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Chapter 844: The Balancing of Yin and Yang

“Master, there’s no other way except this.

This is the only way you can neutralize the Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Qi.

The two Qi are extremely pure, so once you cancel it out and absorb it, not only will it bring great benefits by increasing your strength, your body and soul will also adapt to the energy.

If you ever encounter the Supreme Yin or Supreme Yang Qi in the future, you won’t become like this,” Zi Ying said sternly.

However, he hid one thing from Jian Chen; even if the Supreme Yang Qi reached his sea of consciousness, it would pose no harm to him because Zi Ying himself was formed from the Supreme Yang Qi of the Yinyang Qi.

However, the sword spirits could only protect Jian Chen and not the Heavenly Enchantress.

Jian Chen carried an odd expression, while his face was full of hesitation.

He struggled to make a decision.

The method to balance yin and yang mentioned by Zi Ying was the matter of a man and woman embracing each other.

He felt extremely awkward about it.

Suddenly, the muscles on Jian Chen’s face began to spasm.

His face was full of pain.

The Supreme Yang Qi in his body was currently burning away at his vitality and flesh.

It was as if scorching flames currently flowed at his chest, drawing closer and closer to his head.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen’s entire body had become like a red-hot branding iron, now bright red.

The terrifying heat had turned his clothes to ashes.

“Argh!” A howl resounded from aside.

It was filled with pain.

The Heavenly Enchantress radiated with surging coldness; the Supreme Yin Qi had already turned half of her body into an ice sculpture.

“What is this energy It’s so terrifying! Am I going to die here today” The Heavenly Enchantress’s face was filled with sorrow.

She had already tried countless methods but none of them were able to halt the advance of the frigidness within her.

Feeling how his body quickly approached a critical point, Jian Chen knew that the Heavenly Enchantress was also in a similar life-or-death situation.

He ended up speaking up, “Heavenly Enchantress, I do have a method to neutralize the danger…” Jian Chen shameless hinted at Zi Ying’s method to the Heavenly Enchantress.

When she heard Jian Chen’s words she became torn between rage and shame.

She glared viciously at Jian Chen with her beautiful eyes; they contained an unconcealable anger.

“What! How- how- how dare you! I’d rather die than- than-” When she reached this point, her expression changed once again.

She produced a moan filled with pain.

The situation inside her body was worsening; she had already arrived at death’s door.

All signs of life were frozen within her, while the Supreme Yin Qi currently expanded toward her head.

Even her soul would be frozen and after that it would slowly fuse with the Supreme Yin Qi.

In the end, her soul would be wiped out completely.

Jian Chen became redder and redder.

The Supreme Yang Qi radiated with a terrifying heat that roasted his body like a stove.

If he did not have his Chaotic Force and was just an ordinary Saint Ruler, this strand of Supreme Yang Qi would have dissolved his body already.

They would not be able to last so long.

Even Saint Kings would not be an exception.

The Yinyang Qi originated from chaos.

This chaos was true chaos, completely incomparable to Jian Chen’s half-assed Chaotic Force.

Just a tiny portion of Yinyang Qi transformed into Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Qi was enough to kill Saint Rulers or even Saint Kings.

“Master, there’s not much time left.

The Supreme Yang Qi in you will reach your sea of consciousness in a dozen or so seconds and the girl beside you will also die.” Zi Ying’s voice carried some sense of urgency.

If they missed this opportunity, the Supreme Yang Qi in Jian Chen’s body would be wasted.

Jian Chen’s face remained hesitant.

He turned around toward the half-frozen Heavenly Enchantress, who was in great pain.

His gaze gradually became determined.

Gritting his teeth, he directly lunged toward the Heavenly Enchantress and tightly embraced her frozen body.

The Heavenly Enchantress immediately snapped open her eyes.

Her alluring phoenix eyes lost the calmness from before and were now filled with panic.

She tried as hard as she could to raise her arms that were frozen to the point of absolute numbness in an attempt to push Jian Chen away but she just could not do so with the current condition of her body.

“What- what- what are you doing! You bastard! Go away…” The Heavenly Enchantress’s voice was filled with panic.

She was a strong woman who protected her purity.

Even if she died, she did not want to be sullied by others.

“Heavenly Enchantress, please forgive me.

This is the only method for us to survive.

Otherwise, we’re doomed,” Jian Chen said rather bitterly. 

“You- you bastard… go… go away.” The Heavenly Enchantress pushed at Jian Chen with difficulty.

She wanted to get Jian Chen away from her but she was incapable of that.

