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Chapter 811: Mistress of Three Saint Island

The almost-divine zither music remained.

The music was gentle, as if it were the changes in the laws of the world, but as a sound.

It seemed like it was using a special method to control the laws, forcefully changing them and setting up its own laws, making the region become its own domain.

Both Jian Chen and Nubis became extremely grim.

They looked upwards at the azure sky, filled with inexplicable horror.

As Saint Rulers, they naturally could feel the changes in the region.

The laws of the world were changed by the sound of a zither.

The ability was inconceivable to the two of them.

The mysterious person who played the zither already had a terrifying level of understanding for the zither.

The descending mysteries of the world were forcefully trapped by the changed laws.

They paused for a while before slowly rising up the sky, being forcefully sent out of the region.

The mysteries of the world disappeared into the azure sky.

In the blink of an eye the mysteries, things that three Saint Rulers struggled to deal with, were nullified by a mysterious, hidden person with a song.

A purple-dressed woman walked over slowly and gently from the distance.

She was tall and her black, glossy hair fell naturally, so lustrous that it could even serve as mirrors.

Her face was obscured by a green veil, only revealing her limpid phoenix eyes.

Her eyes were bright and enchanting.

Her elegant fingers, as delicate as jade, caressed the zither strings.

Her thin waist, which could be easily caught with one arm, was extremely soft, and as she walked it twisted about gently, like a beautiful snake.

The woman exuded a celestial aura.

She was solemnly divine, like an otherworldly fairy, or even more like a goddess who had descended into the mortal realm from the nine heavens.

She was clearly vastly different from ordinary girls.

Although her appearance was hidden, it was not difficult to imagine how beautiful she was.

She seemed to be born by the world, spoiled fondly by the heavens, and perfect all over.

“Demoness, demoness, this must be a demoness, a terrifying demoness.” A sliver of paleness appeared on Nubis’ face.

He could not help but take a step backwards and stand behind Jian Chen.

He felt a fear for the woman from the very depths of his soul.

This was extremely rare, even when he stood before a Saint King.

 This was not because the woman’s strength was terrifying, but rather her existence and the abilities she used were the nemesis of all magical beasts.

She used the zither to control everything in the surroundings and injure enemies.

Her ability with the zither had already reached a shockingly scary level.

Meanwhile, although magical beasts were much stronger than humans in battle, their souls were their weak point.

 “I greet master!” The two women courteously greeted the purple-dressed lady with their zithers in their arms.

Not only was she the mistress of Three Saint Island, she was also the master of the two of them.

 Jian Chen also noticed the purple-dressed woman.

His eyes narrowed abruptly, and he called out huskily, “Saint of the zither, the Heavenly Enchantress!”

 The lady was the Heavenly Enchantress that Jian Chen had met in Mercenary City.

 The Heavenly Enchantress stood in the air with her zither while a colorful light flickered in her captivating eyes.

She shifted her gaze slightly and looked towards Jian Chen in the distance.

Instantly, a sliver of light flashed across her indifferent eyes.

She said softly, “I think I’ve met you before.

Are you Jian Chen, the previous King of Mercenaries”

 The Heavenly Enchantress’s voice was extremely gentle, like the most pleasant tune in the world, yet also carried a bewitching charm.

She was able to affect the moods of people from just her voice.

 “Demoness, demoness, it really is a demoness.

You can bewitch people even by only speaking.” Nubis, hiding behind Jian Chen, cried out while the fear in his eyes deepened.

With just a few words, the blood in his veins sped up and he even felt some loss of control over his emotions.

 Jian Chen’s mood was also wavered slightly by the Heavenly Enchantress’s bewitching voice.

However, with his willpower, it did not affect him very much.

He eyed the woman with a weird light and clasped his eyes, “Junior is Jian Chen.

I’d never think that senior would remember it.

It is truly an honor of mine.”

The Heavenly Enchantress stared at Jian Chen unblinkingly with her pretty eyes for a while, before giving out a soft sigh.

She said, “I’d never have thought that after just a few years, you’d become a Saint Ruler.”

 “Junior was relatively lucky, and only reached Saint Ruler a little earlier.

It’s not worth mentioning.

Compared to senior, junior is like a firefly trying to outshine the moon.” Jian Chen clasped his hands.

 The Heavenly Enchantress no longer paid any more attention to Jian Chen.

She looked towards her disciples and said softly, “Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, you should go have a look at his situation.”

 “Yes, master!” The two women replied courteously before flying towards the cave together and disappearing into it.

 Jian Chen’s eyes followed the two disciples as they moved, watching them disappear into the dark cave in the distance.

He could not help but feel curiosity, so he asked, “Senior, just who is the person living in that cave Why must you stop him from becoming a Saint Ruler”

 The Heavenly Enchantress gazed towards the cave in the distance, and only after a long while did she finally begin speaking slowly, “He’s a descendent that was expelled from one of the ten protector clans.

An extremely powerful seal was set down in his mind, sealing his talent and preventing him from becoming a Saint Ruler.

If the mysteries of the world descend, it would trigger the seal in his mind and turn it into a battlefield.

He would be greatly affected by the ripples of it and would have his soul wiped out in the end.

It’ll disperse forever; even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters wouldn’t have the power to revive him.”

