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Chapter 837: Class 9 Dragon Souls

The roars from several tens of thousands of dragon souls were filled with absolute hatred.

They did not have intelligence but subconsciously, the dragon’s necropolis had become their holy land, a holy land that could not be trespassed by outsiders.

Yet at this moment, the aura of an outsider had appeared in the holy land of countless dragon souls.

This agitated all of them; it triggered them.

The roars from several tens of thousands of dragon souls threatened to collapse the world.

The void trembled, the earth shook, and mountain ranges collapsed.

The Fantasy Star Ocean’s appearance was finally changed in this very moment after countless years.

The entire island shook violently, the ground jolting and opening up chasms thousands of meters deep.

Many of the surrounding mountains directly exploded as they could not withstand the roars of over ten thousand dragon souls.

The mountains and forests turned into a mess.

Following closely, the dragon souls still roaming outside roared angrily, flying toward the necropolis with their greatest speed.

In the necropolis, the Golden Divine Dragon Rui Jin stood sternly.

The mutated Divine Alligator Hei Yu, had broken through his concealment of dragon aura when he stepped into the Ninth Heavenly Layer, alarming all the dragon souls in the necropolis.

Currently, tens of thousand dragon souls roared together high up in the sky of the necropolis.

They all rushed at where Hei Yu was standing, each opening its mouth and spitting dragonbreaths at his location.

Immediately, the clustered dragonbreaths covered the sky, shooting in from all directions with vast energy ripples.

It caused the space in the necropolis to tremble.

The dragon souls who spat dragonbreaths varied in strength.

The weakest were only Heaven Saint Masters, while the strongest were in the Ninth Heavenly Layer, or the great perfection of the Ninth Heavenly Layer as a Saint King.

The surging energy ripples had even made the Ninth Heavenly Layer Rui Jin feel a tingle down his spine.

“Hei Yu, quickly hide all of your presence,” Rui Jin cried out gruffly.

Afterward, he dodged the dragonbreaths coming in from all directions.

Hei Yu, who had just broken through to the Ninth Heavenly Layer, became extremely grim.

He understood just how terrifying the necropolis was; not only were there Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings or Saint Kings at great perfection, there were even dragon souls as powerful as Saint Emperors.

Even though his strength had increased greatly, he was still faced with the threat of dying here.

Hei Yu immediately erased his presence.

Afterward, he turned into a black streak of light, directly passing through the area with the weakest dragonbreath and flying toward the exit of the necropolis.

However, all the dragon souls had already locked onto him.

Even though Hei Yu erased his aura completely, he was still faced with pursuit.

Countless dragon souls surrounded him from all directions, virtually forming a round seal, locking in the surroundings.

They blocked all of Hei Yu’s paths of escape.

A stern light flickered in Hei Yu’s eyes.

He roared deeply and suddenly and his body began to expand.

In that instance, he turned into a ten-thousand-meter long alligator, returning to his original form.

Hei Yu was a mutated Divine Alligator.

Although he was not a beast of antiquity, he possessed great capability in battle that could rival beasts of antiquity.

With a roar at the sky, he charged at the weakest location with full speed.

With just a flash of great black light, Hei Yu had already arrived before the seal formed from several dozen Class 7 dragon souls and a few Class 8 ones.

He held back nothing, using his full strength.

He did not pay any attention to the attacks of the Class 7 dragon souls, allowing them to strike his huge body.

He devoted all his strength to handling the Class 8 dragon souls.

In the end, after resisting the attacks from several dozen Class 7 dragon souls, he finally destroyed the few Class 8 dragon souls.

Without pausing, he made use of every second, flying toward the outside of the necropolis.

Roar! Roar! Roar! …

At this very moment, several louder, clearer sounds rose from the necropolis.

Together with it, an earth-shatteringly vast aura appeared from the very depths of the necropolis.

It was so powerful that it had already reached an astounding level, as if it possessed the power to destroy the surroundings with just its aura.

Suddenly, the huge necropolis began to tremble violently.

Several terrifying ripples of energy that were capable of destroying worlds emerged from the very depths of the necropolis.

A few dragon souls with lengths reaching tens of thousands of meters long slowly appeared from the huge gravestones in the very depths.

With their appearance, all the other dragon souls in the necropolis, including the Class 7 and 8 souls, stopped chasing Hei Yu.

They all faced the huge dragon souls that had just emerged, laying their bodies on the ground.

They seemed to be greeting a lord upon arrival.

“Class 9 dragon souls!” Hei Yu was shocked and immediately turned sheet-white.

He had almost been shocked to the point that his soul exited his body.

Immediately, he pushed his  speed to its limit, fleeing toward the exit.

Rui Jin stood closely with an extremely grim expression.

He immediately struck out, sending a clump of dragon aura flying as he yelled out, “Hei Yu, hide in this dragon aura or you’ll be doomed for sure!”

Hei Yu immediately turned back into his human form, shooting into the dragon aura from Rui Jin with a flash.

At the same time, he completely erased his presence and energy traces on him.

 Roar! A Class 9 dragon soul cried out with a deafening roar.