Jian Chen tightly hugged the Heavenly Enchantress.

The coldness radiating from her just happened to be the counter for the Supreme Yang Qi.

When the extreme coldness and heat from their bodies came together, there were vague signs of neutralization.

It weakened the frigidness and scorching heat from both of them by a little.

The Heavenly Enchantress’s deeply frozen body also showed signs of melting.

Not long afterward, all the ice on her body melted and she was returned to her previous state.

Although the situation for the two of them had taken a somewhat good turn, that was only the situation outside their bodies.

Inside, the danger was still present.

The Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi remained.

Jian Chen embraced the Heavenly Enchantress’s smaller, soft bod but he did not have the time to enjoy the wondrous feeling.

He said softly, “Heavenly Enchantress, apologies.” With that, Jian Chen closed his eyes and directly began to rip away her clothes.

“Argh! What are you doing! You bastard, let me go…” The Heavenly Enchantress cried out as she struggled violently.

She began to resist with all she had.

At this very moment, the energies within them had already reached their necks.

Time was extremely tight; Jian Chen did not act like the Heavenly Enchantress, trying to use his life to protect his purity.

He could no longer care too much he just wanted to make it through the disaster.

Ignoring the Heavenly Enchantress’s violent struggles, Jian Chen immediately took action because there was not much time left.

If he continued to hesitate, both their lives would be threatened.

Very quickly, all of the Heavenly Enchantress’s clothes were stripped off.

It revealed the pure-white skin under her dress.

It was as white as sheepskin, as fine as a baby’s bottom and as smooth as jade.

“You bastard! Release me! If you really do it, I will never forgive you! Let me go immediately…” The Heavenly Enchantress resisted desperately.

If it was under normal situations, she would not need to worry about Jian Chen at all.

However, she currently had no power over her body with the Supreme Yin Qi acting up inside.

She was unable to use her abilities to fend off Jian Chen at all.

“Heavenly Enchantress, if we don’t purge the problem from our bodies, we both will die.

I, Jian Chen, cannot afford to die right now.


“You bastard!”


A series of ragged breaths appeared in the desolate wasteland, making the dead world slightly livelier.

The sound continued for an hour, before slowly quieting down.

Afterward, there were no more sounds.

The wasteland recovered its deathly silence.

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress lay on the wasteland naked.

They both had their eyes closed, currently unconscious.

No one knew whether they had fallen asleep or fallen unconscious.

The Heavenly Enchantress’s veil was already removed, revealing her appearance.

She was extremely beautiful, to the point where it could no longer be described as alluring or kingdom-toppling.

Her beauty was stifling.

Her beauty seemed to surpass the limit of the world, reaching a whole different realm.

It was not something that was supposed to exist in this world.

The soil near the Heavenly Enchantress’s waist was dyed with drops of blood.

It painted some new colors on the grey, gloomy land.

On Jian Chen’s back, there were many scratches that criss-crossed with each other.

They did not break through his skin but there were clearly-visible white marks.

The two of them lay on the cold ground just like this.

Whether they were in deep sleep or unconsciousness, they did not wake up even after a long time.

Time passed silently.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

In those three days, the two remained unconscious, stuck in the same posture without moving at all.

From afar, the two pillars of black and white light remained, stretching into the sky.

They gave of slivers of Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Qi, that slowly fused into the two.

However, the Qi was no longer able to cause any harm to the unconscious duo; as soon as the Qi entered their bodies, it would be balanced out, turning into a gentle energy before being absorbed by them.

A portion fused with their bodies, while the remaining part merged with their heads.

It caused some slight changes to their souls, strengthening it at the same time.

At this very moment, the two pillars of light in the distance slowly disappeared.

With their disappearance, the Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi in the surroundings also vanished instantly.

A soft breeze blew across.

Jian Chen, who had been unconscious for three whole days, finally began to wake up gradually.

He slowly opened his eyes.

Jian Chen clearly had no idea about his current situation as soon as he woke up.

He subconsciously wriggled slightly but with the movement, he immediately felt that something was wrong.

This was because it was not the cold, hard soil that he subconsciously assumed to be beneath him but something soft and warm.

“Ah…” At the same time, a numbing moan was heard by Jian Chen.

The voice carried some pain; Jian Chen’s slight wriggling had also awakened the Heavenly Enchantress.

Their eyes focused from the blurriness after sleep at the same time; the first thing they saw was each other and they were only a few inches apart.

They were both surprised, clearly still not completely awake.


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