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Chapter 930: Assassins of the Serpent God Hall

The five of them were stunned but they soon returned to their senses.

They charged at the gap, pushing their speeds to the utmost limits.

With the help of his secret techniques, Nubis charged in front.

He was the first one to leave, followed by Mo Jis trio.

Jian Chen had been relatively further from the gap, so he was last.

The blood-red giant that had materialized in the formation space was at least as strong as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, it was not something they could fend off.

If they remained there, there would only be death, yet the Emperor Armament had now punched a hole through the formation.

It naturally became the target where everyone fled toward as they all knew that perhaps that was the only way they could survive.

As a result, they all moved as fast as they could.

“Emperor Armament, dont you dare run away.

Ive subdued you once, so I can subdue you again.” Jian Chen turned into a blur, rushing toward the gap with lightning speed.

Jian Chen had been forced to let out the Emperor Armament.

Right now, probably only the Emperor Armament could fend off the blood giant.

However, he had never expected the outcome to be like this.

The blood giant was indeed not the Emperor Armaments opponent but the Emperor Armament did not behave as Jian Chen had wished.

It did not kill the blood giant.

Instead, it cut through the formation and fled.

Jian Chens head was filled with thoughts of the Emperor Armament.

Now that it had fled, he felt extremely worried.

He knew that maybe a sliver of its owners presence existed within it, so it possessed a certain level of intelligence.

After suffering from the saint artifact before, it would definitely take precautions against it.

It would definitely not be as easy this time to suck it into the artifact space.

Very quickly, the trio arrived before the gap.

Jian Chen was less than ten meters behind them but just when they were about to pass through, a cold sliver of light flashed across their eyes in unison.

They suddenly all turned around and each struck Jian Chen with a palm strike.

Although the three of them were still injured, the power of their three strikes could not be ignored.

They quickly surged toward Jian Chen.

Right now, Jian Chen was distracted by the thoughts of the Emperor Armament and did not expect that Mo Ji and the other two would attack him at this very moment.

When he managed to react, the three attacks had already arrived before him.

Jian Chens face changed abruptly.

A cold light shone in his eyes as he barely managed to  lash out with his King Armament.

It collided with the three attacks.

With a rumble, the violent ripples of energy knocked against Jian Chen, causing him to come to a stop.

Afterward, he was knocked backward uncontrollably, only coming to a halt several hundred meters away.

The gap made by the Emperor Armament quickly closed up.

Jian Chen could clearly see the three of them standing outside and sneering back at him through the gap.

Jian Chens face darkened greatly as killing intent filled his heart.

It radiated outward uncontrollably, causing the surrounding temperature to drop drastically.

The gap had closed up very quickly.

Jian Chen was now without a way out.

“Mo Ji, I will definitely kill you all,” Jian Chen said coldly.

His icy voice seemed to come from a god of death and was heard clearly by them.

The gap closed completely as soon as Jian Chen finished his words, trapping him inside.

The originally spacious outside area was enveloped by a blood-red cover.

There was only an extremely narrow tunnel, where Mo Jis group and Nubis currently stood.

Nubis saw everything that had happened just then.

His face instantly sank, while a vast killing intent poured from his body.

It surged toward the sky.

“You actually dare to attack Jian Chen.

I, the great Nubis, will tear you all to shreds.” Nubis eyes became bloodshot as his golden hands immediately reached toward the trio.

In that moment, Mo Ji and the other two seemed like completely different people.

They all knew just how powerful Nubis was but they viewed his attack as nothing.

Their eyes were filled with scorn.

A vast power rushed from them, quickly condensing into suits of armors that protected them.

Nubis hands were unable to break through their armors.

All it did was make them take a few steps back.

“This is a Saint Kings power.

Didnt you use it all up already How do you still have more” Nubis was shocked.

He immediately became stern.

The three of them immediately sneered when they heard this.

One of them said, “Used all of it up Hehe, thats just to trick you.

Nubis, the powers on the three of us may not be from hall elder level experts but theyre still from 16th Star experts.

