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Chapter 902: The Highest Kill Command

Jian Chen, Xie Wang, and the grand elder of the Turtle clan left the city together.

They flew in the air while Jian Chen constantly examined the King Armament in his hand.

He would use his hand to touch the shiny blade surface from time to time as he looked at it with unconcealable fondness.

“This King Armament just suits me too well.

I’ll even be able to fight ordinary 15th Star Seasoul Warriors when I come across them,” Jian Chen mumbled to himself.

His voice was filled with happiness.

The King Armament was extremely powerful and not as gentle as a Ruler Armament.

Even an Earth Saint Master could use a Ruler Armament and use it to increase their strength by a few levels without any backlash.

However, the King Armament in his hand could shoot out sharp strands of Sword Qi all by itself.

No one below Saint King could use it or they would be injured before they could even harm an opponent.

If Jian Chen wanted to wield the King Armament, he needed to have his Chaotic Force circulating such that his defenses were pushed to the maximum.

That way, he would not be injured by the sword Qi.

However, even when that was the case, the sword Qi from the King Armament when he wielded it would leave white marks on his skin.

The grand elder of the Turtle clan could not help but sigh secretly when he saw the toughness of Jian Chen’s body.

“He really is a ruler of the Turtle clan.

The toughness of his body is so great.

He’s actually making full use of our clan’s special characteristics.”

“There are very few King Armaments on the Tian Yuan Continent as well.

Only some ancient families will possess a few.

I never thought I’d obtain such a rare item so easily,” Jian Chen was ecstatic.

It may have cost him fifty million grand quality crystal coins but to Jian Chen, even a hundred million grand quality crystal coins could not compare to the King Armament, let along fifty million.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed abruptly.

He finally looked away from the King Armament.

Up ahead, a dazzling red light shot directly toward him with lightning speed.

It was so fast that it covered several dozen kilometers in a mere second, rapidly approaching Jian Chen.

The grand elder of the Turtle clan also discovered the red light and his expression immediately changed.

“Be careful, ruler.” He appeared before Jian Chen with a flash, directly throwing a clean fist toward the red light.

However, it seemed to be intangible, without a corporeal form.

The grand elder’s fist actually directly passed through the red light without blocking it at all.

The red light passed through the grand elder’s body and directly struck Jian Chen.

Immediately, Jian Chen began to shine with a splendid red glow.

It condensed into a vague red blade which hung over his head.

“Th- this is the highest kill command from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

It has the ability to seal up the targeted person’s strength.” The grand elder’s expression changed abruptly when he saw the red light over Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen also became stern.

He could feel a weird energy invade his body, wrapping around his dantian in the form of a net.

“It wants to seal up my strength! Don’t you dare!” Jian Chen became furious inside.

With a thought, the chaotic neidan in his dantian began to spew out large quantities of Chaotic Force.

It surged wildly in his body with a devastating aura, before transforming into the shape of an enraged dragon.

It charged at the sealing energy with an unstoppable force.

Chaotic Force collided with the energy and they immediately fell into a stalemate.

However, how could ordinary energies match the strength and uniqueness of Chaotic Force Very quickly, the energy started to be devoured by the Chaotic Force slowly, before completely disappearing.

There were no traces left.

Jian Chen could feel that his Chaotic Force had increased by a tiny strand once again after devouring the energy.

However, the amount was tiny, almost insignificant.

The red light around Jian Chen also gradually disappeared after the energy had been devoured.

Two loud whistles resounded from afar.

Two people shot toward Jian Chen with lightning speed as they radiated with killing intent.

They did not come with good intentions.

“Crap, they’re 16th Star experts.

They’re people of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

Run, ruler.” The grand elder’s expression immediately became extremely ugly and he fled into the distance as he tugged Jian Chen along.

However, they were still not as fast as the two 16th Star experts.

Before they had even traveled much, the two 16th Star experts shot over their heads as streaks of light and blocked their path.

The two 16th Star experts were young men who seemed to be in their thirties.

They wore black robes and although their appearances were not particularly outstanding, they seemed exactly the same.

They were twins.

The two people glared at Jian Chen while killing intent flickered in their eyes.

One of them sneered, “I didn’t think someone would still be able to flee after being marked by the highest kill command of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.”

“You’re actually Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi of the eight great human experts.

You’re outsiders yet you want to try to take the life of a ruler of my Turtle clan.

Don’t you want to stay in the sea realm anymore” The grand elder called out.

Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi laughed together.

“We may be outsiders but we’re working for the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

It’s not us who want to kill him this time but the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

The only person you can blame is that ignorant brat for offending the hall.

