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Chapter 903: The Grand Elders Death

Jian Chen shot backward as blood spurted from his mouth.

Li Fengxings kick had already broken several of his ribs, injuring him quite badly.

Jian Chens heart sank.

Now that his forbidden arte had been disrupted, he no longer possessed any methods to threaten Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

Li Fengxing would never give him more time to cast Gods Descent.

He did not even have the ability to run anymore from the pursuit of a 16th Star expert.

He would be able to temporarily seek refuge within the saint artifact but if Li Fengxing took the artifact and brought it back to the Serpent God Hall, the situation would become even worse.

“Brat, die!” Li Fengxing laughed aloud with a remorseless expression.

He directly struck out with his palm toward Jian Chen, completely looking down on him.

Jian Chen became stern and his eyes narrowed.

Suddenly, a towering sword intent began to radiate from his body.

In that moment, he seemed to become a divine sword that radiated with a shocking glint.

The King Armament appeared in his hand and with a wild jolt of his arm, he stabbed out like a bolt of lightning.

The sword was extremely fast.

The ordinarily-looking thrust contained Jian Chens comprehensions of the path of the sword, which made the ordinary strike seem perfect and flawless.

The King Armament collided with Li Fengxings palm with a devastating presence.

His palm was directly pierced by the weapon, causing blood to flow from the wound immediately.

“Hmm” Li Fengxing produced a surprised sound.

He abruptly clenched his hand that had been stabbed by the King Armament, forcefully trapping the sword in his hand.

He gazed at it in surprise.

“This is actually a Saint Weapon left behind by a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King after he passes away,” Li Fengxing said in surprise.

He paid no attention to the great pain in his hand.

A sliver of light immediately flashed across Jian Chens eyes when he saw Li Fengxing trap the King Armament.

With a thought, devastating Chaotic Force immediately shot out from the weapon, wreaking havoc wildly at Ling Fengxings hand.

It caused his wound to constantly enlarge.

This time, Li Fengxings expression finally changed.

He unconsciously opened his hand, staring at the King Armament in shock.

“Just what is this power Its so weird.”

Jian Chen took advantage of the situation and pulled back the King Armament.

Without any hesitation, he immediately began to move his arm at extreme speeds.

The King Armament was thrust out constantly, forming a flock of densely-packed blurs toward Li Fengxing.

The blurs were extremely close to one another and overlapped with each other, completely enveloping the space before him.

Jian Chens fast sword style was displayed to its maximum.

In that moment, he stabbed out countless times, while his speed had reached an unbelievable level.

Li Fengxing became momentarily stunned.

He stared at the sword blurs and could not help but praise.

“Ever strike looks like a blur but its actually completely solid.

Not bad, you are quite fast.

If there was any other person of the same cultivation level fighting you, they would die for sure.

Too bad the difference of our strength is too great.

Just your speed is not enough to deal with me.

Freeze, space.”

Li Fengxing extended a hand and pointed out with a finger.

The wall of sword blurs immediately disappeared.

Jian Chens surroundings had frozen, binding him tightly in the air.

Jian Chens heart sank.

He poured the Chaotic Force in him wildly into the King Armament.

The weapon immediately began to radiate with an even more terrifying aura of destruction, causing the surroundings to tremble slightly.

It actually forcefully broke through Li Fengxings frozen space.

Jian Chen rejoiced when he saw how the space frozen by a 16th Star expert had been broken by himself.

The power of the King Armament really did not disappoint him.

He was actually able to display such strength all by himself.

Jian Chen showed no hesitation at all and used all his strength to strike Li Fengxing with his weapon.

“Hmm, you have some ability.

Youre actually able to break through my frozen space with your strength of the 14th Star.” Li Fengxing marveled once again as the shock in his eyes thickened.

He was the most powerful of the five great magical beast experts, possessing strength of the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

He felt rather astonished that Jian Chen could break through his frozen space.

However, a sneer soon formed on his face.

“Im not going to waste time with you anymore.

Ill end your life now and complete the mission early.

That way, I can leave a little earlier too.

Its too close to the Sea Goddess Hall here.

Kid, Ill show you my true strength now.” Li Fengxing clenched his hand into a fist as invisible World Force condensed quickly.

Controlled by a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint King, the World Force was much, much greater than what a Saint Ruler could control.

It was the same power but the difference was just overwhelmingly large.

“This is a punch with forty percent of my power,” growled Li Fengxing.

He punched out and the space ahead distorted greatly.