Do you think you can break through them with just your power”

Nubis replied coldly, “Do you think youll be able to obtain the Octoterra Emperors legacy just like that You cant forget that theres Thysnich other than Jian Chen.

Without Jian Chen, you wont be able to win against Thysnich with just your Saint Kings power.”

“Who said we wanted the legacy” Mo Ji stared at Nubis and jeered, “Our final target is not the legacy but to kill the three of you.

If it werent for the fact that our clans might get dragged in if we did it before so many people, we wouldve acted long ago.

But isnt it convenient now We can use this formation to finish off Jian Chen, saving us some energy.

Our remaining power will be enough to finish you off.” 

“What! You came here to kill us” Nubis was shocked as this had completely surpassed his expectations.


You offended the Serpent God Hall.

Did you really think you would be safe and sound hiding in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall” Mo Ji said.

“So thats it.

Youre people of the Serpent God Hall.” Nubis suddenly reached an understanding.

“Were not people of the Serpent God Hall, just people recruited by the Serpent God Hall.

Nubis, since you know everything now, its about time we send you off.” Cold battle intent appeared in their eyes as immense Saint Kings power rushed from their bodies.

It was shaped into three sea creatures that howled furiously, charging toward Nubis.

This was not their own power but the Saint Kings power deposited by a 16th Star expert.

Its power was tremendous.

Nubis became stern, turning around to flee.

Although he was confident in himself, he did not believe he could endure such tremendous attacks.

A casual strike from a 16th Star expert was enough to heavily injure him.

If he took on three of them, he would only be barely alive if he did not die.

Most importantly, he had no clue just how strong the expert who deposited his power into the three of them was.

Was he of the Fifth Heavenly Layer or the Eighth Heavenly Layer Maybe even of the Ninth Heavenly Layer

However, no matter how Nubis fled, the attacks caught up very quickly.

Nubis also decided to risk everything when he saw how he could not escape.

Roaring at the sky, two lights—one gold and one silver—emerged from within him.

The lights quickly turned into densely-packed scales that covered every inch of his body.

Flames of two different colors burned on his scales, becoming more vigorous as they burnt.

His scales began to bulge at an unbelievable rate.

Nubis revealed an expression of pain as he roared through gritted teeth, “Inherited secret technique, Explosion of Gold and Silver Scales!” This was a self-mutilating attack, blowing up the scales all over him to injure the surrounding people.

Not only was this attack extremely powerful, it was laced with venom as well.

However, the price to cast this secret technique was just too great.

Not only would it be a big blow to his essence, he would lose all his protective scales.

He would need to endure decades or even centuries of agonizing pain to slowly recover his essence, before shedding his skin and regrowing his scales.

“Nubis, Im here.

Stop!” Jian Chens voice appeared in Nubis head at that very moment.

Nubis eyes lit up and he subconsciously stopped his secret technique.

A golden light began to glow before him and a golden tower sailed through the air.

It shielded  him.

The golden tower was ten meters tall and two meters wide.

It landed heavily on the ground, causing it to tremble gently. 

Boom! The three attacks directly collided with it but the two remained still.

The tower had blocked the three attacks for Nubis and he had emerged completely unscathed.

A great tiger roar soon boomed out.

With a white flash, an awe-inspiring white tiger had appeared behind the trio. 

The white tiger was three meters long and possessed wings on its back.

As it stood there, a certain pressure immediately began to descend upon the surroundings.

It was like the ruler of the world and its condescending aura was even denser than a Saint Emperors.

A figure sat on the back of the tiger and to no surprise, it was Jian Chen.

Mo Jis group looked at Jian Chen behind them and their eyes bulged immediately.

They were overwhelmed with disbelief.

“Jian Chen, youve escaped! How is that possible…”

“You charged out from the formation! Did you break through it…”

“Impossible, the gap from the Emperor Armament had completely closed up! How could you have come out…”

All three of them exclaimed in surprise as their complexions became extremely ugly.


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