing Yixuan, “Esteemed senior Qing Yixuan, the person you have told me to keep an eye out for has appeared.

He has just come to the divine hall and is currently making his way toward the center.”

A gleam of light flashed through her eyes and her face immediately became cold.

She said, “I see.

You can go.”

“Yes, senior,” the emissary replied courteously before slowly making his way out.

With the emissarys departure, Qing Yixuan stood up from the bed and gnashed her teeth.

“I never thought you would come out of the Octoterra Divine Hall alive.

The map fragment may be gone now, but I have to get you back for the shame you caused me all those years ago.

Now that the old turtle is no longer by your side, Id like to see who will protect you now.

Once I capture you, Ill torture you well and vent my hatred.” Qing Yixuan immediately made her way out of her hall.

Jian Chen left the hall masters hall before going to elder Hongs place.

He sat for a while before leaving hurriedly, directly making his way to the territory of the Serpent God Hall.

Jian Chen flew against the wild wind, traveling several tens of thousands of kilometers from the central hall very quickly.

He arrived above a desolate mountain range.

Jian Chen stopped there, standing dead-straight on the highest peak.

His lips curled into a jeering smile.

“Qing Yixuan, I wonder when are you going to stop following me.”

A severe killing intent suddenly appeared, filling up the surroundings as soon as Jian Chen finished speaking.

A sword that shone with an azure light abruptly appeared behind him, stabbing toward Jian Chen with lightning speed.

Jian Chen snorted gently.

He did not even turn around as the Emperor Armament appeared in his hand, immediately stabbing out backward.

Ding! The sword from behind was parried by the Emperor Armament with a crisp sound.

The armament had knocked aside the sword.

“An Emperor Armament! Its an Emperor Armament! Impossible! How is this possible! How do you have an Emperor Armament!” A shocked voice rang out from behind.

Qing Yixuan appeared out of nowhere.

Right now, her small mouth was agape as she stared at the weapon in Jian Chens hand.

Jian Chen slowly turned around and said, “Senior Qing Yixuan, Im no longer a person that you can bully at will now.

My strength has increased greatly, and I have obtained an Emperor Armament.

You are no longer my opponent.”

Qing Yixuan became grim.

She looked toward Jian Chen in envy and jealousy as she said through gritted teeth, “Brat, I didnt think youd be so lucky to obtain an Emperor Armament.

You must have obtained it from the Octoterra Divine Hall.”

Jian Chen casually waved the Emperor Armament and smiled.


I indeed obtained this from the Octoterra Divine Hall.

I need to thank senior Qing Yixuan for your map fragment.

If it weren\'t for that, I would not have been able to enter the divine hall, much less obtain this Emperor Armament.”

Qing Yixuans eyes immediately burned with fury as she thought about the scene when the map fragment had been stolen from her.

Her gaze made her seem like she wanted to eat Jian Chens flesh and drink his blood.

Jian Chen also thought back to when he had stolen the map fragment from her when he saw how she behaved.

A sliver of awkwardness appeared on his face and he smiled gently.

“Senior, I have offended you over the matter before.

I will definitely make it up to you in the future.

I have matters to attend to today, so I cannot stick around.

I hope senior does not follow me.” Jian Chen turned around and continued on his way after throwing that down.

Qing Yixuan hovered in the air with a pale face.

Her chest heaved heavily from anger as her teeth screeched from being grinded.

Her hatred for Jian Chen had peaked just now but she had no way to vent it, which made it even worse.

She could already tell from the strike before that she was no longer Jian Chens opponent.

He was not the weakling that had been chased everywhere by her before.

“Argh!” Qing Yixuan howled loudly at the sky.

Her voice was so loud that it echoed in the surroundings like a clap of thunder, causing the sky to rumble.

All she could do now was scream to vent her grievances.

Huang Luan currently sat uneasily in the center of a secret room below the Huanggu clan as she constantly looked around.

“Ive sensed problems with masters cultivation method long ago.

I sent a message to the ancestor several days ago, so why hasnt he come to pick me up yet” Huang Luan thought.

Her face possessed a sliver of worry and anxiety.

At this very moment, the door to the room suddenly opened.

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan walked in.

“I greet master.” Huang Luan immediately stood up and greeted him.

The ancestors eyes flickered with a glimmer of light as he observed Huang Luan closely.

He smiled and said, “My dear disciple, may I ask, which part have you cultivated up to with the cultivation method I have given you How have you been progressing”

“Master, I havent returned home in a very long time and have always been thinking about my family in the past few days, so I have been unable to settle down and cultivate.

I plead master to let me home so I can see my parent,” pleaded Huang Luang.

The ancestors eyes grew cold when he heard that, but he hid it very quickly.

He maintained his smile.

“This is a very crucial step right now.

You need to settle down and cultivate.

Do not think of other things, or itll affect your future achievements greatly.

You should cultivate here without worry.

Once you reach the higher levels of the cultivation method, I will naturally let you go home.”

Huang Luans heart sank slightly.

After some hesitation, she said forcefully, “Master, if I cannot go home, I will stop cultivating.”

“How dare you disobey your master!” The ancestors face sank as he abruptly roared out.

Even his gaze turned into a glare.

Huang Luan bit her lip gently and said nothing.

She was only a Heaven Saint Master right now, while the ancestor was a Saint Ruler.

She had no power to resist.

The ancestor stared silently at Huang Luan with his darkened face as the light in his eyes flickered.

He thought, “Looks like this girl has realized some things.”

The ancestor left the secret room, before returning quickly afterward.

This time, he carried a person in his hands.

It was a pale-faced old man, currently with his hands chained up behind him.

When Huang Luan saw the chained-up old man, she immediately paled in fright and cried out, “Ancestor!”

The old man was the ancestor of the Huang family, Huang Tianba.


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