A mad light appeared in Jian Chens eyes.

Right now, all he could do was fight for his life.

There was no more room for escape.

He stabbed out with the King Armament as hard as he could, colliding with Li Fengxings fist.

A mouthful of blood spurted from Jian Chens mouth, raining down onto the land below.

He shot backward like a cannonball and became pale.

There was not even a shred of blood remaining in his face.

He constantly coughed up blood, as well as pieces of his organs.

Although the strike was only forty percent of Li Fengxings strength, he was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint King after all.

It still was not something a Saint Ruler like Jian Chen could block.

He had been heavily wounded.

“Youre actually still not dead.” Li Fengxing stared at Jian Chen who remained hovering in the air.

His face was filled with disbelief.

He knew the power of his punch very well.

It was enough to kill off any Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

“Since forty percent of my power is not enough to kill you, let me show you fifty percent,” Li Fengxing said coldly.

At this moment, the sky was suddenly covered up by something, causing the surroundings to darken abruptly.

Constant muffled sounds rang out from a huge turtle shell as it rocked and flew backward in the sky.

Afterward, a powerful suction appeared from it again, sucking Li Fengxing away as well.

A vicious light shone in Li Fengxings eyes.

He roared furiously, “You old turtle.

Your shell may be tough but resisting the twins attacks is your maximum and yet you still want to suck me in too.

Ill give you death since youre looking for it.

Ill smash your shell.”

Li Fengxings voice became fainter and fainter, before being sucked into the shell.

“Run ruler!” The grand elders voice resounded from the shell.

He huffed and puffed as he spoke, making him seem slightly weak.

He clearly was in quite some pain.

Although the defenses of members of the Turtle clan were great, resisting the attacks from both Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi was already rather difficult for him.

He had almost reached his limit.

“Grand elder!” Jian Chen called out.

He looked at the turtle shell worriedy.

It was already extremely difficult for the grand elder to keep the twins busy.

Now with the addition of an even stronger Li Fengxing, it was just making the situation even worse for him.

“Dont worry about me.

Run, ruler,” the grand elders voice rang out once again.

His voice was filled with anxiety.

Jian Chen stared deeply at the giant shell.

He had only known the grand elder for a very short amount of the time, yet he was actually throwing down his life to save him.

This touched him deeply.

He gritted his teeth before flying off with Xie Wang, hurrying toward the Sea Goddess Hall as fast as he could.

“You old turtle, Ill make your wish come true since you want to die so much,” Li Fengxings roar resounded from within the shell.

Shortly afterward, a vast energy began to radiate from the shell, causing the shell to rumble loudly.

It was like thunder in the sky, reverberating over hundreds of kilometers away.

The shell trembled violently and a faint crack appeared.

“Old turtle, your shell might be tough but Id like to see whether it can resist Saint Tier Battle Skills from the two of us,” Zhou Tianzis voice also rang out from within the shell.

Immediately, the wind and clouds of the surroundings began to change.

A terrifying presence descended from the sky, filling the entire region.

Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi had begun to cast Saint Tier Battle Skills together.

Boom! With a violent rumble, the Saint Tier Battle Skills from the two brothers erupted from within the shell.

It struck the shell viciously.

The shell directly shattered in the sky, while the powerful force shot off in all directions.

The sky began to rain blood, dyeing the entire space red.

A heavy smell of blood pervaded the entire region, while the grand elders body had already disappeared.

“Leave, ruler!” A message that originated from the grand elders will boomed in the sky, before disappearing.

He had been slain by the Saint Tier Battle Skills cast by Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi simultaneously.

Only the will to protect Jian Chen remained, producing a weak sound before it quickly dissipated into the surroundings. 

“Grand elder!” Jian Chen cried out sorrowfully.

He was torn with grief.

He knew the outcome of the grand elder and had also felt the soul of the grand elder disappear.

Only his will remained and it was still worrying over his safety. 

The blood rain dyed him red.

It was the blood of the grand elder.

The grand elder had died to save Jian Chen, dying to Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzis Saint Tier Battle Skills.

Two enormous sword Qi cut through the rain of blood as they descended, heading straight for Jian Chen and Xie Wang.

The twins had slashed out toward them from thousands of meters away with their sword, which had completely locked onto their presence.

Two huge fingers shot over from behind Jian Chen at this very moment.

It zoomed past Jian Chen and Xie Wang with an unbelievable speed, directly colliding with the two strands of sword Qi.


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