It caused the entire space to tremble violently and afterward, it directly spat a mouthful of powerful dragonflames at the entrance to the space, rushing toward Hei Yu with a temperature that seemed to be able to burn space.

 Although Hei Yu’s presence was concealed by the dragon aura, there was still some residue outside the aura.

It was not enough to trick the Class 9 dragon soul that was as powerful as a human Saint Emperor.

 The dragonflames turned into a roaring fireball, shooting across the sky like a meteor.

It directly flew toward Hei Yu, several times faster than he could move.

Hei Yu was grim.

Currently, he flew in a straight path with the dragon aura shot out by Rui Jin, unable to change directions.

The dragonflames that surged up from behind followed the same route.

If he were to continue like this, the dragonflames would catch up very quickly.

Hei Yu looked back at the dragonflames that closed in quickly, before glancing at the entrance in sight.

He gritted his teeth and his speed increased abruptly, directly charging out of the dragon aura and shooting toward the entrance like a flash of lightning.

Without the concealment of the dragon aura, Hei Yu’s presence was immediately exposed to the senses of all the dragons in the necropolis.

Immediately, the Class 9 dragon souls roared and exhaled a few more dragonbreaths that shot toward Hei Yu with incomparable speed.

However, Hei Yu had already charged out of the necropolis into the Fantasy Star Ocean at this moment.

He immediately changed his direction and flew toward the mountain ranges down below, avoiding the dragonbreaths that tailed him.

However, there were still many dragon souls outside the necropolis.

As soon as he left it, he was surrounded once again by the dragon souls outside.

Though, they seemed to be relatively weaker, allowing Hei Yu to forcefully kill a way out with his great strength.


A great dragon roar reverberated in the necropolis.

Vast auras caused the entirety of the necropolis to tremble violently as the Class 9 dragon souls all left their den, coming out in pursuit.


I need to leave here immediately.” Hei Yu became heavy-hearted.

He lost all intentions to stay here any longer, immediately charging toward the outside, hoping to leave the Fantasy Star Ocean before the Class 9 dragon souls caught up.

“Hide your presence immediately.

Don’t act brashly!” At this very moment, Rui Jin’s stern voice appeared in Hei Yu’s head.

Rui Jin had already appeared beside Hei Yu at a certain time, he immediately grabbed Hei Yu’s shoulder, flying to the side.

Hei Yu immediately gave up on the idea of moving all by himself.

He concealed all of his presence, handing himself to Rui Jin to handle.

Rui Jin used his own dragon aura to envelope Hei Yu, constantly changing directions among the mountain ranges as they flew.

He shook off the dragon souls that tailed them.


Great dragon roars resounded in the surroundings.

A humongous golden dragon head extended from the necropolis; a Class 9 dragon soul had already left the necropolis, now appearing in the Fantasy Star Ocean.

However, now that Hei Yu was with Rui Jin, the foreign presence was completely hidden by the pure dragon aura that Rui Jin radiated.

Even though it was a Class 9 dragon soul with shocking strength, in the end, it possessed no intelligence.

It did not detect Hei Yu at all.

It was not the only one to lose track of Hei Yu, the other dragon souls did too, each roaring angrily as they floated about in the surroundings.

After searching and failing to find Hei Yu even after half a day, the Class 9 dragon soul could not help but be furious, producing an earth-shaking roar at the sky.


The power of this roar was even more greater than the previous roars of tens of thousands of dragons together.

Terrifying sound waves directly blew up several mountain ranges, while countless mountain peaks collapsed in the surroundings.

Even the dragon aura around Hei Yu shook violently, almost collapsing.

The dragon roar, together with the vast dragon aura, had even made Hei Yu shiver slightly.

A sliver of concealed but extremely, extremely deep fear appeared in the depths of his eyes.

After the mountains collapsed, the saint artifact hidden in the cave was also exposed.

Even though it did not radiate with energy ripples, it was still a foreign object.

It was immediately sensed by several dragon souls without the rocks isolating its presence.

Immediately, the surrounding dragon souls placed all their attention on it, flying over from all directions.

The saint artifact immediately glowed with a faint golden light.

Afterward, it shot off toward the distance with a swish, unwilling to stay put.

Countless Class 7 and 8 dragon souls exhaled dragonbreaths.

The dragonbreaths filled the sky, surging over from all directions and enveloping everything in its path; it swallowed the saint artifact very quickly.

Although the saint artifact was only supportive in nature and did not possess powerful offensive abilities, it was not something that the Class 8 dragon souls could damage thanks to its  toughness.

The artifact directly passed through the sky full of dragonbreaths, continuing outward without any decrease in speed.

It did not sustain any damage at all.

Suddenly, the Class 9 dragon soul that had emerged from the necropolis spat a mouthful of dragonflames.

It turned into a sea of fire, enveloping the saint artifact.

Its terrifying heat caused the surrounding rocks to melt into lava, turning the region into a land of magma.

Swallowed by the dragon flames, the golden tower immediately became red-hot.

The strength of the Class 9 dragon soul was equivalent to a human Saint Emperor; the attacks from Saint Emperors were enough to damage the artifact.


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