 “A descendent expelled from the ten protector clans” Jian Chen repeated softly, his voice filled with a sliver of shock.

Shortly afterwards, a sliver of cold light flashed across his eyes.

He could not forget that he had now left the Tian Yun Continent exactly because of the pursuit of the ten clans.

 “Senior, do you know much about the protector clans Are you able to tell junior about it” Jian Chen asked.

 The Heavenly Enchantress eyed Jian Chen plainly and said, “With your current strength, you should know about this.

The ten protector clans are the most powerful organisations on the continent, other than Mercenary City.

They have existed for an extremely lengthy amount of time, having already existed even before Mo Tianyun had appeared in the ancient times.

Of the ten clans, four are sects, three are schools, two are clans and one is a pavilion.

The four sects are the Potian sect, Shenxiao sect, Yangji sect and Yiyuan sect.”

 “The Yangji sect! I’d never thought they’re actually a protector clan!” Jian Chen murmured hoarsely.

He could not help but think about the small sect he had wiped out in the past in the Qiangan Kingdom.

 The Heavenly Enchantress continued, “The three schools are the Heaven’s Incense school, the Tyrant’s Blade school and the Heartless school, while the remaining two clans and pavilion are the Changyang clan, Moyuan clan and Pure Heart Pavilion respectively.”

 “The Changyang clan!” As soon as he heard that, Jian Chen was startled.

He could not help but think of the Changyang clan in Lore City.

However, he then laughed at himself.

The Changyang clan he was born into was only a small clan in Lore City.

The strongest was only Uncle Chang as a Heaven Saint Master.

The disparity would be huge if it was compared to the protector Changyang clan.

 “Looks like it’s most likely just a coincidence.

If the Changyang clan of Lore City was really a part of the ten protector clans, why would they have been suppressed to such a level by the Hua Yun sect” Jian Chen thought.

However, he then seemed to think of something, and a sliver of light immediately flashed across his eyes, “Wait, the descendent expelled from the protector clans.”

 Jian Chen’s expression changed several times before asking out, “Senior, what is the name of the person expelled from the protector clans”

 “He is Changyang Zu Yunkong.” The Heavenly Enchantress replied softly.

 “Changyang Zu Yunkong.

Is he perhaps a member of the Changyang clan The ancestor of my Changyang clan just happened to have disappeared a very long time ago.

Is this a coincidence” Jian Chen muttered softly, while his expression changed several times quickly again.

He then clasped his hands at the Heavenly Enchantress and requested, “Senior, is it possible for me to see this person”

 “He is already asleep.

Don’t create too great of a commotion and awaken him, or he’ll suffer great injuries.” The Heavenly Enchantress spoke softly, carrying a bewitching charm with her words.

 With her permission, Jian Chen did not hesitate at all.

He entered the cave with a blur.

 The cave was filled with fist-sized luminous pearls which gave off a soft light, illuminating the entire cave.

When Jian Chen had traveled a hundred meters in, the space before him suddenly opened.

He had arrived at a huge cavern of several dozen meters in radius.

Currently, the walls were covered with cracks while some loose pebbles lay scattered across a floor covered with ditches.

It was a mess.

 In the centre of the cavern stood Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue.

Meanwhile, a dishevelled, tattered-clothed, beggar-like old man slept soundly before them.

 Jian Chen gently walked over and stared fixedly at the old man on the ground.

The old man’s face was ancient and haggard.

He was currently sleeping peacefully.

 “Be careful, don’t wake him up.” A pleasant voice sounded in Jian Chen’s ear.

It was one of the woman with the zithers.

 Jian Chen examined the old man’s appearance, while the light in his eyes constantly flickered.

After a slight hesitation, he said, “I want to ask him some things.”


Once he wakes up, it’ll attract the mysteries of the world, and the seal in his mind will be triggered.

He’ll suffer great pain.” Jian Chen’s request was immediately shot down by the other woman.

 “What relationship do you have with Changyang Zu Yunkong” Suddenly, a charming voice appeared.

The Heavenly Enchantress walked in elegantly with the Zither of the Demonic Cry.

Her voice was extremely plain, without the slightest emotion.

Jian Chen paused slightly and said, “Senior, my original name wasn’t Jian Chen, but rather Changyang Xiangtian.

I was born to the Changyang clan of a small kingdom.

The original founder of my clan, the Changyang ancestor, was a Heaven Saint Master, and it just so happens that he’s been missing for a very long time.

I suspect that this old man called Changyang Zu Yunkong might be the ancestor of my Changyang clan.

I wish that senior can awaken him and allow junior to ask him about his identity.”

 After a slight deliberation, the Heavenly Enchantress orders, “Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, play the soul-comforting melody.”

 “Yes master!” The two women did not hesitate at all before crossing their legs mid-air and placing their zithers on their knees.

As their fingers moved slightly, a wonderful zither sound was immediately generated.

 It was gentle, filled with serenity.

It seemed to be able to comfort the emotions of a person, to allow that person to calm down.

When the music reached Jian Chen’s ears, his slightly excited and frantic feelings also disappeared very quickly and was replaced by a calmness.

The Heavenly Enchantress touched a string of her zither with an elegant finger.

With a slight trembling, a note appeared that immediately began to slowly wake the sleeping old man.


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