Die!” Huge, palm-width swords appeared in both their hands.

They swung down suddenly, shooting two strands of huge sword Qi at Jian Chen.

Although they had struck out casually, any casual strike from them as Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings possessed the power to destroy the surroundings.

The two sword Qi cut through space with powerful ripples of energy and headed directly for Jian Chen.

“I’ll stop them.

Ruler, please leave,” cried out the grand elder.

His body began to swell quickly, turning into a ten-meter wide turtle that shielded Jian Chen.

He used his shell to take on the casual strikes from the two people.

The grand elder of the Turtle clan was of the Fourth Heavenly Layer.

He was slightly weaker than Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi but his most terrifying aspect was his defenses.

Even when Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings wanted to injure the grand elder, they would need to use all their power.

The grand elder was not injured at all after taking on the two attacks.

He threw Jian Chen far away with some might, before turning around to fight the two of them.

He wanted to keep them busy to earn some valuable time for Jian Chen.

“Brother, keep him busy.

I’ll go kill the target,” Zhou Yunzi said emotionlessly.

He immediately began to pummel the grand elder with sharp attacks.


I only need a single strike to kill him,” Zhou Tianzi said confidently, immediately chasing after Jian Chen.

“Don’t you dare injure the ruler.

Secret technique of the Turtle clan, World within the Shell!” cried out the grand elder.

His shell immediately detached from his body, flying into the air and transforming into a humungous shell in the blink of an eye.

The shell was ten thousand meters wide.

It floated in the sky like a storm cloud, causing the surroundings to darken abruptly.

A huge suction force appeared from within the shell.

It sucked Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi into it, before the grand elder also disappeared into the shell itself.

He seemed to have fused with it.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Muffled rumbles constantly resounded from within the shell and it began to shake violently in the air.

A vast presence could be vaguely felt within the shell before it fell from the sky.

It struck the ground heavily, forming a huge crater and kicking up dirt into the air.

Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi were currently fighting the grand elder inside the shell.

It could be imagined just how intense the battle was.

Jian Chen’s eyes flickered with a certain light as he stared at the shaking shell.

He knew that the grand elder was unable to trap Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi for long and that they would break free very soon.

He was unable to flee very far in that short amount of time.

He was hesitating about whether he should cast God’s Descent to kill off the two of them.

He needed to pay at least a thousand years of his life to kill off two Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings as he was unsure whether the two of them could use Saint Tier Battle Skills or not.

At this moment, a blue light shot toward Jian Chen from afar.

A stern light exploded in Jian Chen’s eyes as the King Armament appeared in his hand.

He directly chopped toward the light with a destructive aura.

However, the blue light directly passed through the King Armament and disappeared into Jian Chen’s body.

Immediately, he began to shine with a dazzling blue light, while a deep-blue serpent dragon condensed above his head.

It opened its large mouth and revealed its sharp teeth.

“The highest kill command of the Serpent God Hall,” Xie Wang cried out.

His expression was extremely ugly.

The highest kill command of the Serpent God Hall was the same as the highest kill command of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

Not only would it make the target stand out very much, it possessed the ability to seal the target’s strength.

Jian Chen’s face drained of blood.

He did not think that experts from the Serpent God Hall would appear at this moment as well.

The situation was turning against him more and more.

Jian Chen immediately devoured the energy of the seal using the Chaotic Force within him.

As soon as he had devoured it all, a figure shot over with lightning speed and a bold aura.

Its target was Jian Chen.

A sliver of determination flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes.

He immediately began to prepare for the casting of God’s Descent.

He had no other choices now.

Jian Chen formed a seal with his hand before his chest.

He raised his head, facing the sky, beginning the process of casting the arte.

“Hahaha, so you’re the person marked by the Serpent God Hall’s kill command.

A mere 14th Star Seasoul Warrior, yet the Serpent God Hall attaches so much importance to you, even getting me, Ling Fengxing, to personally head out.

Dying by my hands will make you content even after you arrive in the next world,” Li Fengxing laughed aloud as he radiated with a bold presence.

Li Fengxing noticed that Jian Chen was in the process of casting the God’s Descent soon afterward.

He produced a soft interjection of surprise and said, “Are you trying to cast a secret technique to flee How can I let you do that” Li Fengxing’s speed increased abruptly.

He arrived before Jian Chen as a blur and directly kicked him in the chest.

Spurt! Jian Chen vomited a mouthful of blood.

Charging up the forbidden arte took some time but Li Fengxing did not give him that time at all.

His kick had forcefully disrupted Jian Chen’s preparations.


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